Is This Our New America?

Golden Eagle with chopped wing Photo: Wikipedia

Golden Eagle with chopped wing
Photo: Wikipedia

The young woman was shopping on the 75 percent off rack of children’s clothes. Our eyes met and she smiled; in these hard times we must shop wisely to make money stretch further, she said. I remember those years in the mid-twenties, with two babies, a mom to support, and at least three part-time jobs. I never complained, blamed rich people, rioted to burn down other people’s hard work, or demanded that they turn their accumulated wealth over to me. It was a time when law and order mattered. Effort and hard work eventually paid off when I made a huge and lengthy investment in human capital – my education.
Today the only luxury the young woman allowed herself was a first baby’s Christmas ornament for her newborn. One of the only two Caucasian associates in this department store, she earns a living standing eight hours a day, waiting on demanding and often rude customers who hail from two hundred plus different countries. It is always a United Nation’s zoo, a cacophony of nationalities and people who do not have much love for America, they just enjoy its opportunities and the new found Shangri La of better treatment than poor Americans and vets get.
She has to meet impossible sales numbers set by corporate management from another planet who do not care that the economy is bad, the result of eight years of destructive Democrat Marxist activism that weakened the economy and doubled the indebtedness for generations to come. People do not have a lot of disposable income, unemployment is high, and many save money by staying home and ordering online.
Few customers want to fight the crowds and the rude salespeople who are mostly Middle Eastern and treat shoppers with contempt and rudeness just like they did in their own countries. Who wants to be friendly in a country they resent with passion? They are not even nice to the few Americans who have to work with them; they treat them like pariahs and threaten them with bodily harm if they say or do anything that might offend their Muslim sensibilities. They scream racism and bigotry for every little thing to their bosses who always take sides with the Muslims for fear that they might be considered Islamophobes. Shopping in northern Virginia is an unpleasant experience that many try to avoid.
Most of the heavily made-up Middle Eastern associates are uneducated and have no skills, they cannot possibly work anywhere else except sell merchandise in stores. There are some who do wear hijabs and some burkas. It was an interesting experience one day to go to a local computer store and to be met by an IT associate wearing a complete black tent with slits for eyes. To say that it was uncomfortable being helped by this person is an understatement. How can you relax when you cannot really see who you are talking to? I’ve seen some driving on the busy and dangerous roads of northern Virginia. I wondered if their driver’s licenses concealed their identities as well. It was an eerie experience as if I’ve been transported back in time into the seventh century slave bazaars.
I don’t know about you but I like to have a temporary friendly relationship with the person helping me spend money and, if you are rude and I can’t see you, I have to move on to shop somewhere else. But there are not many “someplace elses” left that are different from this experience.
We are fast becoming strangers in our own country, being pushed aside by a theocracy that is alien to our nation. It has not caught up yet in other parts of America but it is moving fast in that direction. If the stunt the Starbucks CEO pulled the other day, saying that he will hire 10,000 refugees from Syria instead of Americans out of work, is any indication of what is to come in the near future, our services work force will be fast replaced by laborers from unskilled nations.
There is a growing workforce in the restaurant business and landscaping, mostly people coming from south of the border, hard and conscientious workers. But they have a large family at home that takes full advantage of the generous welfare benefits in this country. This south of the border workforce has replaced high school and college students who used to work part-time to supplement their income while in school.
Collegiate Americans, lovers of activism, Bolshevism, communism, and ardent Islamophiles seem to have found a niche in the paid-protest and paid-rioters business. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), well-funded by billionaire elites, who know that global communism is best for us, remunerate these masked, black-clad agitators really well. Anti-Americanism, raised to a fever and violent pitch, has become quite lucrative. They seem to be untouched by law and order so the mayhem and destruction continues.
We are told non-stop by the main stream media that these refugees do the jobs Americans don’t want to do. Is that really true? Illegals work for lower wages, often under the table, so their employment depresses wages in general.
In between rioting, looting, burning, and physically beating people who disagree with them, Lefties keep screaming, “that’s not who we are as a nation, we are a nation of immigrants.” Yes, we are a nation of legal immigrants who assimilated into our culture, and we helped build it but we have reached our point of immigration saturation before we turn into the failed multicultural Europe that is being destroyed by the flotsam and jetsam of the welfare dependent third world.
Immigrants refuse to assimilate, we are told by the fanatical “experts” of the left, because it is “fascistic” to expect them to assimilate their “superior” and primitive culture into such an “awfully intolerant” country that took them in and supported them financially without any questions asked.
If liberals were not so “open-minded” that their brains fell out long time ago, they could perhaps answer the logical question, if we are such a racist, bigoted and intolerant place to live, why come here in the first place, why not stay in the country that is so much better than ours?
Spare us the indignity of having to support you and your extended families while you threaten us with lawsuits because we don’t accept Sharia Law over our Constitution. We are rolling out the red carpet for refugees while many of our veterans are sleeping in the streets. Is this our new America?

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  1. Let me see if I understand this, a women that feels compelled to wear a burqa for modesty sake is out working in public, coming in contact with male coworkers and customers and no male family member to escort her? And another woman embraces the restrictions of the burqa while demanding the unlimited freedom that a driving a car offers and no doubt without a male family member either.

  2. This is America after 8 years of rule under the rule of Muslim-in-Chief, Barry SOETERO AKA BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. We now have a President who wants to take back the CONSTITUTIONAL AMERICA that many of us fondly remember. WE DO NOT OWE MUSLIMS American citizenship. They don’t assimilate into our society and prefer to continue their 7th century way of life. Let them stay in their own countries and fight to defend it. Our idiotic “multicultural mentality” was a total failure. If you come to America, live by our laws and our constitution and come legally. We are fed up putting AMERICANS last and apologizing for not being a Marxist or. Islamic loving POLITICALLY CORRECT DEMOCRAT

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    I would like to let my friends better understand what is going on in the US
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