The Chickens of Communism Have Come Home to Roost

McCarthy Joe McCarthy
The chickens of intolerance and communist social justice have come home to roost on the American campus. Decades of Marxist indoctrination by the vaunted communist academia are finally paying off — our cultural heritage is replaced by cultural Marxism and primitive cultures that are deemed superior to ours and worshipped.
Academia has been blotting out the past and revising history for a while but with increased vengeance since Jimmy Carter founded the U.S. Department of Education on October 17, 1979. Our children’s education has depreciated considerably as evidenced by test scores and the quality of mis-educated youth in our country who can barely read or write a complete and coherent paragraph. But their fingers fly on Twitter in hashtags and 140 characters, staring constantly like robotic drones into illuminated smart devices.
The urban dictionary defines cultural Marxism as “The gradual process of destroying all traditions, languages, religions, individuality, government, family, law and order in order to re-assemble society in the future as a communist utopia. This utopia will have no notion of gender, traditions, morality, God or even family or the state.”
There is no shortage of Lenin’s “useful idiots” with brains addled by drugs and agitated by paid Alinsky-style community organizers. “Useful idiots” are easily manipulated individuals without a compass, without a country, with allegiance to global citizenship and Mother Gaia, humans ruled by emotion and devoid of rational thinking. They are used skillfully to implement cultural Marxism, to disseminate poisonous ideas, chaos, decadence, and worthless entertainment parading as art.
Spreading around the country, the Black Lives Matter, on the payroll of elitist billionaires who want to change society in their utopian global Marxism, have taken over campuses around the country making outrageous demands of administrators who shockingly acquiesced without a whimper or resigned with a golden parachute. The university, the bastion of freedom of speech and assembly, of tolerance, of diversity, caved like a house of cards to the demands of a few crazed lunatics, rusted 60s wheels squeaking the loudest the same worn-out communist drivel.
Why exactly are we sending our children to college? Are we paying overpriced tuition to transform them into radicals crying racism, bigotry, and manufactured white privilege, in the most tolerant country in the world, while they take full advantage of minority grants, minority scholarships, affirmative action, and quotas?
How did we reach such a point where waves of protests across the country are turning upside down the former bastions of higher education into a grotesque and intolerant self-segregating quagmire?
The Black Justice League at Princeton demanded that any building named after former President Woodrow Wilson be renamed and a safe space be created “dedicated specifically to Black students,” mandating “classes on the history of marginalized peoples” and “affinity housing for people interested in black housing.” Appallingly, President Eisgruber agreed.
Whatever happened to exposing students to other points of view? What happened to tolerance of divergent opinions? Is the majority going to be ignored while listening only to those who threaten and bully? Aren’t people tired of faux accusations of bigotry, white privilege, and racism?
Are we going to revise now the entire history of the United States because someone along the way must have been offended and that offensive historical occurrence must be redressed now by wiping out or removing those reminders from textbooks? Are we going to empty out museums, bulldoze monuments, and burn libraries?
Aren’t these demands “a thinly veiled attempt to impose the Black Justice League’s unilateral narrative upon all undergraduates via the core curriculum?” Isn’t racially segregated housing illegal and morally questionable, counter to the values of American society? Why are we stifling academic freedom and reversing years of race relations progress?
Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov, a KGB propagandist and defector, was interviewed by G. Edward Griffin in 1984. During this lengthy interview, Bezmenov explained the method of ideology subversion, a form of psychological warfare, a deliberate sabotage that changes the subjects’ perception of reality. Such method of brainwashing was so successful that, in the face of ample evidence, documentation, facts, and knowledge, students still believe what their academic handlers told them in schools, in movies, and in the main stream news. Bezmenov described how this massive brainwashing by design occurred in four stages.
The first stage was demoralization. Teachers had to educate three generations and expose them to Marxist-Leninist ideology without a counter-balance of American values. To a demoralized person, facts have no meaning even when they are showered with authentic information. Bezmenov said, “If I take them and show them the concentration camps in the Soviet Union, they would not believe me until the boot of reality kicked them in the rear end.” To reverse this trend to a normal generation that believes in American values, common sense, culture, and patriotism, one would need at least 15 years, he added.
Most people who were educated in the 1960s are now in positions of power. They were programed to act a certain way even when exposed to accurate information. The process of demoralization is irreversible, he said.
A subverter needs 2-5 years to engage in the second stage of ideology subversion called destabilization. During this stage, the entire nation is destabilized through the economy, through foreign relations, and defense.
The third stage of ideology subversion is called crisis and it usually lasts about six weeks.
The fourth stage is called normalization when “all the shmucks that eliminated the free market competition are now in power.” The country is at war with itself and in chaos. Once this level is reached, Americans will have nowhere to escape, said Bezmenov.
Who are the “useful idiots” who aid and abet this psychological subversion? They are the academia, media people, actors, movie makers, narcissists, people with no scruples and no conscience, people filled with self-importance who think that they matter a lot, greedy individuals, and people who will look you in the eye, smile, and lie to you. These “useful idiots” are helpful in the destabilization stage, but expandable afterwards, explained Bezmenov.
If people fail to understand the concept of Big Brother Government and the Welfare State, forgetting patriotism, cultural heritage, and history, all freedoms will vanish.

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