The #resist Movement as an International Phenomenon

The #resist movement in this country started, by their own website admission, fifty years ago with the protest against the war in Vietnam. Today, they are resisting with vile language and actions our President Trump, his administration, police, all rational Americans who do not believe in anthropogenic global warming/climate change, our borders, our sovereignty, free markets, and anything rational that involves thought instead of rabid feelings. ANTIFA, a very fascistic organization, and BLM, a very racist organization, and pink vagina-hats women, are the most prominent and visible groups of the #resist movement.
Resistors are hateful, cowardly, but violent individuals who often engage in barking to the sky episodes, howling at the moon, or just dressing like lunatics, twisting in animalistic rituals as a form of protest art. When they are not busy shooting and killing cops, blocking interstates, highways, fire trucks and ambulances, they are trashing and burning neighborhoods and businesses of hard-working Americans.
Resistors have been indoctrinated and deluded into believing that humans caused climate change. Resistors, who often reside in their parents’ basements, feel that Trump is the worst president in history because communist community organizers created a caricature image of him as the devil and have sold this caricature to their mindless, pot-smoking followers who have never been able to pass a real science or math class, held a job other than baristas, but excelled in community organizing, fascistic feminism, social justice, racial division, and other useless college majors. Resistors collectively consider this caricature of Trump real.
Reality and sound judgment have long left the brains of resistors, washed and steeped in lies promoted non-stop by socialist public school teachers and college academia.
The #resist movement has become a world-wide phenomenon because communist community organizers, enabled by international and national NGOs with lots of money to burn from billionaires like Soros, have spread around the world to infect the young masses with their collectivist revolutionary message, carefully tailored to the local culture. If they are good at anything, community organizers know how to package lies and how to persuade the weak-minded that their carefully crafted rhetoric and euphemisms are true.
The U.S. resistors are big supporters of illegal immigration by using the argument that this country was built by immigrants. Yes, it was built by LEGAL immigrants, not people who crossed the border illegally by breaking our laws, or who came to deliver their babies in this country in order to gain access through anchor baby citizenship.

None of the immigrants who built this country demanded special rights and status as the illegals demand today with their powerful lobby and their Congressmen openly supporting illegals instead of the wishes of their constituents, the American citizens who elected them.
Ellis Island was teeming with LEGAL immigrants, fresh off the boats, who had to be screened in order to enter this country, learn English, and pass the health inspection or else be quarantined or sent back to where they came from.
No LEGAL immigrant was coming here for welfare benefits, to demand citizenship, equal benefits with American citizens, and to change our society to accommodate the hell-hole they escaped from.
America did accept the tired, the poor, the wretched of the world, but they were hard-working and healthy individuals from around the world, who shared the common goal of building America, not dismantling it in order to turn it into a basket case of communism and fascism.
The #resist movement in Eastern Europe is much more complicated. Consider the protesting young resistors in Romania. The founder is credited to be Andrei Rosu, a millennial long distance and high endurance runner. He had high hopes for the nascent democracy after 1990; after 27 years, he expected a competent, non-corrupt political system and government. Now on social media, the #rezistenta movement is “cooperating with NGOs” and talking about creating a party to represent them in Romania’s parliamentary elections.
Rosu said, “This beautiful country must be administered by honest and correct men, who do not lie, steal, who are interested in the people’s fate… When there is no more political theft, funds will be available for schools, hospitals, highways, etc.” He lamented that too many Romanians have left the country, a mass exodus of hard-working and highly educated people.

