Education Created and Promoted Progressivism, ANTIFA, and BLM

As a parent who struggles to pay tuition for their child at the average university in America, or goes in debt borrowing the money, consider what your child must face in order to finish a four-year college education which may or may not help them get a job.
The American campus is no longer the place of learning, to discuss and exchange ideas, it has become a place of indoctrination, of fear, a place where your children are further indoctrinated, and are not prepared to deal with or function in real life and in the job world.
Students have to deal with bullies, who call themselves “social justice warriors,” who are as far removed from justice and warriors as they can possibly be. They have to deal with college professors who are obsessed with quotas, perverted sex novels, ethnic studies, invented “white guilt,” “white privilege,” and “micro-aggression,” manufactured constructs that are now suffocating every corner in America.
Your children demand and are sent to “safe spaces” where they escape from reality, from any concept or person that contradicts their fantasy world where they have dwelt since birth. They’ve been told their entire lives how special they are, and have received so many undeserved awards each year, they see themselves as real trophies who can waltz through school by virtue of who they are.
Students claim, they are so stressed from school that they demand no grades be given for their poor attendance or non-performance; sadly, half the schools in the country have obliged.
Your students must deal with classes in which they are afraid to express a different opinion from the teacher’s, lest they be dropped from class, failed, or expelled.
Your child may be beaten by mobs of minority students simply because they’ve been oppressed and your Caucasian student happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and catch the ire of their wrath.
Your child is subject to different theories of education methodology that come and go. Experimental surveys and tests supplement these hair-brained fads designed by different College of Education professors in order to justify their existence, their fat salaries, and to make the conference circuits around the country and the world as speakers. When it is obvious that Johnny is doing worse and is unable to pass the tests that have nothing to do with what was taught, and parents revolt, the fad is dropped.
Your child is indoctrinated into Marxism blatantly or subtly in every subject matter – nothing escapes the radar of the tenured college brain-washer. They find clever ways to insert their subjective ideological view of communist utopia into every lesson plan.
Your child studies and receives excellent scores on ACTs and SATs but is disappointed when someone with lesser scores is admitted to college ahead of them simply based on their socio-economic profile and the color of their skin.
These minorities, protected based on the color of their skin, not their intellectual merit, have created a society that is no longer based on merit, but on affirmative action, diversity, and “social justice.” It is these “social justice warriors,” as they euphemistically named themselves that are creating the chaos in our society.
History does repeat itself because these ANTIFA, BLM, and other fascist and race-baiters learned a revisionist history in school. They are very busy, with funds from well-placed billionaires, echoing the actions of the Bolsheviks, Taliban, and ISIS, who have destroyed priceless artifacts of history.
Sanitizing history because they did not like the Civil War, these “social justice warriors” cleverly indoctrinated by their college professors and agitated by neo-communists/globalists and progressive anti-Americans are fast removing any traces of our history under the guise of white nationalism. These statues have been on display for almost a century and longer, nobody batted an eye on seeing them but now, they are suddenly offensive and traumatic.
They are not going to stop at Confederate monuments. They will destroy other parts of history they do not like, i.e., Lincoln, Ted Roosevelt, WWII, etc. How long will it be before they go after churches?
Gregory B. asked the question, “because Mary Todd Lincoln’s three sisters were married to Confederate soldiers and her brother was a Confederate surgeon, should her memorabilia be removed from the White House Lincoln bedroom?”
Instead of having a History Department, we will have the Fiction Department. Just like George Orwell had warned us in 1950.
He said, “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street, building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”
Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, Ceausescu, the Taliban, and ISIS have ordered the destruction of history, books, painting, statues, and the renaming of schools and streets. It ended badly in the enslavement and death of millions of innocents.
The brain-washed fascist and progressive groups, with no solid point of historical reference, have painted every white person with the same brush of hate-mongers, even though most of the hate and the violence are coming from the left. Caucasians are suddenly evil “white nationalists.”
Since when is maintaining self-governance, sovereignty over one’s homeland, preserving a national identity based on culture, language, race, religion, political goals, patriotism, and belief in a common ancestry, hateful and racist?
The fads in education come and go but they are presented as facts and “evidence-based.”
Shane Vander Hart wrote a recent article, irately criticizing an educational propaganda post which was praising “social-emotional learning as good for the economy” and urging readers to look at Mindful meditation. It cites large companies with entirely leftist leanings and culture and the tiny country of Bhutan as success stories in using social-emotional learning (SEL), another educational fad pushed by the left. The article makes a weak and bizarre connection of this educational fad to Real Gross Domestic Product Growth.
Because most people are economically ignorant, they don’t know that “Economic growth is the increase in the market value of the goods and services produced in the economy over time. It is measured as the percentage rate change in the real gross domestic product (GDP). Determinants of long-run growth include growth of productivity, demographic changes, and labor force participation.”
Forcing children to meditate in class is not going to create jobs, will not alter demographics, immigration policies do, and will not affect productivity. Math and science knowledge, not the Common Core variety, will make a better mechanic, builder, engineer, doctor, scientist, nurse, chemist, physicist, researcher, and statistician.
As Vander Hart wrote in his article, “Do you know what would help boost kids’ self-esteem and happiness in school? Being able to understand math and to read well. Do you know what would help our economy down the road? Graduates being able to understand math, be well read, be able to write well, and who have a well-rounded education.”
Un-sanitized, non-revisionist history will live for a while through those who were eye witnesses such as my friend, “Ironman.” In his own words, he describes the negative changes that have occurred in the last decades which I attribute to the brainwashing of academia, Hollywood, communist foreign infiltrators, and the main stream media.
“Having lived through WW-II and the booming 50’s and 60’s that followed, I’ve seen the negative changes in our way of life. I well remember my brother and 14 million others of Tom Brokaw’s “Greatest Generation” march off to war, and sadly the gold stars that appeared in the windows of many homes. I fondly recall the high standards in the news and entertainment media when a radio announcer would never even say ‘Hel’” or ‘damn’ for fear of losing his broadcasting license, and the uplifting movies like ‘Going My Way’ and ‘Mary Poppins’ that were typical of our entertainment fare. Before globalization I recall when a man’s factory salary supported his many children, with mom in the home, and he could expect a significant pay raise each year. I recall when the safest person in America was the baby in the womb, in contrast to the 61 million innocents that have been brutally murdered in the womb since 1973. I recall when nearly every black child was properly raised by having a father in the home, contrasted with the 72 percent now born to an unwed mother…..leading to a disordered family, supported forcefully by working taxpayers, and producing druggy members of gangs that often end up in prison. I certainly remember when the sole mission of our schools was to teach the three R’s as well as possible, not to indoctrinate their charges with liberal social precepts. I lament the 1970’s when universities stopped operating women’s dorms as safe, wholesome homes-away-from home, instead irresponsibly letting the male students in without limit.”

