How Did We Get Here?

How did our society get where we are today? Where did this profound hatred, disrespect for authority, for the rule of law, disdain for their own country, utter laziness, entitlement, anarchy, and anti-Americanism come from, especially in the younger generations who shape the future of our country?
There is no simplistic answer. The default answer is always horrible parenting or lack thereof. Parents spend less and less time with their progeny as the government takes over their education at a very early age, or are in need of behavioral reeducation themselves. Older fathers with pony tails and mothers who should be going through menopause are raising terror children who have never been spanked or made to behave like normal, rational human beings. They scream in restaurants and public places at hours when they should be in bed while the parents try to talk to them in a calm voice to the exasperation of everyone around them, trying to enjoy themselves while celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, interrupted by howling brats.
Parents and society no longer permit children to fail because it might destroy a fragile and pampered self-esteem. Competition is bad for their overinflated egos so they give everyone a participation trophy. Grading, achievement, and excellence are downplayed as destroyers of the darlings’ explosive psyche; they are so smart in their own minds, they will someday be president.
Johnny is allowed most outrageous behaviors without any consequence because he is exploring. If a teacher tries to punish their ‘stellar’ child, parents march to school and threaten the principal with lawsuits, the teacher in question is reprimanded verbally and in writing, and Johnny receives an apology that it will never happen again. The teacher will not dare give him a zero for cheating because, after all, “the teacher told them it was just fine to cheat on a test if they can get away with it and have spent precious time learning how to do it.” If you think that is outlandish, think again.
The non-stop racial strife and bigoted speeches about the Civil War and slavery coming from Obama’s White House, as if it happened yesterday and still does, from his Secretary of State, and other “public servants” and Democrat politicians feeding at the taxpayer trough were also substantial contributors.
Then there is the non-stop “settled” faux science discourse and U.N. conferences and accords about global warming now turned into a lucrative climate change industry coming from the billionaires of crony capitalism, from Hollywood, third world nations, and interested NGOs.
Let’s not forget the never-ending preaching about social justice and environmental justice coming from the Vatican and other affluent elites even though none of them have volunteered to part with one scintilla of their wealth and to redistribute it to the poor.
Life-long career politicians who came into office financially comfortable but leave as millionaires are not redistributing their suspicious wealth either; they are giving away other people’s money, the hard-earned taxes from the middle class which they constantly try to destroy with their policies.
We got here today with the help from tenured academia and their lessons, from the vaunted halls of indoctrination where both black and white progressive educators teach their students that they must “obliterate white people” and destroy their “white privilege” in order to end the imagined fantasy of oppression of black people. No mention is made of daily crimes committed by black people against black people in cities like Chicago and Detroit or the lack of representation black people suffer in their districts in which they keep reelecting representatives like Maxine Watters.
This profound hatred is ginned up 24/7 by cable faux news and alphabet soup channels that invite guests to trash conservatives, white people, the police, “deplorables” who voted for Trump, and to express their disdain for our President. There is a constant search for skeletons in Trump’s closet and manufactured news, invented on the premise of ‘she said, he said to a third source who saw, heard, or read something’ but there is no factual evidence whatsoever to back up the claim.
Scores of imbecilic progressives and anarchists, reprobate “professors,” race baiters and other assorted communist worshippers are invited on air, having no idea what they are talking about, overcome by shrill hatred, repeating the same talking points memorized and fed to them by the Democrat Party, promoting socialism, communism, racial segregation, slavery reparations, and demonization of whites.
Who are these TV “expert” guests and the violent protesters in the streets? They are the cocaine and drug babies who have come of age. They are violent and belligerent by nature and do not need much provocation and remuneration to become volatile, to cause destruction, anarchy, violence, and to burn down businesses often owned by hard-working legal immigrants or black people who provide services to their own neighborhoods.
The hatred is taught in elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges, and other home grown “madrassas.” Teachers entrusted with too much authority preach to students of all ages about social and environmental justice, collectivism, worshipping Islam, and communist equality. While social studies and history curricula are obviously main conduits, subjects such as math and science are not exempt. You would think that math and science would be off the political grid but you would be wrong. Teachers’ colleges are now programing teachers how to use examples from the progressive world in their math and science word problems and lessons.
Where we are today also streams from the progressive-owned publishing houses and popular progressive newspapers such as the Washington Post and the much-touted New York Times. Amazon’s Bezos bought the Washington Post; WaPo used to publish some articles of interest but today is mostly misinformation and Trump bashing from cover to cover.
