Revisionist History, Fascism, and Holocaust Survivor Eva Moses Kor

Eva Moses Kor, Holocaust Survivor Photo: Screen capture
As the socialist teachers in the halls of academia around the country continue the indoctrination of American children into the utopian society of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Ceausescu, Castro, the rocket man of North Korea, and other dictators around the world, the Che Guevara t-shirt wearing young Americans have made their way into West Point and Main Street USA, protesting as paid mobs of racist BLM anarchists, fascist ANTI-FA anarchists, and other seasoned communist agitators.
Newspapers of note and the main stream media continue to rehabilitate communism and paint it in a positive light, spinning its non-existent egalitarian and social justice qualities, while hiding communism’s death toll of 100 million people.
Somehow Americans find communism benign even though millions of victims of communism were tortured and killed in labor camps and in prisons. ANTI-FA thugs pretend to be fighting against fascists yet employ fascist tactics in trying to snuff out anybody’s freedom of speech that contradicts their narrative.
When history is revised to suit the divisive agenda of those driving the narrative, it is easy to see how a few generations removed from the actual events forget or are simply never taught what truly happened. That is why videos made with the survivors of the Holocaust and of the communist jails and labor camps are important in documenting history.
Eva Moses Kor is one of the survivors of the incredibly cruel, painful, and inhuman twin “experiments” which Dr. Joseph Mengele, nicknamed the Angel of Death, conducted in the Auschwitz concentration camp. These “experiments” were supposed to discover “how to increase the birthrate of a master Aryan race.”
Eva and her twin sister Miriam, born in 1934, were taken with their family away from a small Transylvanian village in Romania in 1944 and shipped by cattle cars to Auschwitz. Her father, mother, and two older sisters were immediately sent to the gas chambers.
But the twins Miriam and Eva were selected for experimentation, exposed to injections with substances that gravely altered their health and almost killed Eva. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays they were kept naked in a room and measured in every possible way. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, they were taken to a lab, where blood was drawn from the left arm, while a “minimum of five injections were given into the right arm.”
Eva came down with a serious fever, shivering in the melting August heat, with painfully swollen legs and arms, and huge red blotches all over her body; she could no longer walk and was not expected to live. After her fever broke, she was taken to the hospital in another barrack, where “people looked more dead than alive.” Mengele pronounced that she had two more weeks to live.
But Eva survived by the Grace of God, crawling on the floor to a water faucet at the other end of the barrack, falling in and out of consciousness. Once her fever was completely gone, Eva was reunited with a sullen Miriam, who, while “staring into space,” refused to talk about what happened and, according to Eva, they did not discuss it until 1985. The Soviet Army freed Eva and Miriam on January 12, 1945.
Miriam finally told her sister Eva that she had been under 24-hour Nazi watch while Eva was on the threshold of death. The Nazi doctors continued to inject Miriam with various substances which stunted the growth of her kidneys to that of a ten-year old child. This revelation was discovered during her second pregnancy in 1963. During her first pregnancy in Israel, Miriam was racked with kidney infections “that did not respond to any antibiotics,” Eva remembered. By Miriam’s third pregnancy, her kidneys started to fail and they died in 1987. Eva donated her left kidney to her sister. Eventually Miriam developed “cancerous polyps in the bladder” and died on June 6, 1993. The twins never found out what they had been injected with in Dr. Mengele’s labs.
A Nazi doctor from Auschwitz named Munch appeared in a 1992 documentary and Eva searched for him. She invited Dr. Munch to Boston but he declined. Instead, she traveled in August 1993 to Dr. Munch’s home in Germany. Questions swirled, “You were in Auschwitz, did you ever go inside the gas chamber? Did you ever walk by a gas chamber? Do you know how the gas chamber operated?” He answered, “This is a nightmare that I live with every single day of my life” and described “the operation of the gas chamber.”
She wanted him to sign an affidavit that the gas chambers existed, that they were operational, and how people were gassed. Munch was the gas chamber doctor who looked through a peephole while the people were being asphyxiated. When there was no more movement in the mass of humanity, he knew everybody was dead; he signed one death certificate each time with the number of people inside – no names, no identifies, just a body count.
Eva asked Dr. Munch to sign the document at the ruins of Auschwitz on the 50th anniversary of liberation from the death camp and he agreed. “I will have an original document signed by a Nazi. And, if I ever met a revisionist who said the Holocaust didn’t happen, I could take that document and shove it in their face,” Eva said.
“As a victim of over 50 years, I never thought that I had any power in my life,” Eva continued. In a letter to Dr. Munch, which took her four months to write, she actually forgave Dr. Munch in a document signed in 1995. She was immediately denounced by other Holocaust survivors for doing so. Eva explained that it was a form of healing for her; she no longer wanted to be Mengele’s guinea pig of 50 years prior.
Eva wrote down twenty nastiest words she could find in the English dictionary and then, as if she was speaking to Dr. Mengele himself, she said, “In spite of that, I forgive you.” She felt absolved that she, “the little guinea pig of 50 years, even had the power over the Angel of Death of Auschwitz.”
Eva described how Munch showed up with his son, daughter, and granddaughter, and Eva took her son and daughter to the signing of the documents. “I read my declaration of amnesty which is a very good little document and I signed it. Dr. Munch signed his document. I felt free, free from Auschwitz, free from Mengele.”
What was the point of Eva’s forgiveness? “It is an act of self-healing, of self-liberation, self-empowerment. All victims, all hurt, feel hopeless, fell helpless, and feel powerless.” She acknowledged that what happened was so horrible and tragic that it could not be undone, “but we can change how we relate to it.”
We must never forget what happened to Eva, Miriam, six million victims of the Nazi Holocaust who did not survive, and 100 million victims of communism who also perished at the hands of those elites who thought them inferior and disposable.
We should not discount and ignore the acts of fascistic violence of BLM, ANTIFA, and other groups who want to stifle the freedom of speech of those they disagree with and denigrate to the point of hate, otherwise history will repeat itself.

