Have Americans Lost Their Minds?

The Ship of Fools
“Sadly, too many Americans have lost their collective minds and found their collectivist minds.” – A. J. Cameron
Western Europeans have been watching the vitriolic opposition to President Trump with great personal interest, wondering if Americans have lost their minds. Being the inveterate leftists that they are, even in the face of demographic suicide, they were rooting for a like-minded female socialist who vowed to turn the U.S. into the European basket case model of failed multiculturalism and diversity, flooding their countries with more and more Islamists in order to forever change the western culture into a Caliphate. The MSM reported ad litteram the same Teleprompter talking points, that she was the most experienced statesman of the two. No mention of her corruption or scandals, just a constant digging for fabricated dirt on then candidate Trump.
Eastern Europeans thought Americans have lost their minds, afflicted by the progressivist, anti-American malaise, having mounted ever-escalating mob violence and anarchic opposition to the Trump presidency, funded, flamed, and organized by rich billionaires, Hollywood stars, crony capitalists, academia, and the main street media. The black-clad and masked rioters have been beating up anybody who does not share their twisted view of the world, silencing any opposition on America’s campuses, especially at Berkeley.
No Eastern European can understand why the former bastion of progress, the shiny city on the hill, the America of Europe’s hopes and dreams, has suddenly decided to cut its own healthy veins, throbbing with wealthy blood, just to watch the patient die an untimely death.
How did patriotic Americans manage to send the Marxist brainwashed of America into a frenzy of daily protests and vitriolic talk in the MSM, Hollywood, and other halls of power, hunting down mercilessly President Trump, his family, and anyone who works for him, or who supports him? Which masters are these anti-American “global citizens” serving and why? Are they tired of their abundant lifestyle, of their civilization, of their success, and want to throw it all away for the utopian promise of failed Marxism and to the 7th century denizens of Islamic theocracy in the name of insane tolerance and diversity?
Sane Americans and Europeans do not understand why Cultural Marxists engage in cultural and historical vandalism in all countries in which they advocate for suicidal diversity and multiculturalism.
The Democrat Party Marxists are still looking for ways to invalidate the presidential election even though Trump had much more electoral votes than his opponent who allegedly had more popular votes coming from illegal alien voters.
The entire “civil society,” meaning the united leftist agitators around the globe, was incensed when President Trump dared to mention the Islamist attack in Sweden and the religionists of peace who burned down businesses and private property the night before, as shown on Fox News. For some reason, suicidal European bureaucrats are burying the truth, the violence, the rapes, and the destruction of their countries in order not to offend the Muslims.
It will be interesting to watch what will happen with the vote in France this weekend, a vote that will decide if France is determined to survive as a western civilized nation or to continue on the path of multiculturalist self-destruction. Marie Le Pen promises to end Islamist refugee migration.
The EU bureaucrats joined the protest chorus over President Trump’s “inhumane and xenophobic” fence on the border with Mexico. I suppose the fences erected between EU nations and other countries around the globe, including Mexico’s wall with its borders, Belize and Guatemala, are more “humane?” India shares its border with Pakistan; it is lit by 150,000 floodlights which give off so much light that it is visible from space as an orange glowing line.
The elite globalists are exporting “democracy” around the third world through wars and forced U.N. policies disguised as Sustainable Development to allegedly save the planet from anthropogenic global warming/climate change. The climate change industry and its sycophant lobby have become very powerful since it is worth now trillions of dollars of easy money. It is nothing but exploitation of the poor and of the middle class using environmentalism as a weapon. As Hans-Hermann Hoppe said, “Democracy has nothing to do with freedom. Democracy is a soft variant of communism, and rarely in the history of ideas has it been taken for anything else.”
Multinationals and non-government organizations (NGOs) have so much money at stake; they are more powerful and wealthier than most countries. They are at the forefront of the fight against President Trump’s administration and his nationalist policies. They are instrumental in passing treaties like TPP, NAFTA, and laws that are anti-American, do not benefit the American taxpayers, and represent solely the interests of the elite billionaires around the globe.
Multinational corporations and their interests had and still have an important role in the evolution of the economic, social, and political climate around the globe. United Nations, technocrats, and corrupt politicians are the instruments of implementation of all globalist policies and treaties that will eventually eliminate all borders and create a global hodge-podge of billions of people without any national identity, migrating around the globe, and controlled by the globalist elites through settlements, food or lack thereof, water, land, and medical help.
The fight of a potential WWIII will be the fight to install the new world order through the following:
– Uniform culture
– Uniform law
– Mixing nationalities and races
– Destruction of national pride
– Destruction of borders
– Weakening of states until they are no longer relevant
– Destruction of the family
– Destruction of religion
– One world authority under U.N.
– Total control and supervision of the individual through technology
– One single currency
– One single army
If we consider the percentage of Americans who have bought into this globalist agenda blindly and are trying to replace Americanism with Cultural Marxism and Islamo-fascism, we can perhaps answer my question with a definitive yes – Americans have lost their collective minds.

2 thoughts on “Have Americans Lost Their Minds?

  1. Yes, Americans have lost their minds, but not all Americans. The ones that a mired in a mass neurosis of dysfunctional ideals and unrestricted emotions are the Liberal/Progressive/Socialist half of our populace that voted in the charlatan, and America-hater, Barack Obama and supported the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, who, along with her partner in crime, Bill Clinton, who comprise one of the most corrupt, self-serving cartels of greed and elitism the world has seen in modern times. Saying that all Americans have lost their minds is like saying that, during the Civil War, all Americans revered and championed slavery. The real cause of the Left’s mental meltdown can be found in a 70 year secret that started one half of our country on a path ofr self-destruction. To read more about this initial occurrence in 1946 and its ‘progressive growth’ still occurring today, got to http://www.TheOverviewer.com and click on the page heading, “The Plight of the Baby Boomers”. Unless already known, this information will serve as an epiphany to the reader. If you read nothing else political/sociological this year, do this 20-25 minute read.

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