Your Genetic Code and Yugo

“The best doctor is the one you run to and can’t find.” – Denis Diderot
1987_Yugo_GV in L.A., California 1987 Yugo GV, Los Angeles, California
Photo: Wikipedia
Your genetic code blue print has finally caught up with you. You were not after all the Mercedes you thought you were, you are just a cheap Yugo. For those of you born after the demise of this wonderful piece of communist engineering, a Yugo was a Yugoslavian made car, just shy of a lawn mower and an East German Trabant, a real Rocket made of plastic and fiberglass, quite safe in an accident, I am sure. Aside from the top speed of 40 MPH, this Yugo started losing its parts, bumpers, and doors as soon as you drove it off the car lot where you had dropped about $2,000 on a bare bones model, emphasis on rickety bones.
In spite of all the vegetarian and vegan diets, the gluten free and organic groceries you ingested, jogging yourself to exhaustion, yoga-ing yourself into a pretzel that perspires, hums, and farts, you have become your mother with her endless supply of transdermal patches for joint pain. Ben Gay has become your perfume of necessity.
You are finally at the mercy of sorry insurance that does not pay a dime for physical therapy if Medicare says that you can only have $1,900 worth of physical therapy per year. Should you need more, you must be completely bedridden and then, after the insufficient extension, since you are obviously bedridden, you cannot make any more measurable progress, so they cut you off entirely. So much for taking care of its citizens who have worked hard in a steel mill, in other manufacturing sectors, or sat for endless hours in front of a computer screen where repetitive motions have caused havoc to their joints.
You have been told that you must pass the Affordable Care Act first before you know what’s in it. And you thought that was a reasonable thing to do. After all, would 100 percent Democrats who passed the bill on Christmas 2010 lie to you?
You are beginning to find out and you don’t like it because you can’t afford it even though you gave up your coffee shop lattes and your favorite wines and the government gave you enough subsidies to cover most of the premiums but conveniently forgot to tell you that you are going to be taxed each year on those subsidies. They knew nobody would read almost three thousand pages of gibberish legalese. People hardly read one book anymore unless it has numerous shades of perversion in it.
The Millennials who thought and voted for everyone to have free socialized medical care and, thinking that they could get away without paying for this expensive insurance on account of their youth and because it’s a free country, are finding out the hard way that they must be insured and that medical care will be available to them only after they pay thousands of dollars out of their own pockets first.
Wait, didn’t our President promise us that insurance will be so cheap, it will be practically free and we can keep our doctors? Apparently you have been duped! But, don’t worry, once your other hero you support so lovingly and devotedly, Hillary, is elected president in 2016, she will give you Marxist insurance for free and all the abortions your dark hearts and empty skulls will desire.
Should you find yourselves suddenly sleeping on beds of nails instead of on comfortable contoured-to-your-aching-body beds, you have nobody else to blame but yourselves. It may sound mean, but you should reap what you’ve sown. The rest of us are hapless victims of your naiveté and misguided activism.
You are in pain and in need of medical care? Too bad, you are not important in the scheme of things, not a minority, the wrong ethnicity, or too old and you must go home and take an aspirin, there are endless millions of young illegal arrivals from other nations every month who are going to get free medical care ahead of you, paid with your hard-earned taxpayer dollars. Take a number and get to the back of the line!
And if you lose your job or your hours are cut back because your employer can no longer afford to insure all of you under the draconian new insurance rules and regulations mandated by Obama’s Affordable Care Act, you can always join the Obamacare health exchange in your state. The premiums will be much higher than what you were paying on the free market and with way less benefits. And, if you can’t find a doctor to treat you or one that will accept your sorry insurance, you are really in trouble. Make sure you have a good will, a passport, and can afford to fly somewhere else for treatment.
If you are a vet and have served your country honorably wherever the bellicose elites have sent you for measly pay and scant benefits, keep going to the back of the line, you are no heroes, only progressive deviants are; you have been deemed a terrorist by our bureaucrats and we have no interest in treating you.

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