But is the #rezistenta movement in Romania only about getting rid of corrupt politicians who get elected just to enrich themselves at the public trough? Post-communist society in Romania today is built around an unfortunate combination of ill-conceived efforts and reactions to the life and experience of communism.
Darius Roby explained, “Romania is so enamored of everything ‘foreign,’ perhaps due to communist Romania’s drive for self-sufficiency, that Romanians hold no value for their own products and import more than they export; the Romanian currency [leu] is therefore collapsing. People are wondering why the only decent jobs available are in the realm of IT outsourcing.”
As a western observer, Roby believes that the #rezistenta movement is more of a reaction to corruption and economic reality than socio-cultural or geopolitical as in America or Western Europe. I believe that there is a geopolitical component to any #resist movement financed by globalist elites.
“The #rezistenta movement in Romania is aimed largely at the PSD [Social Democrat Party] and its attempts to legalize corruption.” Roby thinks that young people regret not having voted in the last parliamentary election when the government “bribed its way to power” by offering higher salaries and pensions without actually “providing opportunities for people to grow and develop in this country.” The mass employment emigration is directed to other parts of Europe and the U.S.
The main fear is that EU is going to kick Romania out of the union, a move that Romanians equate with being unable to seek employment in Europe and unable to cross its borders without visas/passports, a post-communist mindset. During Ceausescu’s communist regime, most Romanians were unable to leave the country and did not have a passport.
The #rezistenta movement might have geopolitical “divine” intervention and implications. A couple of years ago I saw a poster in a Catholic Church courtyard in Sibiu arguing against mining and for the protection of the environment. It is said that during the same time period, the Orthodox Church, allegedly funded and encouraged by Russia, organized protests against American-run fracking operations in Romania’s region of Moldova.
It would be interesting to find out, said Roby, how a “largely apathetic Romanian populace suddenly decided to protest corruption.”
The Romanian Orthodox Church’s message is that of maintaining family values, anti-homosexuality, and anti-multiculturalism. It is easy to see how Romanians would easily subscribe to the anti-multiculturalist agenda because Romania has fought the invading Ottoman Empire for centuries at great cost in human lives and economic development.
It is no longer just the west using NGOs to influence the public to promote their agendas. Russian NGOs are allegedly active in the rural country of Moldova, “telling villagers that joining the EU would destroy Moldova’s economy and that they should ensure a home for their agricultural exports by joining the Eurasian Economic Union.”
Capital Research Center wrote about George Soros’ funding of left-wing organizations in the U.S. and abroad through his Open Society Foundations (OSF). Only 15 percent of funds were actually dedicated in 2017 to U.S. organizations, the rest were used in foreign countries and for global projects aimed at “democratic development” in countries that already had democracies.
Jacob Grandstaff, writing for Capital Research Center, said in his December 21, 2017 article that “The U.S. State Department often teamed up with Soros and OSF to ‘promote democracy’ in Eastern European countries.” The modus operandi was to “infuse socially liberal propaganda through NGOs and Western-sponsored media – often going so far as to influence those countries’ elections.”
Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are indoctrinating a country’s young people with liberal social values. Neil Maghami wrote in 2006 that “In a sense NGOs are filling a power vacuum left by the collapse of the Soviet Union. After all, without the USSR what forces are there to stoke resentment in developing countries towards the rich industrialized states?”
This explains why every successful and young Romanian I have met in this country are highly liberal, worshipped former President Obama, despise President Trump, and admire the main stream media like CNN or MSNBC. The very people who benefitted from this country’s free market opportunities are now working with the left to destroy it and replace it with the communist dictatorship their parents and grandparents survived.
Recently, in one of the videos released by Project Veritas, a Romanian software engineer, speaking with a heavy accent, works in consensus with others on the video who boasted how Twitter “shadow bans” conservative Americans with whose opinion they disagree, in essence cutting their freedom of speech from social media.
Grandstaff wrote in the second recently released expose about Romania that “OSF’s progeny dominates much of the political discourse in that country” and how Soros “saw an opportunity to wield enormous political influence in the region.”
Grandstaff described how Mirel Palada, press secretary for former Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta, was one of the thousands of young Eastern Europeans, “novice, naïve, who were picked by Soros, shown America, paid for their studies, patiently building a network of people that would be grateful and he could use when their time comes and they become influential.” Palada said that this Eastern European network worked against Romania’s national interests.”
To curb Soros’s influence on Romania’s internal affairs, the PSD-controlled Senate passed a law in November which requires NGOs to report their revenue sources biannually and, if they engage in political advocacy, their taxpayer funding as “public utilities” is removed.
The PSD (Social Democrat) leader, Liviu Dragnea, is quoted as saying, “This man and the foundations and structures he has set up… since the 1990s… have furthered evil in Romania.”
NGOs and other Romanian opposition parties claim that PSD is using anti-Soros rhetoric in order to score cheap points of propaganda.
Romania’s first NGO, the Group for Social Dialogue (GDS) was established on December 30, 1989, on the steps of Bucharest Intercontinental Hotel. The founders were professors, philosophers, journalists, critics, activists, and the former editor of the Romanian Communist Party’s newspaper Scinteia (the Spark), Silviu Brucan.
When George Soros visited the newly formed group, he boasted, “I think I was the first civilian plane that landed in Bucharest.” He visited with charter members and with Silviu Brucan, the alleged confidant of Soviet Premier Mihail Gorbachev and the brain behind the revolution and the National Salvation Front that brought about Ceausescu’s downfall. Sadly, eighty percent of Romanian voters cast their ballots for the National Salvation Front ex-communists.
Soros established his first NGO in Romania, the Soros Foundation, with an initial budget of $1.5 million. The Soros’s budget grew to $10 million and the name was eventually changed to the Foundation for an Open Society (FSD).
His foundation worked with the Romanian Ministry of Education to launch textbooks in Romanian schools, written by its own members. As always, the devil is in the details, and that entailed the careful brainwashing of generations of Romanian children in schools into the global citizen mindset, separated from their roots, history, and national identity. It is evident when you visit museums and buildings of historical importance that have been neglected since the “fall” of communism twenty-eight years ago.
According to Grandstaff, “As Romania moved closer to European Union membership, or democratic maturity in the eyes of Soros’s NGOs, the Soros network began engaging in more overt political advocacy.”
When the community of Rosia Montana was generally in favor of opening a gold mine in their village because they wanted to improve their living standards and job prospects, Soros’s NGOs did not offer any environmentally-friendlier alternatives.
One foreign activist is quoted from an email, “Why would any NGO come forward with alternative projects? That is not the job of civil society. We are not a humanitarian organization, but a militant environmental NGO. If the whole community is in favor of the project, we simply put it on the list of our enemies.”
Soros has also given indirectly millions of dollars to Romanian NGOs through the Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe. Young people were indebted – they got their Soros grants, their Soros college education, and their Soros trips. Soros left behind a “loyal army of grateful, civil society soldiers,” minions who work against the best interests of their own country. It is now clear why younger generations suddenly became interested in the #resist movement even though they did not bother to vote.
In the U.S. #resist movement and even the Romanian version, #rezistenta, it would be interesting to ponder and reconcile the relationship between the left and Islam, a bigoted religion which curtails the freedom of women, a religion designed to conquer non-Muslims through demographics and apartheid, and a legal system which rejects any other legal system and punishes apostasy with death.
If one speaks against Islam, the resistor left brands him/her a racist and a bigot and even punishes that individual with fines and jail in some Western European nations. Should one speak evil of Christianity, a religion that has undergone extensive reforms and modernization over the centuries, the left agrees enthusiastically and cheerfully.

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