A Cancer across the Earth Called Globalism

I just returned from a two week trip to Romania and, I am sad to say, what many have warned us about years ago, has come to pass even in Romania, the country that had suffered so much under four decades of communist dictatorship. They managed to replace one evil master, the communists, with another, the globalists/corporatists/statists.

At one of the empty truck stops and restaurants where we stopped for a soda, a southern Romanian was telling us how afraid people are of their children’s uncertain future, of their finances, and of the dwindling opportunities for success that seem to vanish more each day.

No sooner had Romanians freed themselves from communism in 1989 that the European Union has stepped in with their Fabian Socialism, bringing in lots of indoctrination and other demand strings attached to their financial help for the newly minted and impoverished EU state in dire financial need, Romania.

Dr. Savage warned us about liberalism as a mental disorder. European progressive liberals on steroids, with their failed multiculturalism, have influenced Romanian economics and politics so much that they are now well underway to global governance, an insidious and noxious control by a few elites poised to own the globe.

Romania now has the green party, environmentalism gone-amuck, school indoctrination into the cult of Gaia, destruction of national identity, revisionist history, Muslim and multicultural immigration, ignoring anything that identifies and ties Romanians to their culture and language, strange music, depraved and debauched fashion and behavior, drugs, replacement of perfectly good Romanian words with English neologisms, brainwashing of the population by the church into blind submission to the statists, corruption at all levels, bribery of 5-15 euro for each vote, socialized medical care on a dwindling budget, and disappearance of the middle class which had emerged successfully after the supposed fall of the communists in 1989.

A few conservatives, like ignored Cassandras, have lectured listeners who cared to pay attention about the out-of-control immigration and all the hallmarks of the new world order that is taking over like a metastasized cancer every facet of our lives in the U.S. and across the globe.

Unemployment is high, inflation is escalating, jobs are not created, politicians make empty and dishonest promises to the voters, contracts and companies are moving overseas, young people seek jobs elsewhere in the European Union, no big time corrupt politicians are going to jail, and there is a feeling of hopelessness for the future of their children.

I was saddened to see in Romania the same elements of global control, despair, and welfare dependency we see in the U.S. today. The church supports statism and the hoax of global warming packaged as the climate change industry worth trillions of dollars. Even the Pope is now a climatologist and anti-gun lobbyist.

But there are some important differences. Romanians are very proud of their beautiful country. The Romanian flag is patriotically flown on every building and on every summit. Everybody speaks fluent Romanian if they want to become citizens. No ballots come in any other language and no translators are necessary or provided by the government for welfare services.

The border is safe and secure and one must have a valid passport to cross it. There is no stoked racism and bigotry every day from the administration in power. Nobody wants to disarm Romanians and certainly not their government. If the population learned anything from an embattled and painful history is that disarmed citizens become hopeless slaves to their government masters in power.

Freedom of speech is safe for now. There is no liberal-imposed political correctness that stifles and prevents freedom of speech, nor are there academic corners dubbed “free speech zones.” Academics as a group love their country and students still have free exchange of ideas at the university. People who disagree with progressives are not labeled haters and terrorists and their lives are not threatened. The Constitution is safe and does not operate side-by-side with Sharia Law. Immigration is legally permitted within the bounds of “how does it benefit the Romanian people.”

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