“Demographic Suicide” and “Ethnic Replacement”

Ellis Island ImmigrantsEuropeans have been committing “demographic suicide” for decades because of low birth rates. Author George Weigel described how Europe is committing “demographic suicide” – it failed to “create the human future in the most elemental sense, by creating a next generation.” http://eppc.org/publications/christophobia-afflicts-europe/
I discussed replacement demographics and unchecked chain migration in my book, “Liberty on Life Support.” http://www.amazon.com/Liberty-Support-Ileana-Johnson-Paugh-ebook/dp/B008CL3G3M/ref=sr_1_3_title_0_main?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1405352347&sr=1-3&keywords=Liberty+on+Life+Support
Most western European nations produce less than the necessary replacement value of 2.1 children per family for many reasons: birth control, abortion, unproductive and unemployed young people who live longer in their parents’ homes, careers, exploring and following immoral and perverted lifestyles, selfish choices, and occupations that do not require a large family to support the farm. The solution has been to import immigrants to fill the demographic and employment needs.
Neagu Djuvara finds fault with the lack of ideals, morality and blatant debauchery among civilized society, especially young people. Europeans and Americans alike lack ambitions, he said, and have stopped having children. The West has thus created a vacuum which third world counties are more than happy to fill.
Immigration with a plentiful birthrate was aided by generous welfare programs in nations like Sweden, Finland, Norway, U.K., France, Belgium, Denmark, and the creation of ghettos where immigrants reject integration, creating sub-cultures that clash with western civilization in every way.
Refusing to learn the language, the immigrants promise the destruction of the very country they occupy. As they receive welfare and free housing, they vow to remake Europe into a new world order Caliphate.
Bruce Bawer aptly named his book, “While Europe Slept,” describing the Muslim takeover of many European countries enabled by appeasement, self-censorship disguised as political correctness, apologies, and bans on “Islamophobia.”
The “guest workers,” “refugees,” “asylum seekers,” or “family reunification” claimants deliberately destroy their papers en route to the country of destination, knowing that they would evade detection if they were terrorists sought by Interpol. They come from very poor, remote villages, and are highly hostile to Western values and history, and are not likely to accept Western cultures.
The “refugees” are illiterate, dishonest, corrupt, fecund, and adept at taking advantage of the generous welfare system: unemployment, public assistance, relief payments, child payments, disability, cash support, and rent allowance.
In Nordic countries, social security is based on the honor system. Do these claimants understand the word “honor” when Islamic law advises them to abuse the infidels’ system, “to cheat and lie to the countries that harbor them?” Furthermore, the monetary benefits are considered “jizya,” a tribute that infidels in Muslim-controlled countries must pay in order to stay alive.
Djuvara thinks that the biggest crime against Western Europe was the opening of the floodgates to unchecked immigration for labor reasons or political correctness encouraged by the liberal philosophy of multiculturalism.
The “asylum seekers” were encouraged to segregate, to alienate themselves by not learning the language of the country that gave them asylum, and to rely on welfare. Djuvara believes that these “barbarian hordes” will transform “civilized and prosperous Christian Europe of today into Euro-Indo-Arabia of tomorrow.”
Niall Ferguson encapsulated very succinctly the fate of Europe, “A youthful Muslim society to the south and east of the Mediterranean is poised to colonize a senescent Europe to the north and west.” A popular t-shirt among young Muslims in Sweden says, “2030 – then we take over.”
France and Germany admitted publicly through former President Nikolas Sarkozy and Chancellor Angela Merkel that multiculturalism has failed miserably in their countries, socially, economically, and politically, and it is not sustainable. “The hostility of young minority men toward authority across communities in Europe” has escalated, the deep-seated antipathy leading to frequent and deadly violence.
According to statistics, our illegal alien problem places tremendous burdens on the economy:
– 400,000 illegal women give birth annually to anchor babies who become automatic U.S. citizens
– All illegals must be cared for medically and educationally at tremendous cost to society
– Most illegals are almost immediately placed on all forms of welfare
– Illegals vote, altering our society fundamentally, without understanding our history and culture
– Communicable diseases that illegals bring in pose a serious threat to the health and safety of Americans
– Gang violence and criminality is expressed in the statistics that one in every four inmates in federal prison is an illegal (GAO)
– 50-60 percent of illegal immigrants are high school dropouts (Heritage Foundation)
Americans are “progressing” nicely with forced amnesty policies, i.e. the opening of the floodgates of illegals on the southern border under the guise of a manufactured “humanitarian crisis,” essentially nullifying American sovereignty.
Michael Savage is of the opinion that the regime is conducting a “Malthusian war” against American citizens in the form of “ethnic replacement of the dominant European whites with a more malleable, fertile Latin American population” from failed socialist nations.
Strongly anti-American and pro big government, the young and fecund Central American youth who are now bussed or flown via Mexico illegally all over America (70 percent are males between the ages of 14-17), are going to fill the gap of the declining white and black American fertility rates. In doing so, the character of America will be forever altered and La Raza’s Reconquista will be complete.
The young and fertile mothers with 4-5 children in tow who are pouring in through the southern border will become wards of the federal government welfare system immediately. The communicable diseases which they carry are likely to spread to those who come in contact with them.
Thanks to Planned Parenthood and abortion now easily obtained at no cost through Obamacare, the replacement value of demographics in America is likely to fall below the 2.1 children per family necessary to maintain the current American population.
America will survive demographically, but the predominant white European ancestry will be replaced by a Central American ethnicity with no ties or allegiance to America that was created 238 years ago.

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