Things Have Changed Significantly in Forty Years


I so admired the freedom of the west – people could worship in peace, attend the university of their choice, travel wherever they wanted if they could afford to, police was there to protect and serve the locals, food was cheap, grocery stores were full, families were able to buy a home with a picket fence and pay it off before they retired, truth, hard work, and honor were qualities to be admired, the press was generally objective and covered the facts domestically and internationally, families raised their children to be patriotic citizens, and children respected their parents, teachers, elders, authority, and the law.
I could not wait to escape the oppressive communism of the Iron Curtain even though it meant leaving behind everything I’ve ever known and everybody I’ve ever loved. It did not matter that my new countrymen would see me as an inconvenient and tolerated member of the underclass, “Euro-trash” to be exact. If we came from Eastern Europe, we were all worthless gypsies or spies at best. But I knew deep down, if I was given the opportunity, I would prove that I was the best and the brightest.
After twenty-three hours of flying half-way around the world, I could have kissed the ground in New York when we landed, had it not been in the dead of winter, that’s how elated I was to be free. But a sense of dread, fear of the unknown, and trepidation were equally overwhelming.
My first photograph in the free world was that of a young and willowy woman smiling in the best outfit I owned, eating a boxed dinner out of a paper bag at JFK airport. I had 10 cents in my pocket which I debated whether I should save it for a phone call or to buy a bottle of coke.
It was not easy adjusting to life in the southern part of a vast country, the shining city on the hill that represented freedom to so many billions around the world. I was the envy of my home town because I was the one girl who got away from suffocating communism and I would be rich – wealth by association.
Poor people then defined rich by very murky standards, one being that dollars grew on trees, easily picked. But reality then was that dollars were earned with a minimum wage job, not in the welfare office of today where illegal immigrants waltz in and steal the hard-earned tax dollars of Americans who work every day and have no input where their money is spent. Bureaucrats and politicians know best. Their newly arrived fraudulent voters must be pacified through generous handouts at someone else’s expense. How else would they stay in office for decades? Constituents who refuse to learn English are easy picking. They see the world as the Roman soldiers did – is there a pebble in their shoes?
Everybody dreamed of Dallas and the Ewings oil tycoons they saw on TV once a week for a magical hour of escape from the despotic reality of utopian communism. It did not take much to be rich in the definition of oppressed people who suffered so much under the boot of communism for so many decades.
Only in the revisionist history books of the brainwashed liberal minds is socialism something worthy of emulating – when asked what’s so good about it, they have no idea how to define socialism.
In the small southern town where I landed, the many churches fought over the occasional foreign student or defector – it was such a source of pride and joy to sponsor them and parade them every Sunday in church like a freedom prize to satisfy the flock that they have done their Christian duty to save lost souls from the clutches of communism and their atheistic emptiness. But not all victims of communism were atheists. Many worshipped God underground, away from the prying eyes of communists.
The few immigrants and poor foreign students were grateful for any help but they had their own faith and wished to keep their religion not convert to something else. The locals, who could not understand how anybody else was not Baptist, Presbyterian, or Methodist, tried to convert as many as they could through kindness. The Catholics, in their superior faith, were not in any hurry to convert anybody. Yet decades later they would bring in and shelter thousands of illegal aliens in sanctuary cities, breaking immigration laws in order to shore up their flock.
But that was forty years ago. The legal immigrants from the turn of the century on to the eighties escaped religious oppression, dictatorships, communism, incarceration for political views, and many other reasons. They welcomed the opportunity to find happiness and success in the new world if they worked hard.
The immigrants of today, most of whom are illegal because the legal ones are still waiting in line for the dispensation of their applications, come for the generous welfare, to install the religious theocracy they brought with them, and to overturn the west into the hellhole they’ve escaped.
Life and relative freedom were good for many years but then America started to change. More and more foreigners who did not wish to assimilate flooded small towns and demanded fundamental changes in the fabric of society in order to accommodate their needs and entitlements. People like me who assimilated and were contributing to American society became the exception.
Cities became places of violent gangs and bums, cosmopolitan places without identity; customs and traditions were lost year by year; the city hall, the mayor, and the board of supervisors forced the locals to change to globalism, to adapt to U.N. demands, and to raise their children to be good global citizens without recollection of history, official language, and national boundaries.
Schools started teaching our children that it was shameful to be American; America was “evil” because it oppressed. I always looked around trying to find these fictitious “oppressed” and saw happy and prosperous people going about their daily lives. They had jobs, cars, homes, air conditioning, heating, best medical care in the world, great hospitals, well-qualified doctors, good roads, food, vacations, and other amenities that made life the best in the world.
Lobbyists and politicians started passing laws that fattened their pockets, their influence, their re-election campaign coffers, and dumbed down the education of our children; life-long Democrat representatives destroyed the lives and any possible future success in the areas they lorded over for decades; deviants with powerful lobby forced a weakening change in our society and in our military.
