4 thoughts on “My Radio Interview with Terry Beatley, Useful Idiots and Soft Tyranny

  1. I know that America is deeply troubled in many areas. I am also sad to see the way Medicare patients are treated today. Like those in Europe who decided to avoid seeking medical care because they knew they would be put to death if put in hospital. I too would rather die at home than be drugged to death in hospital. It makes me sick to my stomach. I have already watched my own father be dehydrated to death while the so called ‘rehab’ institution was trying to ‘help’ him. I had no control in situation and was not consulted by anyone. I can spot which patients are on the death list because when they first begin the patients look fairly like lucky ones being so so well cared for. It was and is an illusion.

  2. Hello Mrs. Johnson,
    My name is Michaela Hawkins. The newspaper ‘The Epoch Times’ based in New York has an urgent need of someone that would contribute to the newspaper with writings exposing the socialism/communism that is going on today here in US and everywhere else in the world, someone that lived under a communist regime and can differentiate between communist elements and capitalist society, and can explain it clearly, helping to open the eyes of the people to the danger that communism is posing. Could you, would you be willing to help with such a daunting task?

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