LTC Allen West, Guardian of the Republic

LTC Allen West Photo: Ileana Johnson, 2014

LTC Allen West
Photo: Ileana Johnson, 2014

There are not many real guardians of our Constitutional Republic left. Perhaps it is because the Constitutional Republic exists only in written documents that many elected officials disregard, loophole, and violate every day while the populace is lulled into a false sense of reality by the main stream media, the main perpetrator of public deception.
Allen West is a “Guardian of the Republic,” an exceptional American and war hero. He gave a teleprompter-free, heart-felt and spellbinding speech to the Republican Women of Clifton on September 28, 2014.
He recounted the famous story of Benjamin Franklin, who came out of Independence Hall in Philadelphia where the deliberations of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 were held, was met by a Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia, who asked him the fundamental question of who we are as Americans. “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a Republic or a Monarchy?” Franklin answered immediately, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”
The longest Constitutional Republic in the history of the world is now in danger. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that come from the Creator, are now under attack by the very government that the governed have elected into office. The government has morphed into a Hydra that is strangling the last freedoms we hold dear.
The concepts of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness have produced four generations of Wests who have served our country with pride and honor. Allen West’s parents challenged him to be the best American he can be in service to this country as an officer and as a Congressman.
This is the challenge to every American, we must pass on to the next generation a better America than our parents and grandparents have built.
People cheered when they heard the words of the former Senator from Illinois, “We are five days from fundamentally transforming America,” said Allen West. They forgot the words of Benjamin Franklin or perhaps they’ve never learned them in school.
If we forget that we must pursue life, liberty, and happiness through hard work and self-determination, without the nanny government that wants to keep us on the dole, controlling everything that we do, then we have let Benjamin Franklin down, we have lost the Republic given to us in 1787.
When Americans clap and cheer a President who says he has a pen and a phone to act without Congressional input, they have forgotten about the co-equal branches of government, about the system of checks and balances, West reminded us.
Are we teaching students, the next generation about Civics, about the Constitution, and where the rights of the individual come from? They don’t come from the government! Pointing to a local school board member, Allen West said that “The most important position in elected office today is the school board.”
If we are not vigilant, the uninformed public is easily deceived about the “war on women,” when the real war on women is waged on the woman whose son is languishing in a Mexican jail. West was referring to Tahmooressi, a U.S. Marine who got lost and accidentally crossed the border.
“Think about the mother who lost her son in Benghazi, think about the widow who lost her husband, think about the woman who is trying to make a living when the job opportunities are drying out; think about the women who want to take their children on a nice summer vacation but cannot afford the gas; because we are printing so much money, we are devaluing the dollar; think about the women who are struggling to put food on the table; that’s the real war on women. Think about the woman who went to work in Moore, Oklahoma in a chicken plant and she was beheaded.” Yet they still say, “it’s work place violence.”
“Think about Miriam Abraham who did not renounce her Christian faith” in the face of execution . “This country did nothing to save her even though she was married to an American citizen. God bless Italy for stepping in and saving this woman!”
Recounting the founding of the Republican Party in 1854 in order to “break the shackles of physical bondage,” West reminded the audience that it now must be the party of “economic empowerment” because the other side promotes “economic enslavement.”
Despite the fact that patriotic Americans are being called racists, they must stay strong and stop the blatant disregard of the law that surrounds them.
Allen West reminded us that America became exceptional through the power of the individual not through “subservience to the collective.” The American Dream is still alive if you are willing to work hard to achieve your level of success. “Our children and grandchildren have dreams, not people who have come here illegally and dispersed in our great country.”
He questioned our immigration policy and open borders that have allowed infected illegal alien children to introduce diseases into this country, into our schools, diseases that never existed before or had been eradicated long time ago.
It would be easy to test the genetic makeup of the “mysterious virus” that has sent so many American children to the emergency room with severe respiratory distress and “mysterious” paralysis and compare it to the non-polio enterovirus D68 infection which is endemic to third world nations like Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan. A New Jersey child who died tested positive for the enterovirus D68.
Allen West warned against the cancer of socialism being allowed to metastasize in our country. “We cannot have another progressive socialist in the White House,” he said.
In the absence of the Republic, our “ safety net” will be replaced “by a hammock that dry-rots” and we will have Detroits, Philadelphias, and Washingtons, all over the country. Densely populated and subservient areas will continue to control and define the country in perpetuity.
Because we find ourselves on an ideological battlefield, he urged the audience to stand against the progressive socialism, Islamo-fascism, secular humanism, and against the savages who have beheaded two Americans already.
Shortly after his 1801 inauguration, Thomas Jefferson sent, without the authorization of
Congress, a naval and military expedition (the leathernecks) to the Shores of Tripoli to take care of the Barbary States (Algiers, Tunis, Morocco, and Tripoli) pirates who were involved in slavery and piracy, the precursors to today’s jihadi terrorism. This incursion solved the problem.
He left the audience with the partying words of wisdom, “You must understand that you have a Republic if you can keep it,” reminding us that the American people are at the heart of Constitutional Conservatives and thus must personalize Benjamin Franklin’s challenge.

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