Witold Gadowski, Polish Journalist, Talks to Fronda.pl About Syrian Refugees

Witold Gadowski Witold Gadowski
Award-winning Polish journalist
Anca Cernea translated on September 26, 2015, an interview given by Witold Gadowski, investigative journalist from Poland, to Jakub Jalowiczor from fronda.pl. Gadowski traveled to Syria and Turkey this past summer as war correspondent to document the “refugees” flooding Europe. http://inliniedreapta.net/adevaratele-victime-ale-statului-islamic-nu-sunt-printre-migrantii-care-vin-in-europa-witold-gadowski/
Cernea introduced Gadowski as producer of several documentaries on terrorism, organized crime, corruption, and the old communist system. He is an expert, writer, and journalism teacher at the Pontifical University of John Paul II.
In his movie, “Insha Allah, Blood of the Martyrs,” Gadowski describes the horrors that Yazidis and Christians must endure in Iraq and Syria under ISIS: rapes, killings, and kidnappings. Jakub asked him if Europe might be next.
Gadowski responded that the true victims of wars are in camps in the Iraqi section of Kurdistan, in southern Turkey, and in Lebanon: Shia, Yazidis, and Christians. In his opinion, the Shia are killed immediately when caught. Yazidi women are raped, Yazidi children are sold into slavery, and their men are killed. The Christians are converted to Islam by force, killed, or taxed Jizya. “These are the most persecuted groups in Syria and Iraq in the Diyala, Anbar, Ninive, and Salah ad Din provinces,” Gadowski alleged.
From the valley of Ninive, 60,000 Christians had to flee from Karakos in one day in order to escape the Islamic State. All fled to the Iraqi Kurdistan, Gadowski added. He recounted how he spoke to a teary-eyed Archbishop Nicodim, the patriarch of Mosul. He explained that religion is treated just like in the Bolshevik revolution days – “hordes enter churches, rob them, deface all the symbols, and destroy them.”
Gadowski said that “the borders of the Islamic State (ISIS) are controlled by troops led by Emir Al-Turki. If anyone tries to flee, the punishment is crucifixion.” If anybody escapes, it is because the Islamic State allows them to flee. Their secret service, AMNI, is very effective, he added. ISIS controls the border because it is a source of income – contraband and border traffic.
Gadowski alleges that ISIS has a budget of $800 million per year and that “The Islamic State sells illegally more than 60,000 barrels of oil per day,” mostly to Turkish and Iranian companies, oil that eventually makes its way to Israel and Europe.”
The young men, flooding Europe, are not refugees. “The real victims of the war are in the camps,” he repeated. “Why are the camp survivors pleading unsuccessfully to obtain visas for various European nations and being denied, while the young men are immediately taken in with open arms and presented as refugees?”
“It is a profound injustice when these invaders take the place of the real victims of war.” There are few Christians, Yazidis, and even fewer Kurds among them who truly suffered at the hands of ISIS. Gadowski believes that most of them are opportunists who could afford the $10,000 fee to be brought by coyotes to Europe; “90% of them are brought by the Turkish, Albanian, and Russian mafia,” he alleges.
The camps in the Middle East are financed to an extent by France, Germany, Great Britain, and Poland. Most help is illusive, said Gadowski. People have to endure hot weather in tents while the entire Europe is suddenly embracing these “law breakers” who have no documents, nobody knows who they are, nobody knows what their intentions are, and where they are headed. “Most of them are Muslims who will not integrate in society. It is a grave danger; there will be an Islamic problem in each of the countries where these refugees will settle. ”What is the Islamic problem is on full display in Paris, Brussels, and in German towns.” Jakub mentioned Marseille as a classic example of the ‘Islamic problem.’ “Marseille is Arabic, pure and simple,” added Gadowski.
Gadowski believes that the Islamic State is composed of Saddam Hussein’s officers and prisoners released from Iraqi and Syrian jails. The superior officers morphed from BAAS party supporters into Islamists. ISIS is led by Iraqis, not Syrians, Gadowski pointed out. Sunnis, persecuted by Al-Maliki’s Shia government, joined the ranks of ISIS as well. Adding 85,000 from the 100,000 Sunni militias dissolved by Al-Malaki, and some Chechen volunteers, ISIS grew even larger. Money is coming in from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and other sources, Gadowski said.
Bombing ISIS is futile, he said, since they insert themselves among civilians. Bombing refineries is inefficient as well. Specialists from China, Russia, and Iran make immediate repairs and the refineries are back in business. Oil can also be refined on a smaller scale with portable refineries, Gadowski added, 1,000 barrels per day, they are relatively inexpensive. He alleges that ISIS sells art and archeological treasures to bring in revenue.
Gadowski stated that AMNI agents had been infiltrated among the “refugees.” According to him, these ‘lone wolves’ were sent around the world as “shahid” (martyr), an entire network of suicide bombers and murderers that are strictly controlled.

