The Character of a Nation and Precious Snowflakes

041 Arlington National Cemetery
Photo: Ileana Johnson
A lot can happen to a nation’s soul, heart, and character in 70 years. In 1944, eighteen-year olds stormed the beaches in Normandy, embracing almost certain death; eighteen-year olds today need a safe space on campuses to cry or cower in fear because words hurt their precious snowflake feelings.
This fundamental change of the American character was accelerated by the Marxist indoctrination facilitated by Jimmy Carter’s Department of Education, founded in 1979.
The cultural demise exploded with help from academia who brainwashed our children into collectivism, from Hollywood’s culture of depravity, from its promotion of drugs, by progressive agendas entirely divergent from the best interests of a healthy and prosperous society, by sexual promiscuity, abortion presented as a choice when it is really murdering human beings as late as four days before live birth, the loss of faith, and by the destruction of the family unit.
The drugged up generations of today have no knowledge of Civics and therefore believe that democracy, a fancy notion of mob rule and anarchy, represents our country. In reality, our Constitutional Republic was founded on entirely different principles which are alien to these mentally insane progressives, useful idiots of global elites, who manipulate them like a fine-tuned violin to do their bidding in the form of riots, slashing and burning their way across our cities while this administration remains silent and the police is told to stand down.
Almost six million men served in WWI and 16 million in WWII. I’m not sure how many WWII vets are still alive, their numbers dwindle with each passing day. American soldiers served our country to preserve our freedom and the freedom of many nations and “our good and decent way of life.”
But today, our society is a corrupt cesspool of vile and immoral entertainment on every possible venue. Music and movies are laced with profanity and women are degraded in rap songs. Singers objectify themselves by imitating sexual acts on stage, scantily clad. Everything goes as long as it feels good.
Proper behavior, honesty, and law abiding citizens are denigrated. Rap and the worst elements of society are worshipped and invited to the White House and celebrated. Immorality and sexual promiscuity is rampant among high school students. Administrators in public schools and colleges have mandated that boys should use the same bathrooms and locker rooms as girls, inviting rapists and pedophiles into our schools. The majority must yield to the sexual confusion and psychological illness of the few.
The average student does not think twice about having multiple “loveless hookups” by the time they graduate. Sexually transmitted diseases, rapes, and unwanted pregnancies happen all the time. After all, the courts have ruled that it is the woman’s choice and her body; they can legally kill their babies conceived in “loveless hookups.”
Profanity rules in Hollywood, on radio, in normal conversations, and in young progressive crowds that are up-to-date on who the latest “reality nobody” is, but don’t understand the Socialists of the Democrat left whom they adore and whose polices they support – collectivist social justice and impossible equality.
Thousands of innocent babies are slaughtered in the womb every day but none of these leftists bat an eye. They only get upset that Donald Trump might take away their “choice” to murder a human being who wants to live.
Those who are lucky to be born are anchor babies from foreign citizens and babies of those Americans who are married and believe in the sanctity of life and family. A large percentage of black mothers are “married” to Daddy Government and its life-long welfare and many fatherless children end up in gangs, on drugs, and in prison.
The birth demographics of citizens in most developed nations are on a civilization-suicide downward spiraling curve. Young women prefer to push carriages with dogs and cats instead of babies.
Marriage has been bastardized and made irrelevant by our government and the gay lobby has embarked on aggressive tactics to bankrupt and punish those whose religious views reject homosexual marriage.
The rabid and intolerant left has freedom of speech which they exercise violently through riots, assaults, beatings, and property destruction, but they want to destroy anybody else’s rights who disagree with them.
Dr. David Sponseller asked rhetorically in a recent letter on Veterans Day, “Would our soldiers, sailors, and airmen have been so willing to face possible death or crippling injury in combat, knowing that such a cultural way of life were in their future if/when they got back home? I rather doubt it. Rather, they must be rolling over in their graves now at the knowledge of how far the culture has collapsed.”
A gay person, whom I have known a long time, has publicly wished that Trump would deport me back to my home country. I have been a naturalized American citizen longer than this person has been alive. I was lucky to come to this country legally and I am proud of the opportunities it gave me to become everything I could not have become in the socialist/communist dictatorship I was born under.
Not letting truth get in their way, the intolerant progressives and the gay lobby are projecting their fascistic beliefs onto the one man that just might make everybody’s lives better now and in the future.
It seems that the left does not understand that in our Constitutional Republic the Electoral College plays an important role in elections. If the popular vote was the sole benchmark of elections, the overpopulated states bordering oceans would be the only ones in which American citizens and illegal aliens would get to elect our president, the rest of the country would have no voice. Hillary won the popular vote against her opponent, Barack Obama, but he was elected president. Somehow, it was fine then, but not now with Donald Trump.
The outlook for our country was dismal when the progressive candidate was promising more of the same immoral lifestyle, exalting abortion, and seeking to radicalize the Supreme Court for probably 50 years through liberal appointments. “A godless, secular culture so far gone would have been impossible to recover.”
“The winner gave us hope and satisfaction that the 22 million who have fought in WWI and WWII did not fight in vain.” Dr. David Sponseller continued, “Millions of Christians stormed Heaven’s gates before the election. The Lord heard the prayers of God-fearing citizens and answered us with the most astounding political miracle in memory. He gave us a president-elect that will appoint judges respecting life, marriage, and the freedom of religion once again. He gave us hope for stemming the cultural decay and restoring our once-great country in the decades ahead.”
We must be vigilant. The rabidly progressive left is highly organized, with money to burn. The globalist coffers are never-ending. The progressive elites are not accepting this or any defeat graciously, they are massively financing the country-wide violent rioting which nobody seems interested in stopping; they are going to undermine Trump at every turn, along with the RINOs in Congress.

6 thoughts on “The Character of a Nation and Precious Snowflakes

  1. Thank you for a candid look at America today, Ileana! Just the fact that Trump won rather than HRC tells me that most of America is ready for a change. Now the hard work is ahead of us.

  2. Thank you for presenting your thoughts in this article. Your vantage point gives the content particular strength. I hope it will cause many to think more deeply about their views in light of what you’ve articulated. I believe you’ve been able to communicate something vital that will resound with many hearts.

    Would suggest you clarify the statement about Hillary, Obama and the popular vote. The statement in the original posting is confusing.

    Are you an Orthodox Christian?

  3. I am a lonely voice against Agenda 21 here in Rockland Maine. I found your book and read much of the contents of”The Environmental Piracy” bringing me to your website.
    I wish I were a better writer and speaker but instead, I have to rely on others like you for your wonderful words. We are going through changes of our building codes which is easily identified as infill development of the Green Agenda. Those who are on our city council refuse to see any connection with the UN.
    My Dad is 90 and was at Normandy. He once teared up saying that he doesn’t know why he’s alive while so many great men died on that beach.
    So much loss and we will have much pain.

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