The New Pathway to Citizenship

Forgiving the breaking of the law is the new pathway to citizenship. Assimilation is no longer the goal of immigration. Immigration used to be assimilation into the American culture, becoming an American citizen. But the left has devised a new requirement for bringing the “frightened people” who broke the law “out of the shadows.” Never mind that they live among us in plain sight, free to come and go as they please, taking advantage of our country and of our hospitality.
The new pathway to citizenship is forcing Americans to accept law breakers as equals, as citizens with the same rights and benefits but not the same responsibilities we have as American citizens.
Busing children through Central America or flying them over Mexico and dumping them in Arizona, Texas, and all over the country sick and diseased, is the new forced immigration aimed at changing demographics in the United States.
It is not that we don’t want people to succeed, to have the opportunity of freedom; we are after all a nation of legal immigrants who chased their American dream. We want them to come here legally, to respect our laws and culture, not try to change them according to the troglodyte laws in the home countries they’ve fled, pretending that they are offended by our culture, our national anthem, our flag, displaying their national flags, flaunting their allegiance to someone else, even suing to prevent us to display or wear symbols of our national pride.
Multiculturalism has been a failure in Europe and many leaders have admitted it. It failed because it allowed ethnic ghettos to thrive within a country, self-governed ghettos where violence and uncivilized customs rule.
Multiculturalism is acceptable to the extent that all immigrants assimilate into the American culture and practice their customs at home.
Illegals must pay taxes, not accept cash pay under the table. They must self-support, not demand welfare and rob from the hard-working Americans. Illegals are not entitled to the fruits of American taxpayers’ labor. You are a foreign national, do not demand the same rights as an American; you may not and should not vote.
You are not Dreamers; you are robbing from the American citizens’ children who are carrying on the American Dream. You have to earn the American Dream the legal way. Stop accepting silver platter bribery awards just because you broke our laws setting foot in this country.
Frank P., a prolific writer, explained that, if you look up the word “nation” in a law dictionary and correlate it with our Founders’ recipe for our “nation” in the second Federalist Paper, you will see that “nations” develop from a primal family; they are populated by kindred blood relatives descended from a common ancestor. Our Founders added, “Profess the same religion (the source of the nation’s Organic Law) and speak a common language.” These are our founding principles of unity.
Frank continued, “The 14th Amendment after the Civil War allowed for ‘step-children’ to be adopted into this founding demographic. They are assimilated into someone else’s family and are expected to conduct themselves according to the rules of the house they occupy as guests. Just because we invite someone over for dinner does not entitle them to the deed of our house.”
Your anchor babies should not be American citizens with the same birthright.
You should learn to speak English.
You should go through a health screening/quarantine before you are allowed to immigrate to the United States because our national health is in the best interest of our American citizens.
Immigration laws were put in place to protect American citizens, not in your economic interest. It is not America’s fault that you hail from a country where you vote in office decades after decades the same corrupt socialist dictatorships that rob your country blind.
When we chose to immigrate to this country legally, we gave up our respective ethnic claims in order to become an American national family. You may not demand that our founding principles must be abolished in order to accommodate your foreign and alien customs and religious beliefs. Some of you are not coming here to become “Americans,” you told us you are coming here to take our country over for a foreign god.
How fair is it for illegals, who just crossed our southern border, to get Social Security numbers and benefits in one day while our veterans have to wait months for Social Security disability payments into which they’ve paid for years?
Why bend the rules and issue foreign national passports at the Social Security office while Americans must wait weeks to have their passports issued or renewed by the proper authorities?
The liberal mantra we keep hearing,” there is strength in diversity,” is a form of brainwashing. “Our diversity turkey has come home to roost.” Diversity is a “divide and conquer” strategy developed to weaken and destroy a nation from within. Europe is a prime example of this failed diversity.
Frank P. said that our country was founded for “Ourselves and our Posterity,” not for the minorities that we’ve adopted into it as a privilege through an act of hospitality and generosity. It is high time that the “Posterity,” as government’s “principal,” assert control over the birthright before it is gone completely.

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