Epilogue to My New Book, U.N. Agenda 21: Environmental Piracy

When President Obama says, “We don’t need more roads in the suburbs,” he is pushing and forcing us into the United Nations Agenda 21. On my recent trip to Europe, I experienced the many effects of Agenda 21 compliance.

A windmill was slowly turning next to a gas station in a field in Romania. Nearby was a small well, pumping crude oil.

Lighting was so poor everywhere, I could hardly see to put make-up on in the morning. Anemic, low wattage CFL bulbs cast a dim glow that made me feel sick.

Smart meters had turned off the AC in the lobby of the four star hotel where I stayed. The wide-open doors did not help reduce the stifling hot atmosphere. Rooms were allowed AC with the door key. Fancy bathroom mirrors in the lobby had tiny television sets imbedded in the middle. I would have preferred air conditioning.

Decrepit multi-storied apartments had banks of brand new and shiny smart meters in the lobby. Cell phone towers were placed on rooftops of high-rise tenements approved by regional authorities.

Electricity use was drastically cut. The high price per kilowatt hour discouraged the use of appliances that we take for granted, placing them out of the reach of many consumers who lived on fixed incomes.

Crops were scarce because many fertile fields were used for hundreds of windmills instead of producing grains and food.

Diesel was $10 a gallon and a new breed of bio fuel Diesel was almost $11 a gallon. This new Diesel Maxx contained a mixture of rapeseed oil, a vegetable plant that makes thick oil we used for cooking during the communist regime when foodstuff was in short supply.

Nobody was running air conditioners even though it was 92 degrees Fahrenheit and very humid for early October. Europeans have been falsely conditioned by doctors and environmentalists that it is bad for one’s health to use air conditioning and to drink anything chilled or with ice. Asking for ice cubes in Europe is perceived as nothing short of madness. European waiters roll their eyes and return with two ice cubes floating in a large glass of lukewarm beverage.

The airliner I chose to travel to Europe was KLM. Ever so environmentally conscious, KLM asked passengers to defray their carbon foot print of the flight by donating money to an environmental cause pushing Agenda 21 goals.

In order to change my ticket for another day, which normally would cost $150 in the United States, KLM charged me $674, the cost of almost another ticket. Most of the quoted price consisted of global and environmental taxes, including the transatlantic air tax which so far American airliners have refused to pay.
Wherever I went, lights were so dim that everything looked dingy and depressing. If you did not stumble in the dark stores and restaurants, you most certainly succumbed to cigarette smoke inhalation.

President Obama is going to make good on his promise to spread the wealth around through his global tax plan, the UN global governance, a plan to steal from the United States and distribute our wealth to third world nations that are really the backbone and the reason for the United Nation’s existence. United Nations is no longer the peacekeeper it was intended to be and it does not represent the interests of the United States.

If Obama is re-elected, his second term will be dedicated to the focused de-development of the United States with the help of United Nations via global taxes and governance:
– Billionaires Taxes (there are currently 1,600 billionaires across the globe, 400 in the U.S. alone)
How far of a stretch would it be to tax millionaires and then ordinary citizens when the revenue collected from billionaires is not enough?
– The Robin Hood Tax (the financial transactions tax involving every purchase of currency, stocks, bonds, real estate, or any transaction involving purchase of assets)
– Global cigarette tax
– Transatlantic air tax, a tax meant to offset the carbon emissions of airplanes flying to and from Europe (this is the very expensive tax I paid to fly with KLM, a Dutch carrier)
This tax is required by the European Union and is in excess of airport fees and taxes.
– The Law of the Sea Treaty gives the United Nations the right to tax nations for the right to explore for minerals and oil on the sea bed, fish, and move in global waters. The taxes charged will be paid to the “Authority” which in turn will distribute the proceeds to the United Nations. After paying itself the lion’s share, UN will distribute the rest to third world nations, particularly land-locked countries. A percentage of royalties from underwater oil wells will also be distributed to third world nations. An additional tax associated with LOST is the carbon tax levied because of the marine thermal pollution presumably caused by the United States.

All these taxes are part of the master plan for global redistribution of wealth from the United States to the third world via the stewardship of the United Nations under the umbrella of global governance. The global transfer of taxes is not going to help poor people in third world nations. The money will go to the corrupt dictators who run these nations and dominate the discussion and policy at the United Nations.

All the foreign aid that we give third world nations is never used for good – it buys weapons to further the wars between factions in third world nations that are fighting for control and dominance. Those in power take the foreign aid that becomes the means to succeed in their plans to control the population and keep it poor, undermining free enterprise and economic freedom.

According to Dick Morris, President Obama plans to sign various treaties in the lame duck session of Congress that would obligate the United States “in perpetuity” to fund dictatorships and causes that are contrary to American values until “the Senate rejects it or the new President renounces it.” Under the Vienna Convention, the President’s signature suffices and ratification by Congress is not necessary. (Dick Morris TV: Lunch Alert, October 8, 2012)
A treaty to regulate the Internet will be signed in December 2012 in Dubai. Although the proceedings are held in secret, we do know that the United Nations will control and Internet, assigning IP addresses to people, requiring them to notify the host country of their IP addresses. United Nations will censor who uses Internet and will charge excessive fees to those individuals accessing websites outside of their countries, a form of taxation. We invented the Internet. Must we now relinquish it to the power and control of the United Nations?

Hillary Clinton is going to sign a global code of conduct which will put United States in the position of being unable to defend itself or start a war without the approval of the Security Council, more specifically, Russia and China.

Although defeated in July 2012, the Small Arms Treaty might still be signed during the lame duck session of Congress, putting Americans in the position of having to give up their hunting and self-defense weapons. (Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, Here Come the Black Helicopters!)

Is this the kind of country we want to live in? Do we want to give up our wealth, weapons, the ability to defend ourselves, our economic freedom, our property, our country, our way of life, and sovereignty to the United Nations, run by tin pot third world dictators, in the name of “social justice” dictated by Agenda 21?

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  1. Under the Law of the Sea Convention, developers of deep seabed minerals will pay a royalty on resources recovered in return for all other nations giving up their high seas rights to exploit minerals directly or through contractors under their flag, just as developers of resources on private lands get development rights and title to minerals in return for royalty payments to land owners for giving up their rights to the minerals. The royalties do not go to the UN. The are managed by the state members of the Convention where funds will be distributed to member nations based on a distribution plan agreed to by consensus of the Council of the Authority. By joining, the US will have a permanent seat on the Council where it will have an effective veto over distribution plans and royalty rates.

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