Defund Obamacare? Not Happening

While Americans demand vociferously the defunding of Obamacare in hopes of getting rid of the most destructive and freedom-robbing piece of legislation passed in modern times, Congressmen pretend to make valiant efforts to do so via various proposals that only low information and extremely naïve voters can believe to be true. Their efforts are akin to a handful of people standing on the tracks of an oncoming speeding train, waving their hands in hopes that the engineer will see them in time and be able to stop thousands of tons of momentum at the last minute. Even Heritage President, Jim DeMint, called for an end to these ‘pretend votes’ and ‘gimmicks’ that have now been postponed until next week, supposedly as the result of concerned Americans’ calls. It is just another way of buying time until the bill comes fully into effect.
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