Romania’s Prime Minister, Dacian Ciolos, Visits Washington

Dacian Ciolos, Prime Minister of Romania Dacian Ciolos, Prime Minister of Romania
Photo: Ileana Johnson 2016
The Prime Minister of Romania, Dacian Ciolos, following a visit to Washington, spoke at the Romanian Embassy to specially invited members of the influential Romanian community from the Washington area.
His excellence, George Cristian Maior, Romanian Ambassador to Washington, welcomed the Prime Minister, his cabinet, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and all invited guests. Continue reading

Albani’s Escape from Communism and His Free Life in America (Part I)

Young Americans today do not really understand politics, history, and economics. What little history they did learn in school has been sifted through the revisionist historical perspective of Howard Zinn whose textbook has been the adopted textbook for decades in most high schools in America. With socialist teachers and professors who push and advocate Common Core, global collectivism, and Islam, it is no wonder that they yearn for invented “social justice” and “equality” that never existed in the first place and will never exist in the real world. Continue reading

Wormy Banana

My 80-year old mom is sitting at the kitchen table dissecting a banana as if it was a biology specimen under a microscope. I watch her for a few minutes intently before I ask her what she is doing. With a scientific look of Eureka discovery on her face, she tells me, she is looking for worms. Worms? She is 100 percent sure; the bananas I just bought at the grocery store have worms, especially since they had ripened enough to be extra sweet and mushy. She is peeling away and separating the banana core into smaller segments, believing that the tiny white fibers are worms.
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