The New Pathway to Citizenship

Forgiving the breaking of the law is the new pathway to citizenship. Assimilation is no longer the goal of immigration. Immigration used to be assimilation into the American culture, becoming an American citizen. But the left has devised a new requirement for bringing the “frightened people” who broke the law “out of the shadows.” Never mind that they live among us in plain sight, free to come and go as they please, taking advantage of our country and of our hospitality.
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Dangerous Health Issues Associated with Illegal Immigration

America is fast becoming a Hispanic Zimbabwe.”
immigration diseasesA very sweet and polite lady I do not know, posted a heart-breaking comment to my recent statement that entitlements are benefits that Social Security recipients and veterans collect after having earned and paid for them during a life time of work. On the other hand, welfare such as food stamps, WIC, SNAP, EBT, and earned income tax credit are not entitlements; they are taxpayer-funded handouts or, as economists call them, “negative income taxes,” aimed at funding the “war on poverty.” We have lost this war on poverty in spite of trillions of dollars spent because handouts disincentivize humans to work. Additionally, unskilled jobs or jobs requiring lesser training are harder to find because illegal competitors work for less.
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Declining Demographics and the Destruction of an Exceptional Country

The Russians are addressing their declining demographics by having a special holiday, take-off-work-to-have-sex day. If a baby is produced 9 months from an official holiday, the couple receives a car.

It takes 2.1 babies per family in order to replace a dying population. Most European nations are way below this statistic, thus committing self-suicide. Whether they are not having babies for economic reasons, selfishness, increase in cheap and readily available abortions, depraved lifestyles, lack of housing, lack of jobs, high unemployment encouraged by a generous welfare state, or education, the problem is that most Europeans are self-destroying through attrition, fast replaced by north Africans and Middle Easterners who do have lots of babies per family.
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