The Confused and Misguided Youth

Dr. Thomas Sowell, Economics professor, economist, writer, and sage, encapsulated brilliantly what ails our youth. “The problem isn’t that Johnny can’t read. The problem isn’t even that Johnny can’t think. The problem is that Johnny doesn’t know what thinking is; he confuses it with feeling.” And the culprits are the American public education, an ever growing lack of religious education, and the indifferent parenting that does not question what children learn or do not learn in school.

Young people in any generation tend to be naïve, idealistic, and gullible; it is easy to sell them anything because they confuse feelings with rational thought. They are told so often and so early in life that they are special that they form a distorted view of themselves.

Undeserved praise is layered at every opportunity, even when Johnny walks across the stage without tripping. We can’t possibly hurt his self-esteem. Competition is evil, it is bourgeois, everybody knows we are “equal,” nobody is special in any way; we are all born with the same IQ, same abilities, mental capacity, intelligence, talent, no genetic irregularities whatsoever. Why even try to learn, compete, be the best that you can be and achieve excellence? Those are capitalist values.

Can we all be Mozarts, Beethovens, Olympic-caliber athletes, Hemingways, Shakespeares, Einsteins? Apparently so, if you listen to liberals, we are all equally special, talented, and brilliant. Test scores tell a different story though, particularly the latest test results from New York public schools, among the first to implement the new and feel-good- about- wrong- answers Common Core nationalized education standards. Worse yet, GED, and college entrance exams, SAT and ACT, will be revised in line with Common Core standards.

Terrible public school teachers with personal agendas fail the young minds and society by using their influence and power to inculcate socialism and revisionist history onto the unchartered and unmapped brains of their students. Such teachers diminish and denigrate our common Christian roots while glorifying Islam. In time, reality strikes young people in aha moments and wakes them up, shocks them, and perhaps transforms some into productive Americans.

The MSM markets socialism “seductively,” cleverly and constantly. President Obama was highly successful in selling socialism to Americans under the guise of “Hope and Change” and the promise of “free stuff,” rent, cars, kitchens (Who can resist Santa Claus?), college degrees, a better future, a better life, things that Americans already had more than anybody else on the planet. It was an empty promise; while the free stuff came in the form of welfare, he made life much tougher and more expensive for hard-working, tax-paying Americans. He sold socialism as “fairness, social justice, and equality for all.” It was young people who believed this hallow promise and helped him get elected. And now, many are unemployed, blaming everyone else but the obvious, wondering what happened to the guaranteed utopia.

My own former students would arrive late to class, with flushed faces, filled with excitement, barely containing their happiness for having campaigned the entire day for the wonderful black man who will be president, “he is just so cool and fascinating and has a nice family.” Once elected, they were sure, America would rid itself of racism.” Did it?

Congressman Jim Clyburn (D-SC) is quoted as saying, ““The entire English language was created by slave owners as a means of oppression. You can’t just say that one word is a racist code word or another. The whole language, every single word, letter and apostrophe in it is racist. It’s a fact. If you speak English, you’re a racist.” It is sad that young people look up to this kind of authority.

If young people had known true history and had learned from it, they would have understood that all socialist paradises around the globe were dismal economic failures and tyrannies that suppressed the human spirit, robbed people of their freedoms, and sent many to early graves for their anti-government beliefs. Under socialism/communism people were equal – equally miserable, equally poor, equally hungry, equally cold, equally mistreated, equally deprived, and equally imprisoned or killed for their thoughts.

Now that the economy is in such dire straits and college graduates unemployment is sky high, is it still Bush’s fault? Young people are living with their parents or moving back in with their parents, default on college loans, postpone marriage, having children, buying a home, buying a car, or living a comfortable American middle class life under capitalism.

Young college graduates have voted for their own demise with the ardor and dedication that only a young person can muster. Nobody is holding Presidents and Congress accountable for the “mess they’ve created.”

The unemployment, the constant manufactured crises, the wasted bailouts, the manipulation of BLS statistics in order to make the President look good and give Americans a false sense of economic security and reality, the ballooning welfare, food stamps, the massive spending, amnesty for millions of illegal aliens who are taking low paying jobs from Americans, have not convinced the lost generation that their collective future looks bleak and they must change their blind allegiance to politicians’ esoterical rhetoric.

Lacking a solid economic education, young people are easily sold on the President’s assertion that giving amnesty to 11million illegal aliens would actually boost GDP by trillions of dollars when in reality, illegals, who are already living now in our economy, are and will be a tremendous drag on the economy, receiving more welfare benefits, Social Security, Obamacare subsidies, earned income tax credits, housing allowance, WIC, EBT, and SNAP cards than they pay in taxes.

Young people believe the President’s claim that amnesty will boost housing, a fallacy that was evident during the mortgage crisis of 2008 when a percentage of bank repossessed homes belonged to illegals who did not qualify for loans but received them anyway thanks to the Community Reinvestment Act.

Young people cheered when NASA’s space shuttle mission was scrapped. The President said that it would be cheaper to buy astronaut seats on Russian space crafts, one trip at a time. The initial quoted price was just tripled. Why wouldn’t it? The Russians have a monopoly now; they can charge anything they want.

