Senator Joe McCarthy and Hollywood

McCarthy Sen. Joe McCarthy, a WWII hero, belittled and vilified by Hollywood and the MSM alike, has been vindicated not just by the release of the Venona papers but, most recently, by the appalling and constant anti-American rhetoric and behavior of Hollywood. There were communists in Hollywood. Today actors and actresses are no longer shy about their communist views and affiliations and want to make sure that Americans buy into their communist social engineering and perversions while they enjoy the spoils of celebrity capitalism.

In 1995 the NSA released translation of Soviet cables decrypted in the 1940 by the Venona Project. “Venona was a top-secret U.S. effort to gather and decrypt messages sent in the 1940s by agents of what is now called the KGB and the GRU, the Soviet military intelligence agency. The cables revealed the identities of numerous Americans who were spies for the Soviet Union, including those chronicled in NOVA’s “Secrets, Lies, and Atomic Spies.”
Overtly communist anarchists and pro-Islamic activists with a microphone in their hands attack the tax-paying middle class during organized protests that turn into riots, calling ordinary Americans names that cannot be repeated in polite company, not the least of which is “simpletons” and “delusional,” suffering of “cognitive dissonance” because most Americans refuse to believe their immigration lies and the anthropogenic global warming deception.
Hollywood and the MSM are hotbeds of Marxists, no longer hiding their hatred for the fly-over country, the millions of Americans they want to make irrelevant because they happen to love our country and disagree with their global communist agenda of re-engineering our lives in the image of their desired tyranny.
Actors and singers are drunk with self-importance. The vicious Hollywood denizens forget that they have money and a lavish lifestyle because we, the middle class “simpletons,” highly educated, successful in their own careers, paid to see their movies, plays, and concerts.
Americans in general spend their hard-earned money to “watch you pretend to be characters in movies and on TV. Your only job is to entertain us, to take us away from reality. Your personal opinion means nothing to us. You are significant and influential only in your own mind and within the minds of your elitist peers. You are a marionette to us and nothing more. Your job is to sing, act, and hold your opinions to yourself.” (David van Ness)
Some CEOs are equally eager to impose their world views on Americans by mixing the retailing of their products with their far left political views and anti-Americanism. Americans can use their wallets to send a message to these CEOs that they can live without their goods and services, buying from pro-American businesses. Often the progressive (read communist) ideology espoused by a CEO backfires and their stock takes a considerable dive, in some cases racking up billions of dollars in revenue losses.
Most recently, Nordstrom’s move to remove Ivanka Trump’s line of clothes under the pretense that her clothes did not sell well anymore backfired. The timing was circumspect, to say the least. Many conservative women immediately closed their accounts, cut up their store credit cards, and returned thousands of dollars’ worth of merchandise back to the nearby stores. One woman returned $14,000 worth of shoes and purses from one transaction.
Many women, myself included, in a gesture of solidarity with our President and his family, bought Ivanka Trump merchandise from other retailers such as the Canadian-owned Lord & Taylor.
Unfortunately, returning merchandise back to the return-friendly store, does not really affect the retailer that much; they have contracts with the various wholesalers and can cut their losses by returning defective or unwanted items at cost to the respective wholesaler.
Returns on a whim or for a boycott affect the associates, whether liberal or conservative, associates who work hard on commission and are punished by their employers for not meeting their goals when large returns occur.
When an associate spends an entire hour to make a sale to a difficult or demanding customer, and that shopper later returns everything she bought, either for buyer remorse or because she wanted to boycott the store, associates suffer. Since payroll is the largest item for a company, any boycotted store responds by cutting employee hours. The billionaire major stockholder owners seldom suffer, they make up the temporary losses in the long run unless the boycott is sustained.
For a few days, in a move of solidarity with stores that removed Ivanka Trump’s line, progressive women showed up with a “holier than thou attitude,” purchasing a single and inexpensive item, telling the sales person that they’ve never shopped there before but they came in that time to buy something, symbolic of their intolerant cause.
Because progressives don’t generally take economics classes for their social justice or women’s studies degrees, they cannot possibly understand that repeat and satisfied customers make a substantial difference in the bottom line of any business, not snowflakes trying to score a misguided political point.
We must not allow Hollywood, wealthy athletes, and CEOs to bully us into submission to their leftist political view of the world. We must vote for our capitalist way of life with our wallets and make them understand that it is the free market economy based on supply and demand that has put them in the affluent positions and the jet-set lifestyle they enjoy so much.
Shooting the goose that lays the golden egg is not a good idea. When the goose dies, a.k.a. the middle class, so does the wealthy elitist lifestyle. As an actor or athlete, you become irrelevant and the pliable subject of a totalitarian regime that will tell you if, when, and how you can exhibit your “talent,” and it must be the communist-approved or theocracy-sanctioned kind of “talent,” presented in the proper attire for women.

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