The Right Man for Healing and a Rare Find

Hippocrates of the Hippocratic Oath
I was not sure my ENT specialist was a good fit for me even though I read the glowing praises framed on his office walls, praises coming from his patients, colleagues, and other doctors. The young man seemed to know what he was doing but his bedside manner was brief and rather cold. Continue reading

Your Genetic Code and Yugo

“The best doctor is the one you run to and can’t find.” – Denis Diderot
1987_Yugo_GV in L.A., California 1987 Yugo GV, Los Angeles, California
Photo: Wikipedia
Your genetic code blue print has finally caught up with you. You were not after all the Mercedes you thought you were, you are just a cheap Yugo. For those of you born after the demise of this wonderful piece of communist engineering, a Yugo was a Yugoslavian made car, just shy of a lawn mower and an East German Trabant, a real Rocket made of plastic and fiberglass, quite safe in an accident, I am sure. Aside from the top speed of 40 MPH, this Yugo started losing its parts, bumpers, and doors as soon as you drove it off the car lot where you had dropped about $2,000 on a bare bones model, emphasis on rickety bones. Continue reading

Free Cheese in a Socialist Mousetrap

“There is always free cheese in a mousetrap.” – Retired Marine Colonel Martino

Public, self-described as “advocates for a healthier and more equitable world,” sent a fundraising letter to Democrat voters, claiming that “millionaires who run the largest corporations on Earth want to slash the social insurance programs the rest of us rely on.” By slashing, they are referring to the logical proposal to increase eligibility age for Medicare, to correlate Medicare to income, and to modernize/privatize it.
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Dental Floss and Castro Care

The economy is not experiencing scarcity yet but I did notice lately that the range of choices for various goods has diminished. It has been three months or longer since my favorite dental floss and toothpaste have been missing on store shelves. They finally reappeared recently, to disappear again, an obvious sign of manufacturing shortage. This prompted me to check out the new sonic care air flossing gadget. The price alone could buy 40-80 rolls of floss, not to mention the need of electricity to make it work.
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The Affordable Care Act Nobody Can Afford

I was just handed the Phreesia computer tablet by the receptionist under the guise of updating my medical and insurance information. I had seen this orange notebook in another doctor’s office and I became suspicious. Is this really meant to verify, as the website claims, my insurance eligibility automatically and help doctors collect on their insurance while easing the load of paperwork? Or is it forced electronic data compliance to Obamacare?
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