Veterans Day 2017

(Written by FB friend, Joe Keller, and posted with his permission)

Even though I am a vet myself, I have always assumed the work of veterans was appreciated by all Americans who live under the flag and enjoy the freedoms the veterans put their lives on the line to protect. While it is nice to be recognized, being a vet is simply part of being an American who loves his country. Continue reading

The American Flag, Symbol of Freedom

U.S. Flag The American flag has been a symbol of pride, of hope, of freedom, of liberation, of exceptionalism, of courage, of inspiration, of strength, and of power. It pains me to see anti-American elements, the enemies of freedom, Islamists, communists, and other traitors burn it, trample it, tear it, trash it, and do unspeakable things to it. Continue reading

“The Extras on Life’s Stage”

As I sit at lunch across from young people in their early thirties, discussing the reasons why Americans have lost patriotism and respect for their own country, I am reminded of Dr. Savage’s monologue describing the average American in New York City who goes about his daily business as “extras on life’s stage,” not unlike the average Roman who only cared about, according to a quote from Cato the Elder, “the pebble in his shoe.” Continue reading

The Villages’ Operation Shoebox

The Villages hospital The Villages Hospital
Photo: Ileana Johnson 2015
I recently traveled to The Villages in Florida, the largest and fastest-growing small town retirement community in the United States as reported by Forbes in 2014. With a population of over 50,000 as reported in the 2010 census, the community composed of numerous subdivisions located in Sumter County has experienced a population growth of almost 518 percent. I asked residents to approximate how many people are currently residing in the area and I was told over 110,000. Continue reading

LTC Allen West, Guardian of the Republic

LTC Allen West Photo: Ileana Johnson, 2014

LTC Allen West
Photo: Ileana Johnson, 2014

There are not many real guardians of our Constitutional Republic left. Perhaps it is because the Constitutional Republic exists only in written documents that many elected officials disregard, loophole, and violate every day while the populace is lulled into a false sense of reality by the main stream media, the main perpetrator of public deception. Continue reading

Farewell to the Unsung Heroes

Liquid sunshine is caressing this morning thousands of marble headstones at Arlington National Cemetery. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is visible on top of the hill as we drive to Ft. Myer. I am reminded of the altruistic sacrifice of thousands and thousands of soldiers who came before my husband, some who have made the ultimate sacrifice and some who still serve our country. They are the quiet heroes who made possible the freedoms many Americans take for granted every day. I appreciate everything because I have lived through tyranny.
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