Defeating the Nemesis Within

“The Elephant does not have a spine right now.” – Trevor Loudon

Trevor Loudon, on a U.S. tour to promote his new book, “The Enemies Within,” began his speech to a packed crowd in Fairfax, Virginia, with the relevant question, “Why does a New Zealander from Christ Church care about America?”

The bestselling author encapsulated his answer into two reasons. First, it was simple gratitude to Americans, our fathers, brothers, and uncles, who sacrificed to save his country during WW II. Secondly, it was a selfish reason. “If America goes down so does the West.” Loudon echoed other patriotic editors like Judi McLeod, and her online publication, Canada Free Press, “… Because without America there is no Free World.”

Loudon, a conservative, knows that a socialist, left leaning country like New Zealand would be an easy target if America pulled out from the Pacific region. China would fill the vacuum and New Zealand would become a Chinese protectorate. He realizes that, if the evil Marxist forces at play succeed, Russia would dominate Europe, China would dominate the Far East, the Near East, and the Pacific regions, and Iran would dominate the Middle East.

America has been strong militarily in the last sixty years but that will change in the not so distant future considering all the cutbacks on military expenditures, equipment, personnel, nuclear arsenal, training, and readiness.

The average Americans don’t believe that communism exists. To them, communism is a fashionable Che Guevara t-shirt, with no real comprehension of the horrors it wrought to millions around the globe who had to live under the crushing boot of tyrannical dictatorships.

Communism is like a Phoenix bird rising from its hammer and sickle ashes, drenched in the blood of millions of innocents. In order to succeed this time, after having gone underground since 1989, “Marxists must get rid of America.”

We are witnessing a multi-front assault on the American Constitutional freedoms. Loudon explained that there are two main Marxist Groups, the Communist Party USA (about 5,000 members) and the Democratic Socialists of America. Both organizations draw inspiration from Antonio Gramsci, the founding member of the Communist Party of Italy, imprisoned by Benito Mussolini regime, one fascist getting rid of another emerging tyrant.

According to Loudon, Marxists have infiltrated the American institutions of education, churches, and the military in order to bring about the revolution that is currently taking place in the United States. “Marxists have formulated policies for cap and trade, card check, Obamacare, and immigration reform.” Communists now control all the major labor unions, including the National Education Association (NEA). Unions influence and support the Democrat Party in elections through donations via forced dues, organized protests, sits-ins, boycotts, intimidation, strikes, and intense lobbying. The Democrat Party promotes and supports the labor unions through favorable legislation.

In 1984, an elected socialist labor government banned in New Zealand nuclear warships from its harbors. Overnight, the U.S.A/New Zealand military alliance was destroyed by keeping U.S. Navy warships away. This is an example of the stealth of communists. Before the ban, New Zealand was a pro-American country. The former relationship between the two countries has not been revived to this day.

According to Loudon, for a long time, hand-picked communist operatives from around the world were trained at the Lenin Institute for Higher Learning in the fine art of communist leadership and infiltration of capitalist countries, learning how to destroy them from within. As many as 6,500 students from every country in the world were studying “agitation, union organizing, propaganda techniques, how to be a labor union member, community organizer, how to influence the political process in their own countries and how to get Moscow’s policies implemented as law.”

Loudon’s source was a friend who infiltrated the school in 1993 and experienced firsthand the Lenin Institute’s activities. There were 200 South Africans there, 3 were members of Nelson Mandela’s government, himself a Communist Party member and “useful idiot.”

During the massive anti-NATO marches, the Soviets were encouraging and supporting the protesters because they wanted NATO broken up – the Soviet Communist Party elite apparatchiks wanted to control Europe.

Loudon continued, “The Soviets were so influential, powerful, and stealthy that New Zealanders had no idea that their very liberal, socialist, pro-union, anti-nuclear, labor party policies of 1984 were actually designed in Moscow.”

Could this happen in the U.S.? It already is happening and Trevor Loudon gave three examples.

Obamacare is a classic example of a communist designed and written law. If we don’t defund Obamacare, Loudon said, we will have the kind of socialized medicine that forced his wife in New Zealand to wait 2 years for an operation, gave her blood poisoning, and many life-threatening issues; she had to wait 2 years for a simple infected hernia. “Rationing is the only way that socialized medicine works. You are a liability. There’s a limited budget and you have to be fitted into that. If you are old, don’t work, don’t pay taxes, you die.”