5 thoughts on “Revisionist History, Fascism, and Holocaust Survivor Eva Moses Kor

  1. For people who don’t have an interest in History, and most people don’t, the fact that in WW2 Communist fought Nazism made from Stalin a good guy (uncle Joe). These multi millions of mostly Americans found out some hard facts about the crimes of Communism during the years of the “Cold War” and were tempted to consider these facts “propaganda exaggeration”.The KGB fed generations of the 60s, embraced this theories. Hiding behind humanitarian and progressive labels, the “Western intelligentsia” cultivated the Marxist ideology. They never compared the Nazi extermination camps with those of the Russian Gulag. Hollywood didn’t care much either; with the exception of the monumental Doctor Zhivago (no other titles come to mind at the moment) the movie makers were busy to undermine the foundations of the “inhuman capitalism”. I knew first hand what Communism can do to people. It is not hard for me to put the = sign between the two extremist ideologies. Nazism and Communism share the same responsibility for the crimes they committed. Unfortunately the ignorance of the masses has a high price: Under different names, Communism is still with us and getting stronger.

    • I agree with your commentary, Dumitru Valceanu. Thirty years of teaching brought that statement clearly home every day.
      Ileana Johnson

  2. I am so interested in learning about this topic. The holocaust was a very big event. I met a holocaust survivor when I was in 6 grade. He came to my school and talked to us. I always wanted to meet someone who survived the holocaust. Your story is very interesting. I watched the video. I am now doing a art project about the holocaust. It inspired me

  3. You Ileana write very well and most would agree. One thing I warn against Is Hitler did not or was never proven to cause a Holocaust. Be careful of what Jew lies you believe because this Jew is nothing but a liar. Read John 8:44 and you will see what I refer to. Hitler fought Communism for 7 years before world war two started. He also fought against Communism in Russia .
    It was America and the allies who supported Communism and no one else. I realize Hitler was not perfect but as Judah he stood against Communism clear and simple. Hitler deported the Jews as history will prove. Do not believe Jewish lies as they are the murderers of Russia, do not forget Communism was Jewish and millions died. Also Judeo-Christianity is not the faith of the Israelite people who is whom we are. Its Jewish infiltrated and reeks of lies. The true faith is written in the Bible and Catholicism or Protestantism are not the faith of Gods anointed people. My only comment is be careful of Jewish lies as they lie every day.

    • You sir, are an idiot.

      Hitler was “perfect,” as in perfectly evil.

      And the ONLY way you can say Hitler fought Stalin, is in the same way two wolves fight over the same kill. One wolf isn’t trying to “Save the lamb,” and Hitler wasn’t fighting Stalin to “Save the world from communism.”

      He fought Stalin because any territories Stalin captured, meant Hitler would never have it.

      And just so you can’t pull the Jews lie bit, I’m not Jewish.

      But then by your logic, if I’m Jewish I’m lying about not being Jewish, so go crawl back under your Nazi loving rock.

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