Non-Governmental Organizations’ Role in Global Governance

“The fear of capitalism has compelled socialism to widen freedom, and the fear of socialism has compelled capitalism to increase equality. East is West and West is East, and soon the twain will meet.” – Will and Ariel Durant in Lesson of History
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The developed world appears to be changing in the same direction, at the same time, at an alarming speed, relatively speaking. What is the common dominator and drive behind this change towards a one world global governance and global citizenship? What is rushing everything towards global socialism? How is this possible when countries have different levels of development, education, economies, government, history, religion, wars, and conflicts?
The wails and demands of “equality” resound in the corridors of power and in the main stream media around the globe. I’ve heard the tired-out claims that “Socialism means genuine social equality,” giving “basic rights to the working class – the right to a job, education, health care, a secure retirement, a decent standard of living, a world without war.” This idyllic and utopian socialism will be attained by “the establishment of workers’ power.”
I have experienced the reality of socialism and it was quite different than the rhetoric. Not only were the workers not equal nor in power, but they were in abject poverty when compared to the working middle class under the much maligned “capitalism.”
Then there is the nagging and very important question – Who or what gives and guarantees all these rights that the socialists want? It can’t be God because socialists are atheists; atheism is their religion. It can’t be government because bureaucrats, who confiscate wealth to distribute it from producers to non-producers, eventually run out of other people’s money and the whole scheme collapses.
The Industrial Revolution is blamed for many ills in society, including the manufactured anthropogenic global warming which spawned an entire environmental industry of climate change worth trillions annually. Will and Ariel Durant believed that the Industrial Revolution “brought with it democracy, feminism, birth control, socialism, the decline of religion, the loosening of morals…”
Will and Ariel Durant, historians who are considered two of the greatest thinkers of our time, wrote in “The Lessons of History” (1968) that there are three important lessons of biological history:
1. Life is competition – “Animals eat one another without qualm; civilized men consume one another by due process of law.”
2. Life is selection – “Inequality is natural and inborn”
By Nature, “we are all born unfree and unequal: subject to our physical and psychological heredity and to the customs and traditions of our group; diversely endowed in health and strength, in mental capacity and qualities of character. Nature loves difference as the necessary material of selection and evolution.”
3. Life must breed – …”a high birth rate has usually accompanied a culturally low civilization, and a low birth rate a civilization culturally high;” in nature “a nation with a low birth rate shall be periodically chastened by some more virile and fertile group.”
Nature knows how to restore balance in nations through “pestilence, famine, and war,” they added.
Durant called the rapidly emerging one world government of today, the “international government,” which was the result, in his opinion, of industry, banking and finance, and international trade across sovereign borders.
In the current world we have oligarchies in which a tiny minority elite rules. This rule can be imposed by birth (aristocracy), by religion (theocracy), or by vast wealth (democracy).
Observing the role of the United Nations around the world and their environmentalist militancy expressed through sustainable development of Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, and other population control organizations, an elite composed of mostly western billionaires is moving the world towards a one world government with its own global police force, military, banking and finance, commerce, renewables, science, agriculture, land and water use, and industry.
But how were they able to achieve such infiltration in every country in the developed and not-so developed world? The most obvious answer is through indoctrination in schools, emphasizing erasure of borders (flooding the world with refugees and illegal aliens as their right), dumbing down standards of intellectual aspirations, removing true history from the curriculum of various nations, making children feel ashamed of their country’s history and accomplishments, preparing them as early as kindergarten for global citizenship, and removing their allegiance to their parents and to their country and placing it in the hands of the globalist educators/indoctrinators.
In addition to indoctrination in schools and through mass media, other very important vectors of transformation into one world governance include the United Nations, government finance, and politics at all levels. Additionally, cultural decadence, moral and religious degradation, race baiting, political correctness with charges of racism and hate speech, and class enmity/violence coupled with accusations of phony “white privilege” round out the indoctrination into global socialism.
How do the United Nations, government finance, and politicians influence local and state governments to change in the same desired global direction? It is quite simple – through the honey pot of taxpayer grants and competitive financial awards which are administered by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), currently operating in every country in the world with additional money from special interest groups and billionaires.
These non-profits and lobbying groups are awash with cash which hook those in need of funds, people, towns, and regions around the world, making them dance to the tune of progressivism, equality, social justice, environmental justice, gender justice, racial justice, inching them closer and closer to one world global governance.
The NGOs are hard at work around the world employing volunteers and young people who either cannot find a job in their fields, are on a quest to find themselves, or enjoy traveling and exploring while being paid to further what they perceive to be a noble cause or idea. NGOs are classified as charitable, service, participatory, and empowering.
NGOs are organized around communities, cities, on a national level or on an international level. Other euphemistic names for NGOs are “private voluntary organization,” “civil society,” “independent sector,” “self-help organization,” grassroots organization,” “volunteer sector,” “transnational social movement,” and “non-state actors” (NSAs).
The abbreviated terms used by NGOs are:
– BINGO (a business-friendly international NGO)
– CITS (looking for young talent in research and development)
– CSO (civil society organization)
– DONGO (donor organized NGO)
– ENGO (environmental NGO)
– GONGO (government-operated NGO)
– INGO (international NGO)
– QUANGO (quasi-autonomous NGO)
– TANGO (technical assistance NGO)
– MANGO (market advocacy NGO)
– GSO (grassroots support organization)
– CHARDS (community health and rural development society)
The World Bank classifies NGOs as advocacy and operational. Advocacy NGOs promote a cause through lobbying, media, and aggressive activism. Operational NGOs create and implement development projects in communities, on national levels, or international levels.
Most of the grants and money distributed through NGOs come with strings attached which require the receivers to adopt the one world government underlying stance and regulations. When strapped for immediate funds, the receivers agree to the terms and are thus hooked for a long time.
NGOs, with their lobbyists, activists, volunteers, and supporters, are the busy workers of the ant colony of global progressivism working for billionaires, for financiers, for government regulatory and bureaucratic organizations, and the United Nations to promote, create, develop, and enforce one world governance.

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