My article today at The Epoch Times

One thought on “My article today at The Epoch Times

  1. The people who I found the most concerned about this virus mess are all the Latin mass Catholocs i know.
    The priests worked night and day trying to figure out how masses could be said. Once that was forbidden they used our churches uniquely so
    many parishioners upstairs, so many downstairs and some outside.
    When this week even less numbers are to be able to go in a building a
    way will be found for penance and then communion, ond person at a time and so many feet away. On and on. Visits to the dying anywhere humanly possible.
    I love all of your articles. I grew up in N. IL and hating communism.
    I feel the same now as I did then. I say so in any group I am in if the subject comes up.
    To me you are one of the best American citizens we have. Thank you for always reminding us the total value of freedom.

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