The Show Must Go On

My love affair with the circus started as a child in Romania when a caravan coming all the way from Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, or Hungary would set up the big tent in an open field not far from the concrete grey cluster of high-rise communist era apartments we lived in. Continue reading

Artsy Cows

Pennington Corn Fields Photo: Ileana Johnson 2014

Pennington Corn Fields
Photo: Ileana Johnson 2014

On a partly cloudy Labor Day weekend, we drove to rural New Jersey. After passing through Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania, we arrived at our destination, a pastoral heaven with corn fields, small towns, farms, dairy cows, luscious gardens, and farmer’s markets. Continue reading

Bogart and a Violin

Photo: Ileana's cross-stitch from 1992

Photo: Ileana’s cross-stitch from 1992

A friend reminded me through a touching story that, despite the fact that we are experiencing heavy hearts each day as our country we love so much sinks further into depression, strife, and irreparable damage, we should take time to notice something beautiful in our lives every day. Some say that living well is the best revenge. Is this revenge against the inexorable passage of time? Continue reading

Art Imitates Painful Life

Radu Mihaileanu’s 1999 award winning movie, “Train of Life,” is a metaphor for the resilience of the human spirit and the desire to be free with a decidedly anti-communist and anti-Nazi message.

Art imitates life in a series of comedic one-liners describing a very serious topic, the deportation of the Jews to the concentration camps during World War II. But it is a fairy tale with a twist. An entire shtetl (village) in Eastern Europe is self-deporting to the Promised Land, Eretz, Israel, via Ukraine – Russia – Palestine, in the year 5701 (1941) on the advice of the “crazy” village fool, Shlomo Rothschild.
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The Watermelon Patch

Mr. Goodman, a lanky, hardened, coveralls-clad southern gentleman, had magical calloused hands. He could grow the largest and sweetest watermelons for miles and miles. His famous Watermelon Patch opened every summer morning with the day’s harvest. There was a steady streaming line of cars and, they sold very quickly.
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Are You Thin Enough or Fashionable Enough for a Boutique?

Jennifer purse by Tom Ford at Neiman Marcus, the Swiss $38,100 version is crock leather “Jennifer” purse at Neiman Marcus, the $38,100 Swiss purse was croc leather.

I don’t know exactly what happened to Oprah Winfrey in the Swiss high-end boutique that allegedly refused to let her look at a $38,100 purse because it was expensive and she could not afford it. The saga turned into an accusation of racism from Oprah’s perspective, and a “she said, we said” from the shop owner’s side.

I do know, based on my frequent travels that most Europeans do not engage in acts of racism; they are elitist socialists embracing multiculturalism to the point of self-destruction.
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How to Lose Weight in 21 Days, “Naked and Afraid”

002You don’t have to back away from the table, you don’t have to exercise, all you have to do is agree to appear naked on camera, “survive” 21 days in a remote location such as an uninhabited tropical island paradise, a jungle, or an African country with inhospitable terrain to city folk, fend for your own meals, water, and shelter, while trying to stay away from major predators, sun burn, sun strokes, bugs, snakes, crocs, caimans, scorpions, lions, hyenas, water-borne diseases, and other creepy crawlers. At the end of your weight loss, you will be picked up and brought back to civilization svelte, tanned or ultra-burned, smiling and dirty, a new and improved you with a higher survivability rating than when you first started. What a fantastic diet!
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It’s a Great Day in America

“It’s a great day in America.” The atheist left is rejoicing that an NBA player is out of the closet and Tim Tebow, “the often-polarizing quarterback,” as the Washington Post describes him, (
is gone. Sport analysts and other NFL teams did not think he was good enough as a pro quarterback but he was a very popular player. His overt Christianity was offensive and annoying to the liberal PC police.
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