Doctors are paid so low in New Zealand that, upon graduation, “50 percent of them leave the most beautiful country in the world” to work elsewhere. “There are 6 bureaucrats for every doctor or nurse.” This mirrors the National Healthcare in the U.K. where nationalized medicine is the largest employer.

“The father of the single-payer healthcare, Obama’s personal Chicago physician, Quentin Young, has worked his entire life for socialized medicine to move bills forward. He is a 40 year veteran of the Communist Party USA.” The aim of the communists is to get control of the middle class through healthcare.

Loudon explained that the Massachusetts government is controlled by the Democratic Socialists for America and they pushed through socialized medicine. “Mitt Romney tried to push back but they reached a compromise. A Marxist designed Romneycare and Obamacare, is a successful attempt to control your life and your death.”

A second example of how public policy is run in the U.S. by Marxists (through dirty and underhanded deals, infiltration to affect large numbers of people) is the illegal immigration “reform,” a.k.a. amnesty.

For 15 years, AFL-CIO lobbied Congress heavily to stop illegal immigration and to secure our borders. But in 1995 the Marxists engineered a coup and took over the leadership of the AFL-CIO and they changed the union’s stance on illegal immigration. “All unions are now controlled by the hard left.”(Medina, Gutierrez) AFL-CIO and SEIU now lead the charge for legalization of illegals because they need new Democrat voters and new dues-paying members.

California is already Democrat; the Marxists are going after Texas now. Eight million more votes from the illegal rank means “A governing majority for the future, a one party Democrat state.” Loudon explained that “It is mathematically impossible for a Republican to ever win the Presidency again.”

Even churches are infiltrated by Marxists. The Catholic Church leadership goes along with Marxists because they need to fill the pews with new parishioners.

Loudon continued, “If you think how arrogant they are now, with the IRS scandal, the victimization of their enemies, think what they’ll be like with 8 million illegal voters, they’ll be on steroids. There will be no stopping them.”

Taking over a country from within is not hard to do. “The Democrats are in the Marxists’ pockets.” You just need patience and the right slogans. In Russia, “2,000 Bolsheviks took over a country of 2 million people.”

Loudon’s third example of public policy run in the U.S. by Marxists is our President’s meeting with Vietnamese officials who, with the help of Congressmen like Tom Harkin, Sheila Jackson Lee, and John Conyers are lobbying Congress to pass Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange reparations. Three hundred Congress members are already on board. Loudon expressed his outrage. “Vietnam invaded another nation (our ally) which we defended. The true victims of agent orange are our American veterans.” Trying to repair Ho Chi Min’s reputation by saying that he was an admirer of Thomas Jefferson is a stretch and a Marxist ploy, in Loudon’s opinion.

“We have a serious problem because the 60s generation are now running the media and academia, labor unions, the Democrat Party; they want their revolution and they are not going to die without it.”

If we manage to take our country back from the clutches of Marxism, said Loudon, freedom movements will be inspired around the world. “If America goes down, we all go down.” To do this, Americans don’t have 20 years, we have 2 election cycles; we must abolish the Department of Education, avoid a third party, stand for the Constitution, unite the conservative GOP to take over and get rid of K Street, RINOs, and Carl Rove. The traditional GOP has been taken over by Marxists. “Stand behind people like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and John Bolton.”

Loudon continued that voters in this country do not understand the four Marxist goals:
1. Take out your military
2. Take your guns
3. Destroy your borders
4. Destroy your economy
The Marxists’ number one goal, said Loudon, is to destroy your military. Once that is accomplished, Russia, China, and Iran will be powerful enough to take U.S. out. There is a reason why Japan is rearming itself. It can no longer count on its allies to defend it in such close proximity to China.

During the question and answer session, one astute former cryptologist made the comment that unless we restore the paper ballots, conservatives will not win another election until the electronic voting is stopped. “A ninth grader can create a hacking device to change the outcome of the electoral process.”

Loudon concluded his speech to thunderous applause following the last remarks that we still have freedom of speech; we must exercise it because voters do not understand the crisis this country is experiencing and the assaults on many fronts, including the threat of jihad and Sharia Law. “Be the lions; do not lie with the lambs! Take over the GOP!”

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