“The Extras on Life’s Stage”

As I sit at lunch across from young people in their early thirties, discussing the reasons why Americans have lost patriotism and respect for their own country, I am reminded of Dr. Savage’s monologue describing the average American in New York City who goes about his daily business as “extras on life’s stage,” not unlike the average Roman who only cared about, according to a quote from Cato the Elder, “the pebble in his shoe.”
The young thirty-somethings’ opinions were rather interesting and I have paraphrased or directly quoted their statements as closely as possible to their original thoughts.
We have reached the tipping point where there are more America-hating voters who have been brain-washed by the school system for the last five decades than there are patriotic Americans.
Politics are so corrupt that nobody has any faith left in the rigged political system and its viability as separation of powers governance.
People realized that they are being slowly outnumbered and colonized by illegal aliens, who are flooding the country, brought in by our own government to vote Democrat in perpetuity.
We are losing our Christian faith in this country while experiencing a soft communist revolution and it seems futile to fight when people are going about their daily activities, watching sports, and the bread and circuses of “reality TV.”
Americans have full bellies and there are no shortages of food and basic staples; they are not experiencing despair and hunger like people in Venezuela or North Korea.
“We are now under total surveillance and police control and the military has been reduced to a dangerous point by those in power in Washington.”
The country is run by liberals in the classroom, in universities, in the publishing empires, in Congress, Hollywood, movies, television, press, the main stream media, that is who educates Americans into mediocrity, compliance and acceptance of progressivism, stifling of free speech through political correctness.
Have the media and Hollywood perverted reality to such an extent that the pop culture voters believe everything? Can we really have a country without borders? If we give away our sovereignty we no longer have a country, we are becoming a U.N. dependent pawn.
We are giving away our manufacturing sector through the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP); we will be left with a service economy. In that case, the best of America will be behind us. We are no longer a force to be reckoned with; we are now a force for good, at the beck and call of the U.N.
America has been fundamentally transformed into a soft tyranny. The border control laws are not being enforced, much less other laws in the country. A nation without laws and borders is not a nation. It invites all terrorists and illiterates, the “flotsam and jetsam of the world.”
We are run by crony capitalists and a handful of oligarchs who control Congress and issue legislation to benefit their cronies to the detriment of the American people.
We have created a permanent underclass of welfare recipients who no longer want to produce, to contribute to society, they just vote or protest as rent-a-mobs for a living. They drain resources while staying home and watching reality television all day and drinking beer or smoking pot.
The economy has shrunk to such a degree due to the EPA and other government-run organizations regulations that destroyed jobs. Other jobs were outsourced overseas. The green movement failed to create the promised jobs. Entry level jobs are scarce due to Obamacare costs and demands for a living minimum wage. Americans must now compete with illegal aliens for entry-level jobs and professional IT jobs. So people are sitting idle at home, or hiring themselves as rent-a-mobs for various progressive causes that aim to create civil and racial unrest.
Millennials see these socialist romanticized countries in Europe as functioning well; they don’t know the level of debt, welfare, and unemployment; they want America to be the same.
Millennials regurgitate “news” from Steven Colbert and Jon Stewart, two comedians, while belittling and calling Donald Trump names, a successful billionaire businessman. Wild Bill said in a recent video that “Donald Trump is America’s middle finger” to corrupt establishment politicians.
Liberal academia brainwashes Millennials that America is shamefully ethnocentric, scared of the outside world, and demonize anyone who is patriotic. They tell us that we must fundamentally change and people clap and are robotically compliant. The social media, the MSM, Hollywood, and professors tell us that we must change and Millennials don’t ask if the change is good for them or the country. We are told we are backwards, still clinging to our guns, Bibles, and the Founding Fathers, but the same liberals support Islam that still functions by 7th century theocratic rules. Hypocritical feminists say, let’s let women wear burkas because it’s their choice. We are supposed to be the savior of the world but labeled “ethnocentric” selfish people who don’t understand the rest of the world.
Why is it America’s responsibility to fix the bad economies in the tin pot dictatorships all these illegal aliens fled from? Why are we supposed to take care of them financially while they stay home and keep having “anchor babies” who immediately become Americans, claiming the extended very large families as permanent residents? Why is the American taxpayers’ responsibility to support with welfare each of the four wives of a “Muslim refugee” from Somalia in Michigan?
Liberals counter with such feigned passion that we are “lucky” to have been born in this country and who are we to deny the economic poor of the world to come here? But it was not luck; it was hard work and rejecting dictators. If other nations from whence these illegals come would fix their countries and replace tyranny with relative freedom, they could make a success in their countries. Instead, they come here to reap the fruits of our hard labor while they hate our country and make no efforts to assimilate, to make America better, adapt to our laws, or become part of its fabric.
There is an insane, senseless leftist adulation of primitive cultures that are supposed to be better than us and wonderful, yet entire tribes in Africa are being raped, enslaved, tortured, killed, wiped out off the face of the earth by the religionists of peace and the MSM is generally silent about it because it does not fit their narrative of “primitive cultures are superior to ours.” “Westboro Baptist, as bad as they are, does not behead people.”
People are ignorant as to what change means. We’ve been cultured since childhood that stagnancy is bad, you get nowhere in life without change. Same with the economy but it does not work the same way.
Certain wheels that have been set in motion by our Founding Fathers still work just fine today as long as the law applies equally to everyone.