Young people have been indoctrinated in schools to glorify other cultures, multiculturalism, and other religions to the detriment of their own “inferior” culture and religion. Yet it is our culture and Christian religion that have created Mozart, classical music, surgery, medicine, technology, space exploration, car industry, oil extraction, and pretty much anything else that brought humanity into the 21st century.

It is surprising that Sharia Law and Gulen schools are making their way so fast across the United States while the vocal feminists and liberals are so silent. More and more young women and men are buying into the false rhetoric of the “religion of peace,” willingly adopting a 7th century lifestyle and laws that contradict our Constitution and judicial system. Women become instantly half of a person in a court of law and lose their Constitutional rights and freedoms when marrying into such a political and religious theocracy. What will happen to feminism and to the depraved Hollywood lifestyle of” anything goes that feels good” of our western culture once Americans become second class citizen in the dhimmitude of Islam?

The media indoctrinate the young that they should worry that Muslims might be harmed by the backlash following a terrorist attack that kills Americans in the name of Allah. Who can argue with such twisted logic?

Young Californians have become so dumbed down and calloused by our education system that are willingly signing street petitions to kill babies two months after they are born and to kill seniors in order to save money on Obamacare. Their faces do not show an ounce of hesitation or rational thought. It is shocking to witness the absence of humanity and care.

Young people are the easiest swayed in the direction of environmentalism and global warming although science and historical facts suggest strongly that environmentalist predictions of the past were wrong and that climate change alarmists have falsified data in recent years to match their newest claims.

Young people changed into Wall Street Occupiers on a dime without having a solid foundation why they were there and who actually creates wealth and jobs in this country, and without any notion that they were harming the hard-working middle class.

The Occupy Wall Street crowd demanded the investigation of oil companies for obscene profits (incidentally the profit margin is low) yet nobody questioned companies like GE or GM or college endowments worth billions.

Young people turn into destructive flash mobs in malls and convenience stores because they have nothing better to do, are unemployed, have an evil and destructive streak, or are trying to make a misguided statement, prompted by clever Alinskyite street manipulators and community organizers who want to disrupt the economy and overwhelm the system.

Brainwashed youth raise their voices in support of the “poor” who pay no taxes and yet have the gall to claim that the rich, who pay 86% of the taxes, do not pay their “fair share.”

Young people are told at nauseam by the alphabet soup channels that Americans who believe in balancing the budget and following our country’s Constitution are “extremists;” following the legal immigration laws of the land is “racist and bigoted;” questioning the government is outright treasonous.

Do young people question the out-of-control spending that is destroying their future? Do they object to paying the lion’s share of Obamacare costs while Congress gets 75% subsidies for their premiums, illegal aliens get fully subsidized under the undeserved amnesty plan, and Muslims get free healthcare because it is against their religion to pay monthly premiums? The answer is no. They are too preoccupied with the manufactured “war on women,” and their ability to get free contraceptives and abortions. Will they get quality health care once the unaffordable Affordable Care Act is fully implemented? No, but that is thinking too far ahead for most young people.

America’s youth finds no problem with making 4.5 million people who want to become American citizens wait in their countries for 10-19 years, pay tens of thousands of dollars for the privilege, yet does not bat an eye at the idea of letting anyone who crosses our border illegally become American citizens overnight via Congressional amnesty. Poor illegals/undocumented Americans who broke the border laws, they live in the shadows, we cannot allow that to happen, we are compassionate Americans after all.

Young people keep repeating that we are unfair and discriminate against black Americans yet we have Affirmative Action, a black President, a black Attorney General, hundreds of thousands of black people in prominent positions of power, and almost 18% of the federal workforce is black when the black population represents 12% of the U.S. population.

May I remind the lost generation that life is never fair, nothing is equal, and nothing is free, there is an opportunity cost for everything, somebody else is paying for your free lunch? Next time you feel the need to march for a liberal cause that you joined for no apparent reason or logic other than that it is “cool” or popular with your age group, put what you are doing in proper perspective, you might burn a bridge behind you which you may have to cross sometime in the future.

3 thoughts on “The Confused and Misguided Youth

  1. The young people need to be reminding throughout their years that someday when they pay the bills they too will understand enough to make a decent decision and their judgment will be improved.

  2. If you’re 20 yrs old and not a liberal, you don’t have a heart…lif you’re 40 yrs old and not a conservative, you don’t have a brain….Winston churchill…..
    Where is the outrage over common core…there is a little , but it’s full steam ahead with the communist indoctrination of our young……

  3. All part of Psywar PsyOps. Confusion reigns, OK.

    The unacknowledged Leaders-from-Hell, are ensuring that no-one but themselves, should truly know, What is Really Going On ..

    If what they are up to, became common knowledge, the people would turn, and rend them, limb from limb ..

    Therefore they need a cloak of invisibility, a screen of confusions, to stupefy and paralyze, those they call, the common herd.

    Utterly revolting, and quite dreadful ..

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