Should Illegal Aliens Not Get to the Back of the Line?

Millions and millions of legal aliens past and present must feel pretty betrayed and foolish that they have followed the law, spent endless hours filling out paperwork, paid expensive fees, waited and waited, traveled to immigration offices sometimes in faraway places at great cost to them, subjected themselves to interrogations, fingerprinting, medical tests to prove that they were healthy, undergoing financial cross-examination to make sure they would not become a burden to American society, in order to legally immigrate to the United States as resident aliens.
They want a chance at the American dream. But this American dream has been destroyed by the lawlessness that permits illegal aliens to break our laws and demand citizenship and rights that previously were reserved for law-abiding people either born in this country or naturalized, people who wanted to make America better through their contributions once they were given the opportunity to live in a formerly free country.
Now we reward law breakers, no questions asked, with every possible financial incentives an American citizen has and they are not satisfied. They demand American citizenship, free health care, birth certificates even though most were not born in this country, and they demand their own Bill of Rights. This document was just released by United We Stay, a group comprised of illegal aliens, first generation Americans, and liberal human rights activists. In addition to their 10-point demands, they object to the term “illegal” and “alien” because they are “dehumanizing.”
At the same time, illegal alien groups had no hesitation releasing a vile video with very young children using profane language and gestures that cannot be played on screen without blocking the profanity, a message addressed to presidential candidate Donald Trump and to any law-abiding American who supports him. A majority of Americans reject criminality and such behavior unbecoming of adults but especially young children.
If this group was looking for sympathy and acceptance from Americans, this ill-conceived video certainly back-fired. Americans were outraged and disgusted that young children could be used in such a repulsive way by their own parents and other adults.
We are not racists or bigoted because we like the rule of law. You disrespected our country and broke our laws when you decided to sneak across the southern border without proper papers and authorizations.
Americans don’t want to raise their children around your children if these are the values, the vile language, and despicable behaviors that you teach your young children – no respect for the rule of law, for authority, and for the potentially future president of the United States. This video shows in glaring detail your mal-educated youth in action.
We don’t care that you “work hard” and that you do jobs that “Americans won’t do.” Americans and legal immigrants work hard too and pay heavy taxes so that you can have your anchor babies in the United States at taxpayer expense and free emergency healthcare in any hospital in the U.S. Anchor baby is not an offensive term, it is how you anchor yourselves by blood lines to eventual legal residence in the U.S.
Americans in whose faces you spit, whose flags you burn, whom you mock with obscene gestures and call lewd names are paying for your EBT cards, your WIC benefits, your child’s Medicaid, your housing, your food, your unearned income tax credits, your children’s free education, your ESL lessons, school lunch meals for your kids, housing, furniture, and other benefits that poor Americans may or may not receive. You demand your “entitlements” you did not pay a dime into simply because you are human beings. It is not our obligation to take care of you, we must first take care of our elderly and needy citizens.
After the publication of this video and the recent wave of crimes committed by illegal aliens, more Americans realize that presidential candidate Donald Trump, heavily vilified by the main stream media and by progressive groups, was right. A certain segment of the illegal immigrant population are criminals, rapists, and bring in drugs as mules when they don’t have the fee to pay the coyote to guide them across the border illegally in the dead of night.
Unlike illegal aliens already in the U.S., flaunting, demonstrating, and financially benefitting from their illegal status, over four million legal immigrants are quietly awaiting the dispensation of their immigration status application, following the law and waiting patiently in their countries, unable nor willing to jump the border, with no desire to transform America into the third world socialist dictatorship they hope to escape.
Should illegal aliens not get to the back of the line?

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