“Climate Change” Hypocrites and Their Fossil Fuel Guzzling Jets

Vostok ice core team in Antarctica Wikipedia Vostok Ice Core team in Antarctica
Photo: Wikipedia
While the northeast is preparing for Snowmaggedon, 2-3 feet of snow, as if we’ve never had a few feet of snow before, the global warming turned climate change crowd is preparing for the upcoming global climate negotiations in December in Paris. Pharrell Williams tweeted “Let’s unite a billion voices to take #ClimateAction now” urging climate change awareness from his private jet in which he is pictured sitting alone. http://twitchy.com/2015/01/22/does-this-private-jet-make-pharrells-carbon-footprint-look-fat-singer-plugs-live-earth-agenda/ Continue reading

Green Scam, I Am

More and more liberal MSM outlets and environmental groups with deep bank accounts and lavish support from Hollywood celebrities are expanding their propaganda and indoctrination of GREEN to the low information Americans who only hear sound bites delivered with such assurance and expensively made videos that the information seems true. But I see the scam of GREEN, the Green Growth of wealth being redistributed by Uncle Sam, with the help of environmentalists with an agenda that coincides with U.N.’s Agenda 21.
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