National Debt is Still the Biggest Threat to Our National Security

“An unlimited power to tax involves, necessarily a power to destroy, because there is a limit beyond which no institution and no property can bear taxation.” – John Marshall

Americans are in denial about the simple fact that our national debt is the biggest threat to our national security. National debt grew exponentially from Washington’s profligate deficit spending, recessions, and wars.

When I looked today at the national debt clock, each taxpayer owed approximately $142,000, the figure changing rapidly based on factors such as the value of the dollar, trade deficits, and the latest sums borrowed from U.S. taxpayers or from whatever country willing to buy our Treasury Securities, T-bills, T-notes, and T-bonds – China, Japan, and oil exporters being the largest buyers of U.S. debt so far.
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I Dream of Southfork

The late Larry Hagman was credited with saving Romania from communism. In a video clip, the actor who portrayed the infamous and villainous J. R. Ewing tells the story of a Romanian who approached him on a visit to the formerly communist country with tears in his eyes, “Thank you, J.R., for saving Romania.”(
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European Union and the Welfare State

The Bilderberg Group’s Steering Committee met on November 13-14, 2012 for the 61th working session of the world’s most exclusive club, during the Rome Film Festival at Hotel de Russie, hoping to blend in with celebrities, fans, reporters, and movie directors, hidden in plain view, to discuss the fate of the EU, Italy, Greece, and Spain.
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National Heritage Sites and Agenda 21

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, how many single-family homes damaged by the storm surge will be rebuilt as high density dwellings? This is after all, the Smart Growth trend across the country – destroy traditional homes in the suburbs because they are “unsustainable” and build high rises in inner cities.
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My Trip to Obama-Mart

Yesterday was an interesting excursion into the future of our new country. As many liberals have told me, the earth is still spinning and I need to grow up, the people have spoken, and they are in control now. Even in victory, Democrats are unhappy; they must completely squash the opposition. I cannot help but think of California, a one-party state ruled by liberals, what will happen to this once prosperous secular state.

We had gone grocery shopping and decided to walk over to the newly renovated Wal-Mart, bustling with shoppers of any nationality possible, most speaking their native tongues in a cacophony of foreign sounds. The first encounter was the two large posters on the front door, telling customers the shopping days for SNAP.
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Carbon Tax is Still Environmental Piracy

“Why would they [illegal immigrants] vote for a party that is going to cut taxes they do not pay, but take away government benefits they do receive?” Patrick J. Buchanan

As the country is reeling from the electoral loss and the re-election of President Obama, half rejoicing and the other half in stunned disbelief, the economic reality is beginning to sink in.
People chose the promise of Santa Claus and Christmas every day of the year. Government Santa is likely to slow down in delivering unearned freebies as the economy worsens.

The Dow Industrials reacted immediately to the re-election by dropping more than 300 points. All other indexes also dropped more than 2 percent the next day. The finance and energy sectors will be the hardest hit by the promised increased regulation.
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The End of an Empire

Our Constitutional Republic died a peaceful death on November 6, 2012. Having reached the point of no return in a comatose state after years of progressive and illegal immigration assaults, the fabric of conservative society is now completely unraveled and Uncle Sam’s America is no more.

The United States of America is now relegated to the dust bin of history as a “has been” empire. The Shining City on the Hill, the hope of so many millions since July 4, 1776, no longer exists. What rises from the ashes is a country that few of us will recognize, like, or learn to accept submissively.
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Painful Lessons from Hurricane Sandy

Having lived in the Tornado Alley for 30 years, I have learned many valuable lessons. After many raging tornadoes, straight line winds, and hurricanes I understood that churches and other Americans near and far, not the big government, were the first line of defense after a disaster.
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Women, Use the Hard-Earned Vote, Wisely

The Night of Terror took place on November 15, 1917 in a prison called the Occoquan Workhouse in Virginia. Thirty-three defenseless women dared to picket Woodrow Wilson’s White House asking for their right to vote. The warden ordered his forty prison guards armed with clubs to teach the suffragists a lesson they would never forget.
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