How ObamaCare is Destroying Our Health Care

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Virginia is one of the few states in the nation who has taken the bold step to automatically enroll all Virginians covered by the traditional Medicare/Medicaid plan into a Humana managed health care plan. By managing elderly care (read rationing), money will be saved by denying needed medical tests, surgery, care, and physical therapy to elderly Americans who have paid into Medicare/Medicaid for decades. How else will millions of illegal aliens recently granted amnesty by executive action receive free ObamaCare? Continue reading

Butler on Business, Liberty Express Radio, August 27, 2014

My two radio segments with Alan Butler on August 27, 2014. I come on at the 34 minute mark. We discussed the faux global warming, the daily indoctrination on climate change from the Washington Post, the latest on the tax scam. We also talked about the disability insurance which will be allegedly tapped out by mid-2016.