Butler on Business, Liberty Express Radio, August 27, 2014

My two radio segments with Alan Butler on August 27, 2014. I come on at the 34 minute mark. We discussed the faux global warming, the daily indoctrination on climate change from the Washington Post, the latest on the tax scam. We also talked about the disability insurance which will be allegedly tapped out by mid-2016.

Disability Insurance and the Social Security Stripping of Funds

John Q Taxpayer wrote in a commentary on the web:
“I woke up this morning and the whole world was backwards. Right is now wrong, illegal immigration is an act of love, self-defense is not permitted, the rich are evil, God is banned, the government of the people is out to get the people, the truth is forbidden, the ignorant are in charge of the intelligent, communism is good, robbery is overlooked, free speech is regulated, money is evil.” Continue reading