Journalism in its true form has died long time ago; it is now a propaganda arm of the Socialists in the Democrat Party. Journalism is moribund in other countries as well. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), sponsored by globalist agenda billionaires with money to burn, are giving grants and bribes around the world to so-called influential journalists to indoctrinate their population of listeners and readers into U.N. Agenda 21/2030 Sustainable Development and the manufactured global warming hoax.
It was a great step in the right direction when President Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord and the U.N. Green Climate Fund, instruments of fleecing U.S. of billions of dollars and of destroying the U.S. economy and redistributing its wealth to third world nations who are often biggest polluters and have no intention of complying with the accord until billions in bribes start filling their coffers. Perhaps years down the road, big polluters like China would start reducing their carbon footprint. As President Trump so aptly said, “I was elected to represent U.S. citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris.”
Larry Naritelli described the globalist madness and insane MSM indoctrination in simpler words. “Democrats claim that we must transfer our jobs and wealth to foreign countries in order to stop the sea level from rising. They actually believe and advocate this nonsense as science rather than theft. They claim if you give your pay to foreigners, the temperature won’t rise. Why would anyone believe this nonsense?”
The true enemy of this country that spews disinformation and hate is the media and the entrenched bureaucrats from Washington who are exclusively supporters of Obama’s progressive agenda and his policies. They control what the public believes to be the truth.
Historically, a big lie, eine große Lüge, is a propaganda technique. Adolph Hitler coined the phrase in his 1925 Mein Kampf, using a lie so „collosal“ that few would believe that someone „could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.“
Joseph Goebbels had said, “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.” Anthropogenic global warming and “white privilege” come to mind as big lies coming from the MSM, schools, colleges, universities, Hollywood, and anyone else who has a public platform and a microphone.
A case in point, Evergreen State College in Washington State is run by progressive faculty and administrators who have given into outrageous demands from Black Lives Matter students who want whites to go away for a day or perhaps permanently. Embarrassing videos have surfaced of students barely able to read a list of their own demands. They want a fellow progressive but Caucasian professor, Bret Weinstein, to be fired because he had the audacity to teach his class on the day when he was supposed to be absent. He was guilty of teaching while white on the “Day of Absence,” a racist attempt by Black Lives Matter to control the education curriculum. It appears that these students at Evergreen State College could have used a few more lessons in elementary reading.
Baltimore, the controversial grounds of Black Lives Matter demonstrations, looting, and burning, could also dedicate more classroom time and tutoring to reading and arithmetic to improve their students’ substandard performance. Being environmentally savvy may be a good idea as a requirement for high school graduation in Maryland, but being able to read , write, and do simple math upon graduation from high school is much better. As reported by WND and Baltimore’s Fox TV affiliate, every student in six Baltimore Public Schools failed the state’s proficiency test in English and mathematics.
After 30 years in education, I realize that the problem is not just the fact that we teach revisionist history, teach students to pass specific tests with no long-term retention, anti-Americanism, indoctrinate students into social justice utopia, socially promote undeserving students, give scholarships to weak students based on their skin color, ethnicity, and socio-economic background, praise primitive cultures and communism. Some students should never be in college – it is a waste of time and resources. They would be better served learning a much needed trade in an area they show talent in and interest. What good is a worthless college degree with no chance of employability?
We lionize mediocrity in teachers and administrators who are communist denizens and popular with students and parents alike, while we demonize and marginalize exceptional conservative educators and administrators who inculcate moral values and American civics, however unpopular that may be.
I’ve had teachers under communism who were able to teach us the right human values and accurate history despite the commissars breathing down their necks. I’ve met outstanding writers who were not communists and managed to print and disseminate their works at great danger to themselves.
If Common Core Standards in education are allowed to stand in our schools, it will destroy any semblance of common sense in public education and socialist education and propaganda will be forced upon all students.
Emulating the socialist bankrupt Europe with their drug culture and total dependency on government from cradle to grave, confiscatory taxes to pay for it, and socialized medicine for all who have simple illnesses, leaves out the fact that the morally decadent and financially bankrupt EU population behaves in the opposite direction of the free spirit and freedom as young Americans see them.
Nobody speaks of the destruction of the European Christian faith, the disintegration of family, and the demographic decline from lack of child bearing and families, eventually ending in the demographic suicide of the Western European civilization, and its replacement with a fertile Islamic population as designed by globalists like Angela Merkel.
How did we get here at this existential crossroads? Ask the communist agitators, school indoctrinators, Hollywood, and community organizers to whom parents entrust their children every day.

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  1. Outstanding column!

    It should appear on the editorial pages of all major newspapers.

    One oversight is that you did not mention the children misbehaving in church and being allow to do so by their parents.

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