Hydroponic or “Frankenstein” Tomatoes?

Tomato_laboratory_research Tomato Lab Research
Photo: Wikipedia
Hydroponic tomatoes have finally arrived in Romania. A video from Antena 3 entitled,”Pofta Buna la Otrava,” (Good Appetite for Poison), describes how an entrepreneur from Reghin, Mures County, has grown last year nine huge tomato plants per square meter, the size of “tropical arbors.” The plants grew out of a special bed without soil. The seeds were treated with a special fungicide designed to resist disease, grew roots in a bed of cotton and other materials, and each root was fed by a tube. The abundant, perfect tomato crop was and is guaranteed all year long. Continue reading

Yogic Farming for All and No Meat

To celebrate the suggestion of environmental activists that the upcoming UN Rio+20 Conference should go vegetarian, I am taking my husband to a Brazilian meat buffet for Father’s Day. The Washington Post is touting this morning a “novel” sustainable development idea, “To fix the climate, take meat off the menu.” (Washington Post, June 17, 2012)
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