Cap andTrade, Solar Power, Wind Turbines, Smart Meters, and Bio Fuels, Global Government Gone Wild

“Unfortunately, human nature cannot be changed by an act of the legislature.” – Calvin Coolidge

The weatherman at KUSI-TV, John Coleman, the Weather Channel founder, had told Red Eye host on Fox News a long time ago that he wanted to sue Al Gore for global warming fraud. He said that “30,000 scientists among whom 9,000 have Ph.D.’s have signed on to debunk global warming.”

In spite of their efforts, global warming advocates have marched on, transforming how we obtain and use energy in this country and around the globe.

Interestingly, scientists from the University of Geneva will present this month “Laser, Weather, and Climate” at the conference of the World Meteorological Organization and report on “experiments using lasers to cause water to condense or ice to form, crucial in accelerating rainfall.” Cloud “seeding” had been known since 1940s, shooting silver iodide or dry ice into a cloud, “simulating the natural salt, dust, and other tiny particles in the atmosphere that help form water drops.”

Coleman had hoped that this large group of scientists would have the opportunity to debate Al Gore and the scientists behind him who have decided that global warming is real. But Al Gore and his alarmist followers refused to debate because their “consensus” opinions mixed with carefully manipulated data had become “settled science” and were thus not open for debate.

Carbon dioxide gas, the necessary gas for plant life, had been used as a “huge accepted scam,” the cause of global warming. At best, Coleman said, it may have caused 1/10 of 1 percent degree increase in temperatures. CO2 is a harmless substance, not a pollutant, it is water vapor.

Discussing the infamous “hockey stick graph,” developed by Dr. Michael Mann, Coleman stated that it had become the environmentalist Bible and the cornerstone of global warming, “built on bad science.” “You can put any data in a graph and come up with a hockey stick.”

When asked what caused the global warming alarmism, Coleman described it as an “environmentalist religion” which started with World Earth Day in 1970, followed by the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), an advocacy group, former Vice President Al Gore with his Nobel Peace Prize, the pliant media, and politicians who could not let a manufactured crisis go to waste and used it to their advantage.

On being asked why he thought global warming was a scam, Coleman responded that “If you study all the papers of the IPCC on climate change, if you study everything their scientists have done, it all boils down to a claim that carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere, put there by our burning of fossil fuels, is going to turn the climate of earth into an oven, and we all are going to bake and die. That is sheer nonsense, we have been burning fossil fuels for hundreds of years and we might have raised the temperature by 1/10 of one degree.”

This past spring, Judith Curry, a professor and chairperson of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology and a weather forecaster, testified on Capitol Hill in a subcommittee hearing on climate change. “If all other things remain equal, it’s clear that adding more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere will warm the planet,” she told the committee. But, do we really have the ability to control all other variables in the air, in the soil, in the water, volcanoes, and the sun?

Curry continued, “I’ve been trying to understand how there can be such a strong consensus, given these uncertainties.” She said, while humans may be contributing to climate change, we cannot predict how the climate will alter in the future and therefore, there is “no point in trying to reduce emissions.”
Curry made news when she published an article in Science magazine in 2005 warning that hurricanes would grow in intensity as the result of climate change.

Elite globalists like Al Gore and Maurice Strong, who have pushed the idea of global warming for a long time, actually own the carbon trading system who is supposed to protect the earth from CO2 emissions, and are going to enrich themselves from the cap and trade scheme, taking a percentage of each transaction.

The oil companies, also global warming proponents, prefer a different route, imposing a direct CO2 tax. The taxpayers will pay the piper while the global government elites will fill their coffers, running the whole green scam. At the end of the day, global warming alarmism is about power to make money through bogus taxation and control over how the dumbed down masses live.

How would the masses have to live? We will have to drive Smart Cars, walk, bike, take mass transit, do without electricity by giving utilities the power to cut it off via Smart Grid and Smart Meters if we are consuming too much. We cannot be trusted to make our own decisions in regards to consumption. We must be nudged and eventually shoved if we don’t obey.

We are supposed to replace fossil fuels with wind and solar power. Never mind that the dirty little secret is that solar power needs a lot of fossil fuel energy as a backup and a lot of land to display the solar panels. Never mind that wind turbines cannot really generate electricity without backup from conventional power sources, in spite of the fact that they turn in the wind.

