Mob Rule Demands in Higher Education

“The people that hate this country, people that despise it, people who grew up being taught what a rotten place this was all the way back in the sixties through today are running the country now.” – Rush
I’ve always suspected that in higher education football was king and liberal arts programs were more about socialist indoctrination than about education. There are exceptions in science majors which prepare students with college degrees to be meaningful contributors to society and tomorrow’s inventors.
I’ve watched several college presidents dance to the tune of rich alumni who influenced the donation purse based on the collegiate sports performance and listing themselves as successful based on how many new buildings they left behind and how much they’ve improved the athletic programs and infrastructure, including the football stadium. Top coaches are often the highest paid staff members of any college, even more than the president.
It became glaringly obvious at the University of Missouri, where the college president was forced to resign over a debacle involving alleged social injustices and alleged racism, that the football revenue was far more important than the academic excellence of its students. When the football team threatened to boycott the upcoming football games, then the ball started rolling and the president resigned.
The community organizing mob rule has taken over this university and it is likely to repeat itself across the country. Nobody bothered to fact-check the outrageous allegations made by various students, stoked by outsiders who came to the campus to cause chaos, and certain faculty members who were down right abusive in their behavior.
It is certainly an element of pride to have winning football, baseball, or basketball teams. To cave education standards to the demands of lunatics who make up non-existent problems on campus, and to demand that the president apologizes for his manufactured “white privilege” is an element of shame. The demands made resemble the fascistic activism of post-Weimar Republic in Germany and the activism of the communist agitators in Stalinist era.
Colleges are supposed to be inclusive, diverse, multicultural, and tolerant, a place to exchange divergent ideas and philosophies. But tolerance ends the moment you disagree with liberals and their progressive agenda of “its’ my communist way, or the highway.”
A college has become a very expensive place where Christianity, conservatism, the American flag, and the Constitution of the United States of America are not welcome anymore but Islam, atheism, communism, and environmentalism are invited with open arms.
Colleges have become places where faculty members agree with students that the Constitution is a threat, should be banned from libraries, banned from campus altogether, and shredded.
Colleges are no longer the vaunted place of learning; they are just a lucrative business that turns out the next generation of indoctrinated young people with worthless degrees that cost their parents thousands of dollars. Nobody questions the out of control tuition that pays the inflated salaries of college professors like Melissa Click, mass media associate professor at University of Missouri, who bullied a student on campus who was exercising his freedom of speech and of assembly. She called for “muscle” to throw this student off campus. She has since resigned her position.
The football team had threatened to boycott the upcoming games in support of students who demanded president Tim Wolfe’s resignation because he had not done enough to address invented racism on his campus, following alleged incidents that turned out to be entirely fabricated.

Why the president chose to resign instead of suspend the football players who refused to do what they were given scholarships, shelter, and food for, remains a mystery. It appears that the worship of collegiate sports is a larger mission of a university than actually educating our youth to become productive citizens.

Athletic programs spend so much money tutoring football players to make sure they pass their classes in order to remain in the game. There is a pool of well-paid tutors who earn money helping at risk-of-failing or failing football players to study or guiding them to write assignments and papers.

Interestingly, all the student agitation, indoctrination, and hatred come from liberal arts professors who teach outrageous subjects. The curriculum would be laughable if it was not so expensive to pursue these insane majors. The fluff and ridiculous classes have a large audience and customers who are willing to pay good money to be taught women’s studies, racial studies, receiving worthless degrees that will not garner the awardees a job for the next few centuries.

These are students who cannot pass serious courses, and avoid them like the plague. They comprise the dumbed-down segment of the American educated youth with a diploma on the wall that is not worth the beautiful paper that is printed on by the craft of artisans who probably never set foot in a university but are more talented and skilled than thousands and thousands of college graduates who receive these glossy pieces of paper after they expended no real effort.

I am familiar with the verbal abuse, threats, fear of failing a class, and fear of liberal professors lording over grades that students must endure if they have the temerity to show their patriotism, Christianity, libertarianism, or conservatism in class.

I am also familiar with accusation of racism lobbed at professors if minority students who miss class a lot, do not do the minimum class work required, are disruptive in class by being late, talkative, obnoxious, eating or drinking in class, using cell phones, or are just unprepared to put in the effort necessary to succeed in a more challenging curriculum.

We are now a country where adults cave in to malcontents. We have raised generations of sheltered kids who are afraid of their own shadows but speak loudly on issues they do not understand or know nothing about, and vote massively each time for their own demise. They are ignorant of the world around them and of the issues involved but are easily manipulated by the community organizers with a communist agenda, the liberal media, their liberal college professors, the comedians pretending to be journalists, and their equally uninformed friends.

American young people are the product of an exaggerated self-esteem inculcated by parents and schools. Precious Johnny can do no wrong; it might hurt his feelings if he does not get a trophy for walking across the stage without tripping or for participation.

Students are asking for “safe spaces“ on campus where they can be protected from reality, from life, from failure, from people who disagree with them, from symbols and negative comments that upset them or hurt their feelings, from jokes they don’t like, from anything that might destroy their kumbaya view of the world.
Rush called them cowards. “They’re just scared to death of reality. They’re scared to death of life. And they have been raised and educated to believe that it is legitimately possible to shield yourself from anything that’s upsetting. And if somebody gets through that shield and succeeds in upsetting you, then they have to go.”
Such mental weakness leaves these young collegians ripe for picking by very clever ultra-leftist community organizers like Black Lives Matter or Occupy Wall Street, and vulnerable to the next snake-oil salesman.

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  1. I am certain that the article purportedly written by Dr.Johnson, must have been written by some young associate. Dr. Johnson probably wrote down the ideas that were to be included in the article, but that article is FILLED with all manner of grammatical errors that need to be reviewed e.g. when speaking about people, the word ‘that’ should not follow a noun or pronoun that refers to singular or plural persons (ex: people that? no, people WHO!! – students that? no, student WHO…) Other errors of this sort were also quite prominent e.g. the subject of a sentence that may be singular followed by a prepositional phrase that has a plural object of the preposition is NOT the plural subject of the verb that follows. I will have to review the article to select examples of these not uncommon grammatical errors. Please, if you are going to put your name to the article, review its content(s) and make the appropriate corrections. This from a person who studied several of the social studies that, at present, are getting a bad rap for common errors that are included in that group. Journalists, whether TV commentators or writers, need to be the paragons of our English written and spoken language. Sorry for being so very picky, but these errors are becoming more profuse as the years move on. Please don’t tell me ‘that the language is evolving.’ Evolution of language takes longer that 50+ years. abf.

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