“Enemies Within” Documentary Showing in Northern Virginia

Trevor Loudon Photo credit: Ileana Johnson 2017
Following Trevor Loudon’s appearance at CPAC 2017, a small group of activists organized a viewing of Loudon’s documentary, “Enemies Within,” on February 27, 2017.
More than 107 northern Virginians came to hear the introduction by Trevor Loudon and to watch the 89-minute film, highlighting well-documented evidence of the advance of communism in America, specific past and current members of Congress who are self-identified communists and Islamophiles, allegedly involved in anti-American activities whose end-goal is the targeted destruction of our country.
Among those present were special guests, Phil Haney, Jim Simpson, and Max Friedman, who appeared in the documentary.
Trevor Loudon, the producer and writer of the documentary, is an activist from Christ Church, New Zealand. He started his political action in 1986 when he campaigned then against the Soviet Marxist subversion of his country, pursuing a halt to diplomatic and trade relations with the Soviet Union on the grounds that it is a “hostile totalitarian dictatorship seeking world domination.”
As Loudon was introduced, the audience learned that Accuracy in the Media brought Trevor Loudon’s political activism to the attention of the American public. Some Americans heard Loudon speak for the first time at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.
Hailing from the “real south,” the south Pacific, Loudon introduced his friend, Max Friedman, who “used to get into the face of Bill Ayres, went to all of the commie meetings, looking just like any other long-haired hippie. He is a walking encyclopedia of the left. He understands how insidious these people are and how much damage they have done to this country.”
America, as the freest and richest country in the world, is populated by the world’s most generous, benevolent, kindly, and tolerant people, said Loudon. But a little bit of “naiveté and complacency” make it hard for Americans to understand “evil.” Loudon argued that it is difficult for Americans to understand that their own “Senators and Congressmen want to do this country harm.”
People who had lived under communism understand this kind of “evil” that had enslaved them, killing millions if they dared to protest or question the totalitarian dear leader. But Americans take the gift of freedom for granted, a gift their Founding Fathers had to pay for dearly, said Loudon.
Why would a New Zealander come to America and worry about this country’s future? Loudon explained that the first reason was gratitude. It was the American men, our fathers and grandfathers, who saved New Zealand from imminent Japanese occupation. Hopping from island to island, the Japanese were so sure of their victory, that they had already printed the currency which they were going to use in Australia and New Zealand. Your fathers, uncles, grandfathers took them on at Guadalcanal and Midway and stopped them “stone cold.” Every older New Zealander understands and is grateful for the sacrifice these American men had made.
The second reason is a bit more selfish, said Loudon. As Ronald Reagan had said, “this is the last hope for mankind,” If you lose your Constitution, your liberty, your economic dynamism, and your military superiority, all of which have been totally trashed for the last eight years,” the bad guys of the planet will take over.”
The entire globe owes Americans a huge debt of gratitude for having elected Donald Trump. If it was not for your activism, we would have Hillary Clinton sitting in the White House and the whole world would be in terror of what was coming next.”
And then there was divine intervention, not unlike the divine intervention during the Revolutionary War. This is a special country with a special destiny, said Loudon. “This country, with its farmers and settlers, took on the biggest world power at the time, the British Empire, and they beat them. How miraculous was that?”
“We have been given a four-year reprieve. Donald Trump is not a miracle cure-all. We have to do anything in our power to set this country back on its successful course, to be the leader of the free world once again.”
Brexit “was the warm-up act,” Donald Trump followed, and we must make sure that the success defeating the globalists will continue in the future, for many terms. It took one hundred years or more to get to where we are today, and we cannot reverse course overnight. The Western world depends on individual citizens’ activism. We must fight and defeat the hardened American-grown revolutionaries who have been working tirelessly for over a century to bring about global communism.
Loudon is preparing a series, America Under Siege, as a follow up to the documentary, Enemies Within. According to Loudon, “there are at least 100 members of Congress (such as Gerry Connolly) and 20 members of the Senate (such as Tim Kaine) who are so enmeshed in the Muslim Brotherhood, neo-communism, or both, they could not pass an FBI background check to sell you stamps at the post office.” There are zero background checks for our Congressmen and Senators yet they are serving on the Intelligence Committee, on the Armed Services Committee, and on many others of the sixteen key intelligence committees.
The evening ended with the viewing of the documentary and a short Q & E.

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