Cultural Marxism and the Red International Women’s Day

FORWARD Global civic demonstrations as practiced by young and compass-less anarchist hordes has become the latest expression of cultural Marxism, an “unseen plague which corrupted America” and now threatens the rest of the western world, including small, formerly communist countries that allegedly overcame Soviet satellite status.
To understand why I use the term “allegedly,” you must understand the nostalgia of older generations, for the good ole simple days of communism, the longing for the days when they were dependent on the meager rations doled out to them monthly by the communist party apparatchiks in order to keep them compliant and willing to be subjected to the utopia of “communist freedom,” a form of mental and physical enslavement.
The insidious cultural Marxism has affected the minds of millions, how they think, how they perceive the world around them, life in general, and how humanity evolved. Academia, liberal textbooks, and books in general, movies, the main stream media, Internet, and television have shaped a new generation of drones who worship at the feet of cultural Marxism.
Karl Marx and the Bolsheviks in Russia tried to unite the proletariat by force under the Soviet banner but countries resisted, they cared more about their nationalism, their borders, about their economic freedom than the Bolshevik’s envy and desire to destroy capitalist success. But Antonio Gramsci’s idea, lesser known to the western world, was to change the western culture, the American and European culture slowly, so that the new generations will be willing and eager to accept Marxism.
The Marxist-Communist Party in Germany established in 1923 an institute later known as the Frankfurt School, to overturn the accepted societal standards and replace them with Marxist ideals. When Hitler rose to power, these “scholars” were chased out of Germany and they sought refuge in America, at Columbia University in New York – George Lukas, Antonio Gramsci, Charles Reich, Max Horkheimer, Theodore Adorno, Erich Fromm, and Wilhelm Reich.
So far they’ve been quite successful in destroying Christian morals upon which the west was founded, replacing Christianity with values such as “cultural pessimism, sexual revolution, destruction of marriage and family, feminism, gender identity, transgenderism, bathroom use by biological opposites, and same sex marriage.”
George Soros’ Open Society Foundations and other NGOs, injected the virus of Cultural Marxism into societies around the globe, with large infusions of cash that produced generations of followers at universities, high schools, middle and elementary schools, in the mass media, and Hollywood’s militant actors who fancy themselves the ultimate scholarly authority. Generations of politicians, actors, lawyers, doctors, teachers, journalists, professors, and other intellectuals have graduated from this school of thought in the last 25 years.
Many advisors to presidents in Europe and the U.S. have been brainwashed as well into the Cultural Marxism school of thought. A very high percentage of my former high school and college students were products of Cultural Marxism and its intolerance for divergent opinions and belief systems.
Europe, by virtue of its location, is more advanced in its acceptance and total embrace of Cultural Marxism but we are not that far behind.
Communists who call themselves progressives today have co-opted language and invented Political Correctness, a form of language censorship, among other things, to indoctrinate the pliable youth into Marxism. You could say that language matters.
The slogan Forward, used in the past by communists and fascists alike, is a good case in point. Forward to what? The Chinese under Mao went so forward with Marxist exploitation of the masses that they starved their own people to death. The Soviet people starved to death under Stalin, often by design as was the case in Ukraine, other times because the economic five-year central planning of the Communist Party was a disaster.
Hillary’s campaign used the slogan Forward in recent times. Her young and old supporters cheered like the sheep they were. How forward did the Democrat states and cities go? Look at the financial disaster that the state of California is and at the impoverished Detroit and other Democrat-ruled bastions, and you will understand the Democrat’s communist brand of Forward.
Democrats and the virulent left have totally appropriated terminology in political discussions. Ordinary people hear sound bites, over and over, and believe them because most people take their information from the main stream media.
Progressives are now involved in “resistance,” they “resist” through violence a duly-elected President they do not like by calling him “Hitler.” The man has done absolutely nothing to resemble what Hitler did to millions in Europe during WWII and in his concentration camps. Progressives are using “resist” as if they are fighting against injustice or some kind of oppression that does not exist. The term, however, has now spread around the world because the communist left is well-funded by globalists who want to make sure there is a pliant populace in the entire western world. The young people “resist” through street demonstrations paid by the same Soros-sponsored NGOs.
If you want a pause in immigration, for safety reasons, you are immediately labeled by vitriolic lefties and “Islamophobe” or “racist,” no logical discussion is allowed any further.
The words the left loves to throw in people’s faces, “Palestinian,” or “Palestinian state,” were invented by Yasser Arafat; the term stuck even though these people are Arabs, many are nomadic Bedouins, who have never ever had their own state or even a city.
In the leftist jargon, the words “equal opportunity,” actually mean preferential treatment to a group of people they see as having been taken advantage of by the evil capitalists. The fact that many of these people do not deserve the things they get for free is lost to the communist left. “Social justice” means taking from those who worked hard and succeeded, and give it to those who were lazy or failed. In order words, redistribute the middle class wealth according to communist dictates, while the elites get to keep their wealth. Failure is not acceptable to a communist – you must have failed because the system held you back.
Word usage is very important in the communist war against the minds of the ordinary Americans. Leftists are masters in inventing euphemisms or repurposing words in order to pass their global communist agenda. Somehow, by hook or by crook, all of you are going to live under the Democrat’s brand of communism/Islamofascism.
Progressives, a misnomer, as they should be called Regressives, are committing cultural suicide on your behalf and you are agreeing through silence, afraid to speak, pinned between the official corner of free speech zones at universities and Political Correctness at your work.
Cultural Marxism was evident today, on the International Women’s Day, a day sanctioned by the United Nations and celebrated in all current and former communist countries. Women were told to protest their importance today and to stay home from work, not buy anything, and wear red in solidarity with the March 8 communist celebration.
The biggest participants in this protest were teachers who stayed home in droves, resulting in some cases in the closing of schools. Perhaps that spared children from one more day of social justice brainwashing. Now you really know which commies are indoctrinating your children into Cultural Marxism eight hours every day, every school year.

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