Movies and Books, Inequality for All

A friend has mentioned recently how insidious and malicious is the work of progressives in this country who have one goal in mind, to destroy our culture. They should be called regressives since they are fond of shaping society in their warped view of reality, not building it up.

The Democracy for America opened Robert Reich’s film “Inequality for All” in theaters across the country, inviting interested Americans to organize movie nights with friends and “meet other progressives in your neighborhood, and build our national community.”

As the Campaign Manager for Democracy for America describes it, “This powerful and entertaining movie takes a closer look at the American economy and what we can do to make it work for everyone.”

How are we going to build the national community? Will it be on the ashes of the formerly successful capitalist economy brought to its knees by liberals who have destroyed every sector of the economy and every level of our education system?

I cannot think of a more successful economy than that of the United States, where even the poorest of the poor have cell phones with landlines (80.9%), computers (58.2%), televisions (96.1%), DVR (83%), refrigerators (97.8%), gas or electric stoves (96.6%), microwaves (93.2%), air conditioning (83%), washing machines (68.7%), dryers (65.3%), and dishwashers (65.3%). I personally did not own a dishwasher until 4 years ago and I certainly did not feel deprived.

And, according to the Democrats, come October 1, all Americans will have all the affordable healthcare in the world, free for the taking, available on demand, anytime, for any procedure possible, no rationing, and no wait.

If you want a better economic situation, luxury goods, work for them, nobody owes you anything, study hard, go to college, come up with novel ideas, invent something, take entrepreneurial risks, have talent, mortgage your house, spend all your savings to start a new business, don’t expect someone else to give it to you on a golden platter because some progressive group has told you that the United States is socially unjust. Have you traveled to the rest of the world to see the real poverty and social injustice of dictatorial regimes?

The American economy has been the envy of the world and the most prosperous in the history of mankind until five years ago when the decades-long work of progressivism is finally bearing fruit and the economy is in shambles.

There is nothing we can do at this point to make the economy work for everybody. The very people who have voted all this fundamental transformation, social justice and equity, are now finding themselves either unemployed, working part time, and without health insurance or a qualified physician available to provide medical care. How is that for progressive hope and change?

No matter what we do, no matter what economic model we follow or what form of government we adopt, it is impossible to have equality for all. There will always be someone smarter, better educated, more beautiful, more successful, more entrepreneurial, more determined, and luckier than you. Government cannot mandate economic equality. The propaganda of economic equality will ultimately entice gullible citizens en masse into equal misery called communism.

One of the goals of global governance was to destroy books published before 1979, starting with children’s books – an easy way to erase history from future generations and to feed them manufactured, revisionist history in line with the progressive agenda.

In the past, discarded library books were donated to various organizations or sold to the public to raise money for local libraries strapped for cash. The Washington Post reported that Fairfax County Public Library System in Virginia has “tossed” 250,000 books as a plan to “reduce costs and bring the county’s library system into the digital age.” Previously, books have been donated to a group called Friends of the Library but no such donations had been made in seven months. County Supervisor Lynda Smyth, who investigated the claim, found a dumpster full of books.

Was the dumpster disposal deliberate or just a mistake in the eagerness to digitize the system?

Ray Bradbury published a dystopian novel in 1953 called “Fahrenheit 451.” In this novel, the American society of the future prohibits ownership of books and “firemen” like Guy Montag have the power to burn outlawed books found hidden by citizens eager to preserve the printed word. Bradbury chose the title “Fahrenheit 451” because he thought this temperature to be the point when paper self-ignited. The story presents book burning as a way to prevent any dissenting ideas and goals.

Montag (Monday) is loyal to this dystopian society; he lacks real knowledge, believes everything he hears and all empty promises, experiences inner conflicts, and decides to free himself. He survives nuclear annihilation with other men who have memorized books to preserve them for a time when printing would be allowed again.

Montag’s wife, Mildred, is a superficial and delusional woman, who watches soap operas on her salon walls (a type of flat-panel television), indifferent to the oppressive society around her. She betrays her husband and notifies the “firemen” that her husband is hoarding forbidden books. Close family betrayal to the security police happened often under oppressive communist regimes like the “Stasi” police in East Germany and “Securitatea” in communist Romania.

The book ends with the reassuring story of the phoenix rising from the ashes told by Granger who explains that humans are superior to the phoenix because they remember how the world was before it burned and can rebuild, making sure they never make the same mistake again.

Unfortunately humans are not that way as Bradbury’s character Granger portrayed them. They do forget mistakes quickly, never learn from them, and thus repeat history. Granger thinks that a large factory of mirrors should be built so that humanity can take a good look at itself and have a reality check from time to time.

In a radio interview in 1956, Ray Bradbury explained that he wrote Fahrenheit 451 at a time when he was concerned about censorship during the McCarthy era and the threat to freedom of expression. Later, however, Bradbury explained his motive for writing the book in “more general terms.” Interestingly, recent declassified documents reveal that McCarthy was right all along, there were quite a few communists in Hollywood.

It is a known fact that communists have banned all books that disagreed with and contradicted their basic Marxist ideology. But they were not alone. Hitler ordered many public and well-orchestrated burnings of books and paintings that he found unacceptable to his fascistic ideals and goals.

Leftists proclaim that they “stand for democracy, progress, human rights, and social justice.” History has shown, however, when they “seize power, they introduce slavery, terror, famine, concentration camps, and mass murder.” One of the reasons they want to ban books and replace them with liberal propaganda is that books become indelible testimony to the lies and crimes committed across the centuries. Making movies that distort economic reality is an easy way to dupe the masses who were asleep in class or never took a business/economics course.

2 thoughts on “Movies and Books, Inequality for All

  1. Thank you for all you do to expose the agenda of the Progressives. They have really taken a hold here in the USA now. I am doubtful that we will ever have conservative leadership in our country again. I am 69 years old and I have friends that I went to high school with that agree with the Marxist ideology. It astounds me. I was raised by a conservative Christian mother and it seems only natural to believe in capitalism. My children are too busy with their lives to take the time to pay attention and that saddens me. I pray for them and the grandchildren. I am grateful to have a husband with the same worldview as I. Again, thank you.

  2. Thank you for your words, so well written, educating and informing those who want to listen.
    In NZ the media are portraying that the American economy is coming right!!
    Obama is not well understood here, the Media in general talk him up,
    Sadly we in this country are blind to Agenda21, we are being fed propaganda of the sustainable variety,
    Your words are so prophetic unfortunately.
    Watch this space. Please keep these change agent’s feet to the fire.
    Whatever , do not give up, we need you .

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