Karl Marx and Cultural Marxism

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On May 5, 2018, the Marxists, sponsored by the World Workers Party, will be gearing up in New York to celebrate 200 years since the birth of their communist guru, Karl Marx, the one man whose philosophy had enabled the killing of more innocents than many global wars combined.
The theme is Marx @ 200, the Class Struggle in the Age of Trump. I am not sure what class struggle they are talking about unless it is the constant hateful rhetoric coming from the left and their Democrat Party’s divisive and anti-American platform because Donald Trump won the election and they have not gotten over the devastating loss.
Perhaps the class struggle they are raising involves the middle class that goes to work every day and struggles to pay their bills, expensive Obamacare insurance, and doctors’ visits, while they pay taxes to support financially and medically the permanent welfare underclass created by the Great Society and by the carefully-planned global invasion by illegal aliens and economic refugees from the flotsam and jetsam of the third world whom we generously support to the detriment of our own veterans who go untreated and uncared for even though we, as a nation, promised to take care of them in old age.
A quick search on the web reveals that “The Workers World Party is a revolutionary Marxist-Leninist communist party in the United States. Founded in 1959 by a group led by Sam Marcy of the Socialist Workers Party, Marcy and his followers split from the Socialist Workers Party.” Among their goals, “no war in Syria” stands out prominently, no war in Korea, fight racism, no borders, to unite the workers and oppressed people of the world through revolution, to abolish capitalism, and to support the cause of the Palestinians which is to obliterate Israel.
The celebrated “hero” in New York, Karl Marx, is the founder of “scientific socialism” whose ideas, in collaboration with his friend and benefactor Friedrich Engels, launched decades of pain and suffering, famine, killings, tortures, and forced labor camps for those whose ideas were divergent from communism, punished to reeducation in the infamous gulags. The Marxist philosophy caused more than a century of oppression of people struggling to survive day by day under communist utopia.

In 1980, when I showed a prospective American university my transcript from the communist country I lived in for 20 years, the advisor laughed when he saw “scientific socialism” as a course. He told me that they don’t give college credit for Marxist indoctrination. Back then Americans and college professors understood the evils of communism. Today they would probably give me six hours credit and a trophy. There is nothing scientific about socialism and it certainly does not take care of people as the name implies. (Socius, comrade, ally) Just as there is nothing “shared” under communism except misery, pain, and suffering. (Communis, shared)

According to the flyer advertising the event in New York, the “young, militant new movement of today is rising.” The questions that will be drilled into confused brains full of mush during these indoctrination workshops are:

– Who is the working class today? (The middle class, of course, a class that does not exist under communism.)
– Are workers still a revolutionary class? (They should be; they certainly pay welfare for almost half of the combined legal and illegal U.S. population who vote Democrat for their generous benefits in perpetuity.)
– How can young workers face today’s jobs crisis? (Economics is not a strong suit of communists, their five-year plans were miserable failures; if millennials would pursue useful skills that society needs instead of useless propaganda fluff majors, they would find jobs; social justice, racial justice, and environmental justice are not very useful today except for community organizing, and those are temp jobs.)
– Are movements for liberation of Black, Brown & Indigenous peoples, LGBTQ, women, immigrants and disabled part of the working class? (Last time I checked, everybody is free to work, they just need to apply themselves, show up for work every day, and don’t complain; additionally, nobody is oppressed or insulted when they get welfare checks; it is the middle class who needs liberation from the heavy burden of taxation to support all the protected, special minority groups.)
– Can workers’ struggle to get rid of capitalism save the planet? (First the planet does not need saving, Mother Nature is doing a fine job; capitalism creates jobs and opportunities to succeed for all, while communist utopia creates slaves beholden to the omnipotent government.)
– Should workers join the fight against war? (“Workers,” specializing in community organizing, agitation of the weak-minded, and indoctrination of the young and compass-less, would be better served to look for a job and to contribute to the improvement of their fellow Americans by volunteering instead of protesting for pay, setting fires to neighborhoods, and leaving tons of trash behind when they are done with their protest d’jour.)

The curse of cultural Marxism masquerading as progressivism is picking up speed around the globe, enabled by the vaunted halls of academia and by leftist billionaires with capitalist money to burn, Hollywood activists who were high school dropouts, and the main stream media.

An interesting question remains, how do rational Americans believe Democrats and their fellow travelers who use capitalism to promote socialism?

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