You Can Never Have Enough Progressivism

One of the many solicitations I received in the mail today asked for $5 donation in order to meet their modest $15,000 goal. The letter was asking me to help them support the not-so-modest “progressive vision for America.” Their vision for America was spelled out in the first line:

– Voting rights (When did we lose the right to vote? We’ve been voting freely for many years, give a few incidents here and there, like the voter intimidation in Philadelphia by the Black Panthers; even the women’s suffrage was successful in 1920; we are so successful, we allow illegal aliens to vote, and some poll workers in Illinois boast about voting six times. They must be referring to photo IDs. It is so evil to require someone to prove that they are who they say they are; after all, we have to produce photo ID everywhere else in society, why require low information voters to be inconvenienced by a silly photo ID.)
– Health care (Did our President and the Democrats not passed the Affordable Care Act that nobody can afford? Did they not fundamentally change how our health care will be delivered to all citizens, non-citizens, and illegal aliens? Are they not gutting Medicare and Medicaid as a result of this law? Do we not have to pay now a minimum $20,000 a year premium for the Bronze level insurance and the Supreme Court says it is a tax? Is the IRS not the enforcer and overseer? How much more can we change health care that would satisfy the socialists?)
– Gun Reform (Are progressives not pleased until everybody is disarmed except the elites in power, Hollywood, and hardcore criminals?)
– Amnesty (Apparently progressives will not rest until we have open borders to all our enemies and we give blanket amnesty to every unfortunate illiterate immigrant who does not care about America, its values, its language, flag, and Constitution. Who are we to judge that illegal aliens are only interested in our generous welfare system and taking back the lands that have been ‘unjustly’ confiscated from the previous owners by war and purchase; by this definition, nobody has a claim to their country or their borders, so open borders makes sense to generous-with-other-people’s-money liberals.)
– DOMA (Homosexuals, LGBTs should have the same rights as heterosexuals, they should be allowed to be equally miserable in marriage, divorce, and whatever other rights they do not currently have; at the same time, no child should be allowed the right to feel uncomfortable when children of the opposite sex use their bathrooms, they should definitely be punished if they feel discomfort and complain.)
– Climate Change (Capitalism is evil and whatever progressives must do to destroy the U.S. economy must be accomplished quickly. The wealth confiscated through carbon swaps, carbon footprint, carbon taxes, and other “green” schemes, must be immediately distributed to third world nations and to Americans who are allergic to work and prefer the safety net of undeserved welfare while the industrious Americans are held slaves to high taxes in order to pay for it all. The unjustified fear mongering of global warming/climate change fits the bill. Low information voters believe whatever misinformation is fed to them, including catastrophic weather events caused by faux man-made global warming. The masses are kept happy with sports, vampires, reality shows, and other trivial Hollywood drivel, the modern day equivalent of bread and circuses.)

The Center for American Progress has a vision for America, a progressive vision. “The president and the public are on our side. With your help, we can make our shared progressive vision a reality.”

The CPA is listed as “an independent nonpartisan (chuckle) educational institute that does not support or oppose candidates or political parties.” (chuckle again) It boasts “ideas for a strong, just, and free America.” Who knew that we were not free? Millions of legal immigrants, who came to America for freedom and opportunity, must have deluded themselves for so long.

To illustrate that the CAP is nonpartisan, the letter I received contains examples of egregious lack of freedom such as “a Tea Party Congressman from Texas who ‘hoped and prayed’ that Congress would reject gun reform legislation to protect the country from Sharia law.” What was this Congressman thinking? How dare he oppose what CAP promotes?

To show again that CAP does not support or oppose political parties, the letter chastises conservatives – “Just when we thought conservatives had learned their lesson in November, eight more states introduced invasive and medically unnecessary anti-abortion bills.” The anti-abortion bills are “invasive and medically unnecessary” but the killing of innocent unborn is not invasive and unnecessary. Really?

The ‘nonpartisan’ Center for American Progress (CAP) continues, “A top GOP senator from Iowa – one of 22 Republican male senators who were the lone votes against the Violence Against Women Act – called protecting women from domestic violence “unconstitutional.” Who knew that men in general applauded domestic violence but particularly “evil” men of Republican persuasion?

This letter is so outrageous and disingenuous, only an insane person would take it seriously or contribute money after reading it. I must take an aspirin for my headache. Humanity has sunk to the lowest low in the quest for the end justifies the means of progressive drivel.

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