Dr. Klaus Kaiser explained in his recent article that wind farms consume quite a bit of energy before they produce any electricity themselves. A small wind farm with three turbines can use 100 KW – hence the term “parasitic consumption.” Dr. Kaiser continued, “Wind turbines need a constant supply of electricity to keep the gear boxes at the right temperature, to power the system controls, for lighting and operational purposes, and – in winter – heat the blades in order to prevent any build-up of ice. These requirements are entirely independent from wind.”

At times, some wind farms only produce enough electricity to heat up a few cups of tea. The turbines are very expensive to install, operate optimum at certain wind speeds, kill a lot of birds, and produce an unhealthy and annoying hum that is affecting human lives and animals negatively.

Denmark generates 20% of its electricity from wind but it can only use 5% of it safely – it exports 15% to Germany and other neighbors who have much greater electricity needs than Denmark, in order to avoid destabilization of the grid. Dr. Kaiser stated that “despite all that ‘free’ electricity from wind, the Danes enjoy the highest electricity costs in the European Union, approximately double the rate found in most of the other EU countries…’a terribly expensive disaster,’ said the Chair of Energy Policy in the Danish Parliament.” Worse yet, the CO2 emissions associated with wind produced electricity, “produces more CO2 than other energy sources. Denmark’s CO2 emissions rose well over 30% in the year 2006 alone.”

Wind power is highly variable and thus it requires conventional power as a backup. When backup power is on standby, the cost of producing and storing energy is higher. Wind energy is much more expensive, is not reliable, and is currently subsidized by taxpayers.

There is not enough renewable energy to replace coal-generated, hydro-generated, and nuclear power generated electricity to satisfy the commercial and private cheap energy needs of the planet’s economy.

According to, the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) mandated by Congress (set amounts of biofuels blended into gasoline and Diesel), has affected much of America’s corn crop used by both humans and livestock feed. Since 2010, weather events and biofuel production doubled corn prices from $3.50 per bushel to over $7.50.

In order to meet RFS in 2022, Energy Citizen calculated that more than 40 million acres of land must be used instead of growing food or livestock feed. “One study estimates that almost 80 percent of current U.S. farmland will have to be devoted to raising corn to satisfy RFS biofuel mandates.”

Advocating for relaxing such draconian RFS mandates, wrote that a “16-gallon tank of gas contains ethanol made from enough corn to feed 22 people for a day.” U.S. produced 13.95 million gallons of ethanol in 2011, enough to feed 570 million people for a year.

In August 2013, Christine Metcalfe, a “community councilor” from Scotland, won a landmark legal victory for ordinary citizens, halting the U.K. government’s “unlawful and unpopular wind energy initiative, stopping all British wind farm development until public approval is granted. The European Union and the U.K. were found to have violated citizens’ rights, protected under United Nations’ Aarhus Convention.

Germany recently announced that it will not follow “smart meter guidance from the European Union” because it would be too costly for consumers. EU’s $700 billion plan for a “smart” Europe had recommended that 80 percent of homes install smart meters by 2020. Germany had commissioned a study by Ernst and Young and their report showed that installation costs for users with low power consumption would experience higher installation costs than the savings derived from smart meter use.

Germany has 48 million traditional meters and utilities are itching to replace them. A switch to smart meters would have to be coordinated with the recent change in energy generation away from nuclear power and towards renewables, slated to be 80 percent of consumption by 2050.

Americans are beginning to wake up and fight the installation of Smart Meters. They are a threat to our health, an intrusion into our privacy without a warrant, and a spying device. Such ‘smart’ meters cause escalating utilities bills in spite of household reduction in consumption.

“Hundreds of local governments have passed moratoriums and other ordinances to prevent utilities from mandating installation.” A rising tide of awareness has forced utilities to offer opt-out to citizens in a dozen states, although most utilities charge an additional fee, “cited by rights groups as extortive.”

Josh Del Sol, a Canadian Director, produced a documentary with donations from concerned citizens, “Take Back Your Power,” available at starting September 5. The documentary is a “great collection of first-hand footage, never-before-seen interviews and eye-witness accounts of the problems that have turned so-called ‘smart’ meters and the ‘smart’ grid into a widespread controversy involving the energy utility industry and governments.”

We are making progress debunking global warming/climate change policies and interests of the global government cabal but they are far ahead.

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