We are demonizing police officers. Soon nobody is going to want to go to police academy. We’ll have that national police force, springing all the criminals out of jail as recruits.
We have a mob mentality and go after people’s jobs. Why give so much power to mob rule? Pressuring a person into a corner without any facts is irrational. Arguments are not based on logic; they are based on ad hominem attacks and accusations of racism and bigotry, devoid of logic.
“Millennials are driving the problem, they are dumb, they are entitled, they are going to college to get a classics degree in Latin or in Social justice, or Study of…, and they are the ones on television. They are privileged and whiny, the squeakiest wheels. They do not understand the ramifications of what they are fighting for. They don’t get the power and money it takes to implement what the president proposes.”
“Taking money away from the military, why would you do that, why would you weaken our national defense? The borders need to be secured now more than ever. Every incident in America happened when we had a weak military. Look what happened after the drawdown in Iraq. If you leave a vacuum behind, someone is going to step in to fill it.”
Hollywood is now sponsoring ads that say, making a deal with Iran, giving them the power to make a nuclear bomb, is going to make us safe. On what planet and with what logic does that happen when Iran threatens constantly to wipe Israel off the map and the “Great Satan” U.S.? They’ve been chanting “death to America” in the streets for decades now. Nobody knows what is in this deal but Hollywood knows it’s good. Secretary Kerry testified that he has not read the agreement personally, he has been briefed.
We are worried about someone’s sex change operation and women want equal entry in the military even when they cannot perform physically on the same difficulty level as men; standards then must be lowered. Political correctness stifles our freedom of speech and divergent opinions are immediately labeled into silence. That is how progressives vilify and marginalize people, putting them in a corner on the defensive; the rationale of the discussion is lost.
We worry about NSA spying on all citizens but we voluntarily give up information on social sites, releasing every personal demographic and activity, giving them permission to track you every moment of the day.
“We are going to have a hippie, pot smoking, trust everybody until they screw you over generation.” Is progressivism good, or is it communism? This is not our problem, it is happening somewhere else. It is not the “pebble in my shoe.” Millennials have no memory of bad things happening. They were five years old when 9-11 happened. “
“Young people are so ignorant, technology has dumbed them down, they can’t think for themselves, they can’t function; they are tethered to a device. They are told by people like Michael Moore that government did it, or Bush did it, we bombed our own country. One chick said it was the Jews. Never mind that a large percentage of the people who worked in the World Trade Center were Jewish, it’s New York City. Academia is blaming the church as a whole for the Holocaust. Millennials rely on pseudo-facts and backing someone into a corner, typical Saul Alinsky’s rules for radicals’ tactic.”
Religion is passé; atheism is in, worshipping Gaia. Communism is a religion, climate change is a religion. It is trendy to be anti-Christianity, to be a Holocaust denier, to trash your country’s treatment of slaves even though Islamic countries around the world keep slaves now and sex slaves exist.
Millennials worry about sex change in the military. They don’t see any urgency; they see social issues because they are low information voters. They do not see the big picture; they see the small picture, what is important to them such as getting abortions. They are totally in agreement with infanticide and the selling of baby body parts but organize to stop tribal whaling, or the hunting of sharks, or the tribal killing of seals, or protection of a tiny minnow to the detriment of crops and our vegetable and fruit crops failing for lack of water because the minnow must live at all costs.
Oxford, MS just voted to take down the Mississippi flag at the courthouse for fear that it would offend progressives, race baiters, and atheists. History is being revised and changed at an alarming rate.
Detrimental change is happening at such an accelerated pace that, if nobody is standing up for our country, its borders, and its history, we will soon live under a dictatorship ruled by progressive mobs funded by billionaire oligarchs. And people will be going to jail for expressing divergent opinions, sent there by the thought police.
There was a German song, “Die Gedanken sind frei,” (thoughts are free) but I am not so sure anymore this is true, given the current NSA spying technology that Americans like Jeb Bush think it does not go far enough. Somehow humans will adapt and accept their fate. Those who refuse to apologize for being white will be demonized and punished.
Perceived or real privilege is hard work, thousands of study hours, learning, taking the opportunity given in a free market and turning it into success instead of a perennial welfare mentality.

4 thoughts on ““The Extras on Life’s Stage”

  1. I enjoyed your thoughts very much. Like you, I love to use historical references in my writing and I love going back to ancient Rome.

    Because of this article, I decided I had to write an article to associate with some of what you said, but a little different perspective on needs of society today. I will post it tomorrow on Linked In.

    Thanks and you do have the spirit of an immigrant who loves freedom. Hope we can turn this country around soon. Much has to be done, to include stopping the wrongful changes in our history and culture that seems all but buried in hate today.

    I just posted a page today I know you will enjoy: Who Are We – America

  2. Again, loved your commentary and see other articles of interest.

    Thanks for the work you do in educating as many need it.


  3. I have resigned to the fact that western civilization, in it’s present form, is lost. We must now concentrate on saving whatever we can of it. There is simply no way that our civilization can survive the massive attacks of immigrants and communist manipulation, not now when our population consists of 80 or 90% idiots. A great extinction will occur. It will play out like a greek tragedy, ending in a katharsis. White people will become a minority on the brink of extinction. But if we do the right thing now, after the great extinction and purification, this more enlightened and intelligent minority may rekindle the spirit of our civilization one day in the future. A new form of western civilization will be born, one that has been purified and grown wiser by the coming tribulations.

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