How Many Millions of Illegal Aliens Will Qualify for Discretionary Amnesty?

As President Obama is getting ready to make his announcement on immigration on Thursday, November 20, 2014, the Congressional Research Service is advising Congress through legislative attorneys, Kate M. Manuel and Michael John Garcia “on the scope of the Executive’s discretionary authority over immigration matters, including with respect to the enforcement of immigration-related sanctions and the granting of immigration benefits or privileges.” (”Executive Discretion as to Immigration: Legal Overview,” November 10, 2014, R43782) Continue reading

My Trip to Obama-Mart

Yesterday was an interesting excursion into the future of our new country. As many liberals have told me, the earth is still spinning and I need to grow up, the people have spoken, and they are in control now. Even in victory, Democrats are unhappy; they must completely squash the opposition. I cannot help but think of California, a one-party state ruled by liberals, what will happen to this once prosperous secular state.

We had gone grocery shopping and decided to walk over to the newly renovated Wal-Mart, bustling with shoppers of any nationality possible, most speaking their native tongues in a cacophony of foreign sounds. The first encounter was the two large posters on the front door, telling customers the shopping days for SNAP.
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