Where is the Rule of Law?

“A lie can go half way around the world before truth can even put its pants on.” – Mark Twain

Where are common sense, logic, critical thinking, belief in God, accountability, and the Rule of Law? Have they been replaced by the Fabians’ Social Justice Doctrine, controlled chaos, endless corruption, good is bad, evil is good, mindless propaganda, and political correctness?

The Rule of Law is the cornerstone of our Republic and, without the Rule of Law, there is tyranny. Sen. Rand Paul wondered about the Rule of Law on the floor of the Senate: “Either we’re a nation of laws or not.” He continued, “If we ignored our own laws, are we in any position to preach to the rest of the world about democracy and the Rule of Law?” (C-SPAN radio 7/31/13)

The Rule of Law is necessary for freedom, justice, and equality to prevail, without it we are ruled by a government of men and women who make arbitrary decisions on a whim. When the Rule of Law is not respected, nobody is truly safe from government encroachment, intrusion, and abuse.

When ICE agents were ordered by DACA directive to violate federal law in non-deportation policies because of lack of jurisdiction, the ICE agents’ lawyer said, “There has to be a forum in which the rule of law can be restored.” Kris W. Kobach, the lawyer for the ICE union continued, “This is without question a lawless amnesty being imposed upon America. All Americans, regardless of how they feel about the amnesty, should be concerned when a president can flagrantly ignore the law and violate the Constitution.”

Has this administration followed the Rule of Law or have they deliberately ignored it? Is this the new norm?

In the tsunami of executive orders and laws passed against the wishes of the majority of the American people, was it legal to give Congress and its staffers a 75% subsidy to insulate them from the expensive and harmful effects of Obamacare?

Was it legal to give exemptions from the unaffordable Affordable Care Act to special groups and not enforce the law across the board in a timely manner, as it was passed?

Was it legal to fire AmeriCorps Inspector General Gerald Walpin for doing his job and exposing the corruption of Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson?

Was it legal to hound Republican administration appointees with often-absurd and/or invented accusations while ignoring crass corruption and illegal behavior of Democrat administration appointees?

Was it legal to wipe out GM and Chrysler bondholders by ignoring the bondholders “prior claim” and violating bankruptcy laws involving the order of compensation, and giving unions preferred status?

Was it legal to give the EPA so much power over Congress that it was able to force administratively the “cap” portion of “cap and trade?”

Was it lawful to declare the Senate in recess in order to make “recess” appointments to the National Labor Relations Board? Has dissolving legislative bodies throughout history not been the hallmark of dictatorships?

Was it lawful to decree the Dream Act passed when Congress refused to pass it?

Was it legal to ignore the language of the Affordable Care Act and to run federal subsidies for state run exchanges in states that refused to set up exchanges? Current litigation is underway in the Oklahoma http://www.cato.org/multimedia/events/could-oklahomas-new-lawsuit-strike-fatal-blow-obamacare and Halbig lawsuits.

Was it legal to delay implementation of the Affordable Care Act mandate in spite of the clear terms of the statute?

Was it legal to send millions in farm subsidies to dead farmers? http://www.examiner.com/article/millions-u-s-farm-subsidies-are-sent-to-dead-farmers

Was it legal to sweep under the rug the Benghazi incident in which four Americans died needlessly? Yet we “feel” that it is our duty to get involved in someone else’s civil war because citizens there died and they happen to live under a dictatorship in the proximity of a lot of natural gas?

What happened to the Solyndra Criminal Probe investigation? What happened to the many other criminal investigations relating to the “Green Energy” scams? You can hear crickets in the main stream media.

Did the artificially low interest rates purposefully enabled out-of-control government spending with cheap money? Did the government pressure the bond rating agencies such as Moody’s, S&P, and Fitch to not downgrade the U.S. debt further? If they did so, was it legal? “The Truth” wants to know because the media is reporting very little.

Maybe the definition of the Rule of Law has changed and I missed it in the flurry of death by a thousand paper cuts changes. Maybe the new Rule of Law is now the plain clothes police everywhere, who no longer serve and protect since we don’t know who they are to ask for help in an emergency, they just ticket us to death for speeding, or the drones hovering over quiet residential neighborhoods, or the EPA police surprising a few law-abiding miners in Alaska, or the full geared and assault ready police in the metro, the TSA molesting and irradiating us at airports, or the IRS making sure that we pay all of our taxes, including the Affordable Care Act tax?

One thought on “Where is the Rule of Law?

  1. Ileana, with respect. You are right on the money with everything but your understanding of the rule of law. The definition of rule of law that the world is exhibiting is the ROL that owner, inventor, and definer-Albert Venn Dicey sourced circa 1917 after he was mentally ruined by his mentor Karl Marx. ROL states that the govt has all the say, no ne else has any say. Evidence of this statement is visible in that the world states and recognizes the Government in Afghanistan as a fully functioning, successful rule of law government. So says the UN, the US DOS, the banksters of the world bank, et al. The ROL is not, nor ever has been, any part of our being as a country. It has been defined by our actual cornerstone, Constitutional Law, as the exact opposite and absolute enemy of Constitutional Law. To use the term ROL or meld it into the definition of our being is what the commies, lberals, and useful idiots want. So don’t be drawn in by the dark side. Own the language you use and make sure it’s foundation is as solid and stable as the constitution used to be. And any time you feel a moment of weakness and think of Rule Of Law, instead of Constitutional Law, think of The fully successful and functioning country of Afghanistan……then take two aspirin.

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