Academic Indoctrination into Communism and Pinkoism

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”
~ Albert Einstein
The latest main stream media apoplectic vilification of our President focused 24/7 on his meeting with Putin in Helsinki, what he should have done and said to Putin. People with journalism degrees are suddenly experts at everything. Although the left’s deranged rhetoric against our President caused irreparable damage to our country, it might be the least of our worries at the moment.
The growth of domestic communism thanks to decades of academic indoctrination, the emergence of the racist BLM, and of the black-clad Antifa, disguised and violent snowflakes, emboldened by the manufactured crisis of invented fascism on the right are at the top of the list.
Under the banner of #resist, a banner that has suddenly appeared around the globe thanks to non-profits funded by the likes of Soros, the pinkos came out of their basements to protest with lewd language and behavior the loss of their favorite Maoist would be president and the potential loss of their right to murder their unborn babies.
Following sad and incomprehensible acts of domestic terrorism by mentally disturbed lone individuals sympathizing with the left, engineered protests suddenly materialized around the country to confiscate all guns. Paid professional agitators seemed to lead the crowds waving professionally-made signs indicating prior preparation for the event.
Witness the crescendo of young public unrest stoked by Organizing for America (OFA), Obamas’ organization.
Paid unemployed useful idiots around the country are now protesting ICE, including blocking traffic in Miramar, Florida, on the hottest day possible, by lying on the melting asphalt.
The demand to dismantle ICE allegedly protects illegal immigrant families who have a right to be in this country against American citizens’ wishes who want their borders protected by a wall, just like Mexico’s. The left is even defending MS-13 gang members and other criminal illegal border crossers who are now registered voters in San Francisco.
Gaining the votes of illegals seems to be one of the goals of the Democrat Party. These are voters easily swayed as they do not speak English, do not know the history of our country, and have no knowledge of our constitutional republic as they hail from socialist dictatorships.
The lack of law enforcement for the elites and the lack of Democrat Party decorum have made our country look like a banana republic.
Watching the most recent hearing of the infamous FBI special agent was one pathetic exercise in watching Democrats in Congress obstruct the proceedings unlike anything that has ever been seen before. The Democrat representatives were not there to find out the truth but to assist the FBI agent being questioned, even proclaiming that he should receive a Purple Heart.
The main stream media has become a bad reality joke yet half of the country gets their news from the numerous alphabet soup channels that are busy manufacturing them to fit the leftist agenda. They have given up any pretense that they are objective journalists.
Millennials and other young Americans get their news from late night comedians and from those who write the script for theirs shows.
Hollywood commies come out in droves to give their “expert” political opinions they’ve learned from the roles they played in various movies.
Last but not least on the societal indoctrination ladder into communism and fascism are university professors, public school teachers, and administrators, including kindergarten teachers.
The fascist academic pinkoism is quite insidious.
I stumbled across the highly liberal page of an English college professor, who had a large following of sycophants having an “atta girl” discussion over her daughter’s photo, an early and devoted feminist pinko like herself, who was holding a sign painted with bar cells and a place for the head with the caption, “your child’s photo here,” advocating that illegal alien families apprehended at the border should not be separated.
Photos dating from 2014 during the Obama administration were showing minors kept in chicken wire enclosures. President Trump was blamed for this even though the previous administration carried out the practice.
Nobody in this vitriolic group living in their small academic bubble, insulated from reality, was affected by illegal immigration and probably never analyzed the situation clearly, being that they were driven mostly by feelings and not rational thought.
How many have ever welcomed minor or adult MS-13 gang members into their beautiful ante-bellum homes with lush green manicured lawns?
Were their state paychecks affected by unemployment caused by illegals overrunning our borders, or brought in on H-1B visas to take their jobs?
How many academics were affected by the trash, the violence, the theft, and their children infected by formerly eradicated diseases brought in by illegals and their coyotes who often abandoned them in the desert to the harsh elements?
How many illegals were raped during the arduous and long journey from Central America to the U.S. border? How many succumbed to the harsh elements?
None of the leftist sycophants asked the obvious question, what kind of parents would send their small children even toddlers, unaccompanied across many countries, to be used in the sex trade, abused, battered, raped, enslaved, and then discarded?
Describing Trump supporters with the vilest adjectives imaginable, professors and their sycophant friends and followers were laughing at conservatives, and how low their IQs must be.
In an academic setting, professors generally do not allow their children to play with legal aliens’ children because they are “different” and come from a different culture. Even though they are here legally and many are naturalized Americans, they are off the leftist plantation as proud, patriotic, and independent Americans who are working hard for the American dream.
Militant pinko feminists turn their backs on educated legal immigrants who love America and want to make it greater instead of sucking it dry of resources.
Spurred on by fake feminism and membership in the socialist Democrat Party, many academics have become defenders of the “downtrodden” from third world nations whose cultural “superiority” they admire from afar. They embrace people they don’t even know who are economic migrants and anti-America, desiring the generous welfare and jobs.
Hysterical rants, bullying, lewd and anti-social behavior are buying these crazed feminists minutes of fame behind a microphone in a public forum. They are threatened by smart, educated, classy immigrants who could possibly replace their cushy positions.
Leftists show generosity and grace to those illegals who take on menial jobs they will not touch. In their insane hypocrisy, they may feel good for their communist cause that is destroying our country.
Retired from academia, Pete G., a history professor, recounts how he was made to feel like an unwelcome outsider. “Besides the few fellow conservatives in my department, the only other faculty members who offered the hand of friendship were my foreign-born colleagues.”
Pinkoism and decades of successful communist indoctrination in academia has put our country at a crossroads – do we take the road to communist serfdom on the left, or do we keep the road to freedom and independence on the right?

9 thoughts on “Academic Indoctrination into Communism and Pinkoism

  1. Thanks Ileana for including so much truth about various subjects. The effects of long term Ideological Subversion are on full display rendering the followers incapable of developing an individual thought that differs from that which they have been indoctrinated. It is not the absence of knowledge today that evokes ignorance, but it is the omission of facts and a wilful disregard for, as well as the oppression of truth. We are swinging at gnats and swallowing camels, and Tocqueville expressed this truth well when he said, “It must not be forgotten that it is especially dangerous to enslave men in the minor details of life.”

  2. To those who do not understand human freedom or appreciate the proper function of man’s soul, the intentions of socialism sounds good; a new world order with equality and prosperity for all! Intoxicating words make perverse ideas popular, but words do not change truth. Socialism is the outright transfer of power from the individual to the State.

  3. Thank you for continuing to be a beacon of truth to those of us who live and work in the real world, and who know the value of our Constitution. Conservatives are now the underdogs, smeared, slandered and lied about pretty much everywhere. But I also know with confidence that God is on our side, and He gives strength to our President Trump and his supporters. Praying for him and for all of us.

    • Amen, Melinda Whitman. I pray every day that truth and righteousness will prevail for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

  4. I just love that remark; “American by choice”.!
    Enjoy your articles as well.

    Unfortunately, biology favors the mesmerizing offer of “everything for everybody”, that is those that hope to receive everything from others,and never to give back anything to the rest.
    The Pitcken Island experiment proved it. Although, it was just a misfortunate incident. But as the saying goes; the weed always overtakes the hibride plants.
    That is what we witness today in the western world.

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