Cultural Marxism Indoctrination into Islam through Opera

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
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The “enlightened” and multicultural” public from Cluj Napoca attended recently Karl Jenkins’ The Armed Man, a Mass for Peace, an “opera that included a Muslim muezzin chanting the call to prayer.” It was a thinly-veiled attempt to force Romanians to accept the Cultural Marxism agenda of the European Union which is implemented through the heavy islamization of Europe’s population.

Eastern European Resistance to Islamization

Five Romanians interrupted the opera by singing the Romanian National Anthem upon hearing the infamous Allahu Akbar shouted on stage by one of the characters. But their singing did not last long. Special police escorted the protesters out of the theater and the local police fined them.
“We see this as a play to brainwash viewers, so people might easily accept the Islamization of Romania.”
The opera The Armed Man, a Mass for Peace, advertised as an anti-war play, was brought from London “to culturally enrich Romanians into submission to Islam.” In Bucharest, the capital of Romania, the National Opera refused to present the opera on stage, but Cluj Napoca, a city run by leftists, accepted it.
Codrin Goia was one of the protesters escorted out; he described how the London opera was to bring a message of peace to Romania but instead brought the Allahu Akbar scream heard a few days earlier in Marseille, France, shouted by terrorists who stabbed and killed two women.
The five protesters were members of the New Right Party. “We did not want the National Theater to be turned into a mosque, to have an imam scream Allahu Akbar across the street from our Orthodox Cathedral and the statue of our great hero, Avram Iancu.”
Romania joined the EU in 2007 and, as a member, it is required by EU dictates to accept ever larger numbers of Islamic economic refugees as immigrants.
Having survived Ceausescu’s dictatorship and hundreds of years of constant battles with the invading Ottoman Empire armies, some Romanians see their membership in the EU as a “suicide pact.” Romania is the first stop of migrants into Europe via the Black Sea from Turkey and into Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Germany.
The Romanian National Anthem, Deșteaptă-te, Române, says, “Wake-up, Romanian, from the sleep of death into which you have been sunk by barbaric tyrants, Now, or never, make a new fate for yourself, To which even your cruel enemies will bow.”
Ned May reported that “the Mandarins of Multi-culture recently sent [from London] an ‘inclusive and diverse’ opera to Romania to enlighten the benighted locals with extracts from Mass, the Islamic Call to Prayer, the Mahabharata, and other poems.”
When the imam said, “Allahu Akbar, I confess there is no god greater than Allah; I confess that Muhammed is sent by god, the patriots broke into singing the Romanian National Anthem.”
The “multi-cultured” (read indoctrinated) audience told them that they were “cretins” and should get out as the idiots that they are, with no respect for “higher culture.”
But this “higher culture” educated Europeans have invoked for decades as an excuse for their suicidal tolerance and air of superiority, will be easily destroyed by Islam if there is no common culture, language, and secure borders.
Ned May wondered when the Catholic Mass ever started with the invocation of Allah and Muhammed, and why Catholics were not offended by the poetic license the writers took with their Christian rites?
Progressive leftists are constantly telling us that all religions are morally equivalent but that is certainly not the case. Christianity is a religion of life and love.
William Kilpatrick of the Crisis Magazine wondered why the London Opera picked this opera to indoctrinate the EU masses. Why have they not picked Mozart’s Abduction from the Seraglio, a stark reminder that “thousands of Europeans once fell victims to the Islamic slave trade?”
Romanians grumble about the new arrivals, at their apparent well-off status, pushing baby strollers and with other kids in tow, with shopping bags laden with goods at the mall, but never seen working. A National Geographic glossy cover page called them last year the “New Europeans.” They are forcibly new but they are not Europeans, they are Eurabians or Islamopeans who will transform Europe into Eurabia by fertile wombs and multiple wives.
Romania is a harmonious country with many minorities that are well-integrated into society, with a single language and culture. As Darius Roby said, “Here nobody gives a damn what your race or ethnicity is as long as you learn Romanian, love pork, and enjoy drinking.”
Sadly, he added, Romanians are so eager to be Western, to be part of the EU, and hate Russia so much, that they will be unable to resist EU’s multicultural diversity indoctrination.
For now, the only roadblocks to full Islamization are Hungary and Poland. Unfortunately, their objections will be neutralized by the careful injection of a few thousand fertile Muslims in their midst, and the future threat from these Polish and Hungarian Christians will be diffused.

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