Crybullies’ Safe Spaces or Spaces to Whine?

In the face of worldwide “refugee” crisis, the poor ISIS fighters who had slaughtered, tortured, and enslaved thousands in their wake, sneaking into Europe and U.S., blowing up and killing more than 129 innocents in Paris and 14 in San Bernardino, injuring hundreds others, the world’s leaders have met in Paris not to discuss the existential Islamist threat to the world, but their faux concerns of the climate change industry, potentially worth trillions, instead of the imminent threat of Islam around the world coming from ISIS. Elites are more interested in fleecing and spreading the western world’s wealth to the third world, whose leadership dominates the U.N., rather than in the safety of their own citizens.

It is frightening how, after Parisians were killed in an attack orchestrated by ISIS, who recruited and convinced EU nationals to join them, how our regime and the leftist response is, “Wow, we need more of those Muslim refugees here!”

If you disagree, you are ignorant, racist, un-American, and un-Christian, even though Islam is not a race but a theocracy. And no one says, let’s bring in more Christian refugees who legitimately face crucifixion, or Muslim gays who risk being thrown from rooftops, or Muslim single mothers who risk being stoned to death for adultery, or Syrian atheists who risk being burned alive, or Syrian girls who risk being turned into sex slaves, abused, murdered, or sold. According to the regime, it is “against American values” to accept anyone other than regressive, radical Muslims. The regime’s anti-American conspiracy has become mainstream liberal foreign policy.

Donald Trump’s poll numbers have surged since he suggested that we should enact a temporary pause in admitting any more Muslims into our country until the vetting process is actually valid and working.

The media ignores the fact that Jimmy Carter revoked Iranian visas during the hostage crisis in 1979. Rush Limbaugh described and posted the video from the ABC News archives that demonstrates that, what Trump had suggested, had been done before by President Carter and it is neither bigoted nor xenophobic, it is acting in the best interest of the American people, protecting their safety.

The few libertarians still residing on American campuses cannot publicly post or voice their divergent opinions because their progressive colleagues are so indoctrinated by the “poor, innocent, cuddly” refugee idiocy that they can’t see objective reasoning and will skewer them.

My friend K. received unbelievable backlash for saying “they should be screened not just for terror, but to make sure they believe in the American principles of equality, dignity, and freedom of religion–we don’t need to import more bigots.”

It reminded me of our conversation in D.C., “Don’t liberals and gays have any sense of self-preservation?” Many of his liberal gay friends want to open America’s doors to these Muslims who would love to toss gays off of rooftops and stone women to death for engaging in unmarried relationships or for dressing in revealing clothes.

Liberal academics would probably walk into areas where illegals have taken over the local government, have exhausted welfare services, have changed the face and demographics of schools, and turned the area into a cesspool of Sharia compliant ghetto and would say, “Wow, diversity!” then leave to go eat, stay, and vacation in their pretty white yuppie neighborhoods and hangouts.

Black Lives Matter, Stalinist “useful idiots” and “crybullies” on the left’s payroll, have fanned around the country, shrieking successfully in the faces of academics and administrators who cower in fear and give in to their outrageous demands, transforming the campus into an intolerant blitzkrieg, take no prisoners atmosphere, if anyone disagrees with their views and demands.

And the namby-pamby students themselves now whine about “safe spaces” on campus where they can be sheltered from reality, work, and any kind of strenuous thinking that might upset their drug-induced, rose-colored haze in vaunted majors such as women’s studies, race studies, and communist social justice. They are frightened by the sight of sober reality, American flags, Confederate flags, Halloween costumes, Christian symbols, people with white skin and non-existent “white privilege,” personal responsibility, entrepreneurship, and work ethic.

The concept of “safe space” involves retreating from the challenges of college, of life and reality in general, from the fear of uncertainty, an expression of the coddled generations raised by liberal parents and perhaps well-intentioned conservatives who wanted everything for their children that they did not have.

Did we have a safe space in schools under socialism/communism? Maybe it was the dark, dank, smelly, and dirty bathrooms flooded with urine. The courtyard was not a safe place either because we were only allowed there when we arrived and assembled in rows before we could go into the building, during PE classes once a day, and when we left school – congregation or protests of any kind were not allowed.

If anybody protested anything, they were dealt with speedily and efficiently – they never could nor would do it again. We could not go to the teacher’s office because they did not have one and talking to them would be like talking to an information gathering agency that would be used against you.

It was not allowed to congregate in the hallways unless one wanted detention. The classroom was not a safe space either. You had to sit in your chair at rapt attention and take notes. You had to keep your mouth shut unless asked a question. Should you give the wrong answer, or talk out of line, you were given a verbal dress down, physical punishment, but the next day you tried a little harder to blend into conformity.

Life and reality have few safe spaces. While these cowardly college students whine about escaping from the “harsh” reality of the world, coddled and sheltered their entire lives by liberal schools and misguided parents, brave American soldiers go to places around the world most of us cannot even imagine, the last line of defense between us and invading “refugees” who wish us harm.

Is a college “safe space” a misguided escape to communist dystopia, the dystopia in which Saul Alinsky still teaches his radicals to shake down the hard-working taxpayers under the guise of “social justice” and “fair share?”

Colleges have created “free speech zones,” tiny corners where divergent opinions may or may not be tolerated. Now they demand “safe spaces” on their campuses. Do these college students truly want safety in their country, on their campuses, or do they just want spaces to whine and shake down the social structure?

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