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  1. Cure for, secondary and college level – military veterans! (Both as teachers and college students. ) I graduated high school 1960 . In school many of our teachers were ww 2 veterans mr. T infantry officer Normandy landing then all the way to Berlin . He had his bs and ms in history from university of penn. not a degree in eduction but actual subject matter. Our class of 200 graduates all agreed at our reunions that no matter how many advanced degrees they obtained or schools they had attended mr. T was the best teacher they ever had! He later went on to teach at penn state. Mr.S. B- 24 pilot shot down over Germany spent time in the pow camp famous for the great escape, another wonderful teacher. They all maintained tight discipline but were caring out standing instructors . I could go on and on. After ww2 colleges were flooded by vets on the gi bill and their presence in class and on campus created an entirely different atmosphere , more adult , focused on leaning applicabe to future employment , less childishness and I am sure those vets did not and today’s vets will not put up with the leftist drivel being dished out on many campuses today. We should do all we can to encourage vets to use the gi bill. There is a tendency to forget and not use it . After Vietnam the gi bill expired if you didn’t start using it within 10 yrs . I personally didn’t have much direction but got my act together after 9 yrs and enrolled in medical school because I didn’t want to lose this valuable opportunity( 4 yrs paid eduction). Most vets are quite conservative and patriot. If anyone deserves special consideration in admission preference it surely is our veterans. I think all of your articles at Canada free press are spot on thank you for you efforts. At the end of the road we are in a cosmic conflict between Christ and satan , good and evil and we know who will prevail . P.s. Please excuse the composition spelling and grammar , I never leaned to type and usually dictate at work. I spent 9yrs as a gp and since 1995 have been a psychiatrist . There are 2 or three books by prominent psychiatrists , one from u.of Chicago , that promote the theory that progessivism(liberalism) is a mental illness ?.?. (Maybe blind and deaf and dead in trespasses and sins? After all , the Pharisees saw Christ heal the man with the withered arm and raise the dead and their reaction was let’s kill him!) .

    • C.E. Murphy,
      Thank you for the most interesting commentary. I have to agree that American veterans are wonderful Americans and I am glad that you took advantage of the GI bill and became a physician. My husband is a veteran as well.
      I got my doctorate by the time I was 29. Had I stayed in Romania, I would have never been able to obtain a doctorate and especially by 29. One had to be a member of the communist party and pretty much with one foot in the grave before people were allowed to attend college and beyond. I tried medical school but I kept passing out from the smell of fresh blood and formaldehyde. So, I did the next best thing, I became a doctor that cannot help anybody medically.
      I learned a lot about dissection, cadavers, human anatomy, and making pathology slides. My pathologist mentor was an interesting character. I learned to eat pizza every Wednesday in the laboratory while we were making specimen slices from various surgeries.
      God bless,
      Ileana Johnson

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