Progressivism Makes America Worse

Americans are bored with their abundant lifestyle. Western civilization is bored with its wealth, bucolic life, and success. Academics and Hollywood elites have taken it upon themselves to bring all this success and wealth down a few notches if not to the first rung of the prosperity ladder.
They’ve had their fun time in the sun, it is now time for the third world to take over and to teach them how to live, work, and worship the right way. Having just one protected class in America was not enough; we brought in Islam with its clean living and fertility to replace the declining birth rate in the west. Western young women and men are not interested in marriage and reproduction, they want to have fun, and, if it means having it in the street or on reality TV, the more the better for the narcissistic society that we have become.
Right now the welfare spigot is open and welfare is flowing generously to the rest of the world. Although America is despised by all, they crowd the irrelevant border to cross illegally so they have an opportunity to our generous welfare system, our injudicious immigration laws, and to take over our wealth and our way of life.
Americans used to enjoy working long hours, overtime, bought every amenity imagined on credit and became slaves to banks, credit cards, the downtrodden, the aging population, and the ersatz disabled. Now they are still slaves to a bloated financial system but have added their liberal children in the basement and the protected illegal immigrant underclass and pretty much any third world tin pot dictatorship that can force its way into the United Nations human rights council and muscle and squeeze more billions out of Satan’s country, the very generous U.S.A where money grows on trees just waiting to be plucked by intrepid illegals with no intention to ever assimilate or to contribute their share to the society they are plundering.
Gadgets that open the window to the world have cast a 24-hour glow on the faces of all generations, beholden to social media. They are stars, they are somebody, they are Internet and Instagram trolls, they can reach the stars with their hidden identities. They are finally somebody, no longer the ignored taxpayer or the bullied public school specimen brainwashed into liberalism and global citizenship utopia.
The vice of working endless hours every day is slowly dying down, replaced by apathy and a sense of entitlement to the government’s trough in the European socialist style. Nobody is asking the obvious question, the elephant in the room, which group of people is going to replenish the abundance trough if everybody adopts a lifestyle of government dependency from cradle to grave?
Materialism has triumphed for decades and opportunity has turned to success, and the rat race has ensued which turned the vast country into a fine-tuned watch; but its components are beginning to age and rust, and materialism has given way to indifference and apathy to anything that could remotely resemble what once used to be “borders, language, and culture.”
Americans have been brainwashed for many decades of academic excellence and liberal experimentation that they don’t have a culture and their history is bad, their men of fame, their inventors and entrepreneurs were bad people. Inventions that made life easier and saved billions around the globe have suddenly become a danger to the planet and to Mother Nature itself.
The United Nations and the global elites have taken it upon themselves to socially engineer the masses into compliance with their wishes because, as rich as they are, they know for sure what is best for everyone, freedom be damned. They are gods of technology, of banking, of genetically modified agriculture, of pharma, of law, of politics, and are far superior to the dumbed down masses who must obey or be nudged through the power of the law, the courts, and of imprisonment.
“Thoughts are free” says an old WWII protest song, Die Gedanken sind frei, but corporate and political elites know that you have an “unconscious bias” and these thoughts you didn’t know existed in your brain must be rooted out with indoctrination classes in the workplace. If they could have, they would have physically extracted your evil and unapproved thoughts with pliers as if they were rotted teeth. If you want to keep your job, you must think the way elites tell you to think and you must harbor thoughts only approved by progressive guidelines of the new world order.
Half of Americans who vote are ashamed of their country, of who they are, of their history, and of their culture. Teachers are more than happy to indoctrinate your children into their twisted political views.
Unconcerned Americans are at cross-roads of self-destruction, following in the footsteps of the intrepid Europeans who are busy committing demographic suicide and societal hara-kiri by bringing in non-assimilating masses of economic refugees from Africa and the Middle East at such alarming rates that many beautiful European cities have already been turned into cesspools of violence and destruction.
The triumph of materialism has finally hit a reinforced concrete wall built by progressive agendas and elite billionaires who can afford tall fences, expensive security systems, and armed body guards, in a gated and protected luxurious life that the rest of us cannot afford. We don’t want their wealth, we just want a safe country with well-defined and protected borders.
The West’s ladder of success is sporting dangerously loose rungs and the last few are even missing. Can it be repaired and salvaged? How many Donald Trumps would be needed to fix it? Are we passed the civilization point of no return, headed for a down-sloping road into a furiously bubbling cauldron?
To put it bluntly, no matter how hard President Trump tries to make America economically better for everyone, those afflicted by a serious mental disorder, best described as liberal race-baiting and the progressive worship of the dictatorship of the oppressed, are making America worse.

6 thoughts on “Progressivism Makes America Worse

  1. The theory of utopian socialism is a lie, an economic tinkering with the laws of divine establishment whereby a false premise is inculcated: If capitalism voluntarily surrenders its ownership and means of production to the State or to the workers, unemployment and poverty will be abolished. This is the devil’s hoax, for economic prosperity is created by capital and investment, not by government or workers.

  2. The premise and ideas you convey are sound. We are in a great debt of omission to God. One time God allowed the Civil War to occur when we were in deep debt. The proponents of Progressivism and other ideologies that ultimately devalue one group of human beings over another according to how useful they see them developed an increasingly powerful dictatorship of moral relativism and culture of death. They have fought an immense war of honey speech playing at heartstrings rhetoric propaganda war of attrition since time immemorial; but this recent one dates back to the late 1800s and even before. They learned from overt totalitarianism to seduce using ‘freedom,’ granting ‘license,’ opposing “Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God,” (ref. Declaration of Independence) to force younger and younger persons to be subjected to anathema teaching in school. The intellectual elite, more and more each generation, seducing younger and younger persons into their ideology have formed a educational, prevalent in government, media, arts & entertainment, and the vast majority of the venues & facets of society. And they exist a various levels in the Church; either not supporting protection of human life at every stage; or supporting sins of omission to form a virtual silence in comparison to the immense atrocity.
    We know this dictatorship of moral relativism and culture of death will fail in The Light of Christ which shines in the darkness. I pray for more and more to see past the veil that clouds most people from seeing this more clearly. And even trying to convey these things to persons in The Church, often results in a person being seen as trying to convey religious balderdash. While prudence is the better part of valor; we should try to share what has happened, even though so many are reticent in receiving these things.
    Peace and warm regards.
    In Jesus Christ’s Holy Name.
    – Joseph

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