Note – included are some of Witold Gadowski’s accomplishments as presented by Anca Cernea on the website inlinedreapta.net:

• În anii ’80, membru NZS (Solidaritatea Studențească) și fondator al clubului politic subteran Okop (Tranșeea); membru fondator al Comitetului Civic Solidaritatea din Malopolska.
• În anii ’90 a fost corespondent de război în Balcani; a organizat convoaie de ajutor pentru victimele războiului din Kosovo.
• 2000-2002 – director al Departamentului de Informații al Universității Nicolaus Copernicus și purtătorul de cuvânt al primarului Cracoviei Andrzej Gołas.
• 2007-2009 – directorul filialei Cracovia a Televiziunii Poloneze, mai – octombrie 2010, șeful Programului 1 al Televiziunii Poloneze.
• A publicat, printre altele, în Rzeczpospolita, Wprost, Dziennik Polskil și în ziare poloneze din exil.
• Jurnalist și reporter de investigație la Gazeta Polska, din 2012 colaborează la revista Wsieci.
• A realizat seria de reportaje Negustorii Morții, despre terorismul contemporan.
• Co-autor al unor interviuri cu Ilich Ramirez Sanchez („Carlos Șacalul”) și soția acestuia, Hans Joachim Klein, Astrid Proll, fondatoare a Rote Armee Fraktion (RAF), Peter Juergen Boock, unul dintre liderii celei de-a doua generații RAF și cu fiica lui Ulrike Meinhof.
• Co-realizator a două reportaje privind conexiunile
poloneze ale lui Abu Nidal. • În 2004, laureat al premiului Grand Press, categoria jurnalism de investigație pentru filmele de televiziune Mafia combustibilului 1 și 2.
• În 2006, nominalizat pentru premiul Andrzej Wojciechowski.
• În 2006, laureat al premiului Watergate al Asociației Jurnaliștilor Polonezi, categoria jurnalism de investigație, pentru reportajul Meciul pentru PZU (despre sforăriile legate de privatizarea companiei de stat de asigurări din perioada comunismului).
• În 2008, laureat al premiului Watergate pentru reportajul Mafia rusă, guvernul polonez și gazul.
• În 2009, laureat al premiului Grand Prix la cea de-a III-a Gală a Reportajelor TV de Investigație și de Intervenție Camera Ascunsă din Łodz,
• Laureat al Galei Bazar, Poznan, laureat al Premiului Jurnaliștilor din Malopolska pentru jurnalism de investigație.
• Autor al volumului Negustorii Morții. Conexiunile poloneze cu terorismul mondial, apărut în 2010.
• A regizat primul documentar din Polonia despre piața internațională a traficului de organe umane.
• În 2013, laureat al premiului internațional acordat de Organizația Internațională pentru Migrație, la Festivalul Internațional de Film de la Chișinău.
• Laureat al Grand Prix pentru regia celui mai bun film polonez la Festivalul Internațional de Film Human Doc.

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