Daddy government welfare destroyed the family unit; Roe v. Wade legalized the murder of unborn children; fascistic feminism forced vile behavior on society; people crossed themselves helplessly and prayed that God would right the wrongs that kept piling up. The drug culture took over the minds of our young and the crack babies became of age, angry and violent characters with no moral compass.
Then politicians flooded the world with the flotsam and jetsam of the third world in a sick social engineering plan of forced international migration aimed at destroying sovereignty and installing elitist global governance.
Hollywood and their fellow travelers told us how bigoted, racist, and homophobic we are while they hid behind tall fences and locked palatial gates. They told us that we had to commute in tin cans, bike, or walk, while they jet-setted around the world in their private yachts, airplanes, and drove the most expensive cars money could buy. They told us that the fake global warming they invented and pushed with a rabid vengeance was going to destroy the planet unless we repented our capitalist life-style and adopted primitive living conditions.
Our children were indoctrinated daily by communist teachers to be ashamed of their country, their national anthem, their history, their traditions; we were the oppressors, there was nothing to be proud of, “the virtue of the oppressed” was a quality that had to be admired, primitive cultures chopping hands and heads were noble while our own culture was decadent and rotten.
More and more liberal constructs such as “micro-aggression,” “white privilege,” and “implicit racism” were invented to diminish the worth of the very successful and tolerant middle-class.
Then the flood gates of Islam opened and Europe will never be the same. Now it is America’s turn to become the world Caliphate they seek. The very politicians we trusted with our governance have become the oppressors of our freedoms by enabling the invaders to use our tolerance in the takeover process of our western civilization which is falling apart without so much as a whimper.
People live in fear of jihadis but bend over backwards to accommodate them in a western country and culture where they do not belong and do not wish to assimilate into. Citizens around the world are told that they must live in fear of violence, rape, and death and get used to the new frightening norm lest they be labeled racist, xenophobe, or bigot.
People cannot honor their history and traditions because they might offend someone else who invaded our country and now demand that we change to make room for their barbaric traditions.
Liberals made sure Thanksgiving and Christmas have become just opportunities to shop for things nobody really needs; crosses and other symbols of our Christianity are removed from any land or town. Graves are defaced or torn, crosses broken, and monuments witnessing our history are removed as racist and offensive to black people. The Taliban could not have done a better job of censoring our own history they did not like.
Young women demand birth control and the irrational “choice” to kill their babies up until the moment of live birth but go into a screaming rage when someone cuts down a tree or goes fishing. Animals have rights and, to protect them, we must eat dirt and grass. They push strollers with dogs and cats while billions in the third world reproduce like rabbits and wait to be fed by the producers who wisely and perhaps unwisely limit the number of children they bring into this world.
Feminism destroyed the relationship between men and women and the media and academia have created effeminate men who are afraid of their shadows and scream like banshees looking for a safe space on campus when reality, carrying no participation trophies, hits them in the face.
We had two television channels under communism and both ran the dear leader speeches all the time with the occasional movie, cartoon, or a decadent Texan soap opera. Communist screeners allowed the series Dallas to be viewed in hopes of showing the proletariat, starved for food and basics, how decadent capitalism was. Instead, people loved the life style and wished they had a scintilla of it in their lives or at least the opportunity to dream and try.
We have here in the U.S. hundreds of TV channels that are mostly laden with smut and Hollywood degenerates. The MSM broadcasts nothing but fake news and disinformation; they have outdone even the Soviet dezinformatsiya. It is a sad day when RT (Russia Today) actually broadcasts more informative programs and truthful news than all of the alphabet soup cable news in the U.S.
God is under attack daily and the souls of the global citizens are empty of devotion. Bodies are well-fed and exercised, food is abundant because it comes from the grocery stores liberals think, gyms are everywhere, but the collective soul is empty, evil, and corrupted by the societal debauchery and moral decay. The family, mother and father, are no longer there to teach their progeny the virtues of faith, salvation, honor, and the urgent need for a moral compass.
Forty years from now, there will be no witnesses left to real history, books will be a strange concept, and the world will be ruled by invisible nanoparticles, robotic technology, and glowing blue screens. This virtual world is fast replacing reality for the new generation of global citizen drones. Like Aldous Huxley said, “It’s a brave new world.”

2 thoughts on “Things Have Changed Significantly in Forty Years

  1. Dear Ileana,

    Another excellent column!

    Thank you for shining the Light of Truth on the current situation in our country and in the world. Only trust in God can prevent us from losing all hope for the future.

    Ray Anater

  2. Thank you, Ray Anater.
    You will not believe this but I submitted this column, at the urging of a common friend, to a libertarian organization and the editor told me that it was “dark, life is pretty wonderful, they don’t make pronouncements on the ‘collective soul,’ and my writing was not what they were looking for.” I am not sure what a ‘collective soul’ is, and “life is pretty wonderful” if you are an elitist; the 93 million unemployed, forty some million on welfare, and millions who have lost their insurance due to the disastrous Obamascare may or may not think “life is pretty wonderful.”

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