Political and Societal Conundrums, Normalizing the Abnormal

As I attempted to discuss politics in my former country, one young cousin commented wryly that individuals are not preoccupied with politics like Americans are; people are too worried about daily economic survival and loss of “entitlements.”
After decades of communism, the culture of dependency is strongly ingrained and is not likely to go away. Voters are too uninformed, he added. They say, ‘who cares who is elected, they are all corrupt,” but then eagerly accept the meager bribes of $15-$20 in exchange for their vote, whether it’s a vote for mayoral elections or for higher office, and then line up for the promised “social benefits.” Once they obtain said benefits, they complain that nothing ever changes in society because it is all rigged against the poor. Sounds familiar?
I’ve never seen so many young people idle, out of work, smoking and drinking in cafes, discussing philosophy and the virtues of socialism, unashamed to extend their hands to receive undeserved and unearned government support, as I have seen in Europe. A few countries are tightening their welfare belts but the citizens protest vehemently.
Our young Americans, the products of decades of public school indoctrination into socialism and Marxism, are equally perplexing in their outrageous and confusing demands.
They want equality but fail to understand that “free people are not equal.” They refuse to understand because their revisionist history teachers have taught them that communist utopia makes everyone “equal.” They don’t know that communist elites were rich beyond anybody’s dreams and wanted to maintain the status quo while everyone else was equally poor and equally miserable.
Another conundrum is expressed in the chants rioters use during organized mayhem, like “America is capitalist and greedy.” Yet almost half of the population is on some type of welfare and citizens on the dole see themselves as the “victims” of white men, the “white devils,” who succeeded in life because they had bogus “white privilege.”
In a country where every child receives an award and a trophy for participation in a competition and an undeserved, often shocking praise for fiascos, it is no surprise that failures want to be recognized for sloth and lack of work ethic.
When blatant lies and deception are endlessly justified, while corruption and treasonous behavior are no longer punished, right is wrong, wrong is right, is it any wonder that our youth have a distorted view of reality?
These imagined “black victims” predominantly run the government in most bankrupt U.S. cities and enable their constituents to remain on generational dole, asking constantly for more. As they claim to be poorer and poorer, in spite of trillions of dollars spent on the War on Poverty, they have personal property that people in other countries wish they had and fantasized about.
These same “poor,” “enslaved” people, who never mention the real slave states in 21st century Africa and Asia, are demanding reparations for their ancestors’ slavery, egged on by progressive academia; they drive the manufactured narrative of racism, of bigotry, of hate speech, in the most tolerant country on the planet, in an attempt to silence and shame all whites into blind submission to the bipartisan rulers of the country.
We are not supposed to judge an entire religion for the actions of one Muslim terrorist because he is a “lone wolf” but because one lunatic, drugged-up individual chose to murder in cold blood nine innocent people, we must immediately blame everything liberals ever wanted to change on various symbols this deranged young man displayed or used, and reorient our entire society to fit the one world government agenda. “Never let a crisis go to waste,” even a crisis as senseless and hateful as this one.
The country is described as “racist,” everyone cowers in shame, and immediately agree with the “transformational liberal agenda” that we must purge any symbol of our history, of our past, any word or phrase in our language that may be deemed offensive to someone of a “darker-pigmented skin.”
The American flag, the Confederate flag, and any statues, monuments, and graves must be removed because it offends those who don’t know nor care to know their history; if you are not removing them fast enough, let’s deface them with graffiti such as “black lives matter.” Farrakhan wants to remove all American flags!
If you cannot purchase a Confederate flag in the Gettysburg museum shop, where can you? And why are large retailers banning the sale of the Confederate flag but still selling the Nazi swastika flag and Che Guevara t-shirts, the butcher who “murdered thousands, forced thousands more into slavery, and drove more than a million to exile,” and an inveterate racist? http://www.worldaffairsjournal.org/blog/michael-j-totten/truth-about-che-guevara
Young Americans, who live in a distorted world manufactured by the progressive academia and the deceitful main stream media, have no idea what they are asking for or what they are admiring.
As Michael J. Totten said, “…anti-establishment young people all over the world have Che’s face on their walls and their T-shirts. Most of them don’t know anything real about the man they admire. They have no idea he was one of the most violently illiberal establishment figures in the Western Hemisphere’s history. They admire the image, which is and always has been a fraud.”
But we must destroy our own history and all the symbolism attached to it and remake our American past in the fake vision of liberalism that wants to shape the youth of the world into global citizens. The only country that stands in the way is the United States. But this former bastion is crumbling day by day into the dustbin of the former empires. It is falling from within through the work of its elected self-serving representatives and the ignorant and dishonest voters.
Illegal aliens and amnesty must be our number one priority, we are told ad nauseam, they represent a significant and very important voting block for all politicians; money is no object in pleasing them, while benefits to veterans and to the military are being cut.
America is so “unjust” that we must change it and make it like those perfect socialist and bankrupt European countries liberals envy and admire where everyone is “equal” on paper and “social justice” reigns supreme in theory, basking in the glory of failed multiculturalism.
America must change because it has had a good run as an “evil empire,” we are told by progressive admirers of Marx, Engels, Stalin, Lenin, and Mao.
Any perversion that violates religious beliefs and family values must be taught to our children starting in kindergarten, without parental approval. “Free-range parenting,” another liberal category constructed to demean our worth and bring us down to animal level, is verboten. Parents who engage in such practices that allow kids to be kids, play outdoors, or home-school them away from the destructive Common Core, must be arrested and stripped of their rights.
Liberals invent new language, force strange labels on us, trans-gender, trans-racial, trans-normal, trans-sexual, trans-human, just add the prefix “trans.” Liberals are normalizing the abnormal, marginalizing the majority of us as irrelevant. Only then will we achieve the sought-after “equality” and “justice” under the sun.
Will we then be a perfect society built in the progressive image of utopian Marxism with citizen slaves to the Orwellian government where some animals are more “equal” than others?
Or is this just a distraction to do the bidding of large corporations and pass the basement-guarded Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), a disguised giveaway of our sovereignty (under the excuse of globalist trade) to a foreign entity composed of a “committee” nobody knows, elects, can talk about, reign in, nullify, or supersede?

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